National schools in Kisumu County [All national schools]

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Are you looking for national schools in Kisumu County? Well, if you answered yes to this question, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will list all the national schools in Kisumu County and their contacts incase you would like to reach any of the school.

So, if you are a parent and you would like your son/daughter to join a national school that are located in Kisumu County for whatever reasons you are in the right place.

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National schools in Kisumu County

But do you really know where Kisumu County is located?

If your answer is no, then you should known that, Kisumu County is located in western Kenya, far from the nation’s capital.

Now that you are sure of the place we are talking about, let us go back to our topic and look at the national schools in Kisumu County

All national schools in Kisumu County

Just so you know, Kisumu County has only 2 national schools that we will list below:

  1. Kisumu Girls High School

Location: Kisumu town, 042 Kisumu County

Phone contact: +254 716-520-288, +254 736-278-558

Email address:

  1. Maseno School

Location: It is located in Kisumu County; Kisumu Rural Constituency of Nyanza Region

Phone contact: 0713715956,0738934812.

Email address:


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Now what if you do not get a chance in any of the two national schools above?

Well, as heartbreaking as it can be, you still can join other best schools in Kisumu.

To better guide you, I will list the best schools in Kisumu County so that you will not have to think of repeating your KCSE exams.

In short, there are still best schools in Kisumu even though they are not national schools.

National schools in Kisumu County-Best schools in Kisumu County/Among the top 50 schools in Kisumu County

Here in this section, we will look at the best extra county schools, county schools, sub county schools and private schools in Kisumu.

Extra county schools

  • Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary -Nyakach sub county
  • Ngere High School -Seme sub county
  • Nyabondo -Nyakach sub county
  • Kisumu Boys’ -Kisumu C sub county
  • Chulaimbo -Kisumu W sub county
  • Gregory Koru Girls – Muhoroni sub county
  • Nyakach Girls – Nyakachsub county
  • Barnabas-Seme sub county
  • Stephens Menara Boys -Muhoroni sub county
  • Onjiko High Sch -Nyando sub county
  • Ack Rae Girls -Nyakach sub county
  • Thurdibuoro -Nyakachsub county
  • Migingo Girls’ Sec – Nyando sub county
  • Ahero Girl’s Sec Nyando sub county
  • Achego Girls -Muhoroni sub county
  • Sinyolo Girls -Kisumu W.sun county
  • Otieno Oyoo High Sch – Nyando sub county

County schools

  • Bishop Abiero Girls Magwar Se -County Seme
  • Olembo- Nyakach sub county
  • Augustines, Kandege- Muhoroni sub county
  • Ndiru Sec Sch- Seme sub county
  • Muhoroni Mixed- Muhoroni sub county

Sub county schools

  • Bishop Okoth – Miranga Sub County Seme
  • Gabriels Minor Seminary-Kisumu west Sub County
  • Dago Kokore -Kisumu W. sub county
  • Miriu- Nyakach sub county

Private schools

  • Chemelil Academy -Muhoroni subcounty
  • Jane Adeny Memorial Girls -Muhoroni sub county
  • Ummu Salamah International G -Kisumu C.sub county
  • Amazing Grace Girls -Muhoroni sub county
  • Elaine Nesbitt High School- Nyakach sub county
  • Oasis -Kisumu E. subcounty

National schools in Kisumu County-FQS

How do I choose a national school in Kenya?

Well, before you select a national school, please note that you should be among the top in your school.

Why so?

Well, this is because, five top Standard Eight candidates from each sub-county in the country (both public or private schools) get automatic admission to national schools after KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education).

That being so, if you are among them, you will get a position in one national school that you select after the selection done before you sit for your KCPE in Kenya.

How many marks are required to join a national school?

To be precise, the minimum marks you require to be to be admitted to National Schools is not less than 400 marks and for candidates from marginalized areas 320 marks though this may change for one reason or another.

So, if you are aiming to join a national school, it is advisable to make sure you attain 400 marks and above.

What are the cut-off marks for national schools 2023?

As for the year 2022, the cut off was 400 marks and above to secure yourself a place in a national school.

Final words

Now you already know the national schools in Kisumu County.

However, it is worth noting that you can’t join the school if you have attained the required marks so you need to work extra hard to get to join any of the above national schools.

Additionally, we have also provided you with the best schools in Kisumu County in case you do not secure yourself a place in the national schools.

Remember, this schools are not national schools but they are best performing schools in Kisumu County

All the best in your selection!


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