Teachers employment by TSC : 300,000 teachers jobless

Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 04:16 am

Despite the biting shortage of teachers in both primary and secondary schools, over 300000 qualified teachers remain jobless, according to the latest teachers employment by TSC report.

Remarkably, the number of teachers employed by the commission stands at slightly over 317000 meaning that the number of unemployed tutors equals those who have been lucky to secure employment so far.

Perhaps that explains why some trainee teachers opt to take up other opportunities in the private sector, international schools, and even teaching in foreign countries.

Indeed, some graduate teachers from Kenya have been flying out to pursue jobs in some far away countries such as China (mostly as English Teachers) rather than wait anxiously for TSC teachers employment news.

The commission recently launched its 2019-2023 strategic plan and one of its goals is to quicken teachers employment by TSC , from the current situation where some teachers spend as many as 10 years in the cold waiting for TSC hiring.

TSC annual recruitment

At the moment, TSC recruits a few thousand teachers every year sometimes to bridge the shortage of teachers and other times to replace tutors who have retired or left the profession due to other reasons such as death or change of career.

But the number hired during the yearly teacher recruitment exercise isn’t enough since more trainee teachers are continuously joining the job market from the various teachers training colleges in Kenya.

Whether the continued roll out of the CBC (competency based curriculum) by the government will lead to more demand for teachers is yet to be seen.

But as a trainee primary school teacher, this would be my prayer, hoping that I would be lucky if another recruitment exercise comes up.

Overall, the teachers shortage in Kenya currently stands at 37,643 in primary schools and at 49,750 in secondary schools.

This doesn’t not factor in the numbers who leave the career due to natural attrition or for career change, approximated to stand at 44 teachers daily.

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1 thought on “Teachers employment by TSC : 300,000 teachers jobless”

  1. Halo, I think it’s better to hold TTC intake for the next three years so that those fellow graduates can be absorbed to replace those who passed on and those who changed to other careers.
    The government can lias with other countries so that the remaining teachers can go out and work their so long as they can comply, they have safety and payment is ok then they be released.


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