National schools in Embu County

If you are looking for national schools in Embu County, you are in the right place.

Well, getting admission to one of the best national schools in Kenya is the dream of every parent and child sitting for their KCPE exams.

That being so, if you are a parent who would like your child to join a national school and to be specific in Embu County this is the article you should read to the very last word.

In simple words, here we will list all national schools in Embu County and the location for each.

Additionally, we will also provide you with other important information you might need.

But before then, it is worth noting that, Embu County borders Kirinyaga to the West, Kitui to the East, Tharaka Nithi to the North, and Machakos to the South.

Let’s dive in ….

National schools in Embu County

But before we dive in and list the national schools, let us first answer this question to make sure that you really understand what we are talking about in this article.

So, what do we mean with national schools?

Well, in Kenya, “national schools” refer to a category of secondary schools that are recognized for their high academic performance.

More so, the secondary schools that are usually funded and managed by the national government and those schools that are not only known for offering quality education but also their competitive admission process.

What more is that, this are the schools that are typically known to be admitting students from across the country based on their performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination.

National schools in Embu County-A list of all national schools

  1. Moi High School- Mbiruri

Location: Embu East Sub-county

School Category: Boy

Phone contact: 254 707082868


  1. Ikuu Boys high

Location: Tharaka Nit

School category: Boys

Phone contact: 0715 054 398 / 0739 902 196


  1. Bakhita Siakago Girls High School

School Category: Girls

Phone contact: 0720788273 or 0723476839 or 0724277889



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Now proceed reading below..👇

What are the advantages of joining a national school in Kenya?

Joining a national school in Kenya can offer you several advantages.

  1. To start with, national schools offer quality Education
  2. This schools offer competitive environment making you to work extra hard while in school.
  3. National schools often offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, debate, music, and more helping you to develop well-rounded personalities, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities.
  4. Attending a national school allows you to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and regions of Kenya providing an opportunity to build a strong network of friends and acquaintances
  5. Access to Resources because national schools typically have better access to resources such as libraries, laboratories, and other facilities that support the learning process.
  6. Some national schools offer scholarship programs based on academic
  7. Career Opportunities because national school can give you  an edge when applying for higher education institutions and future job opportunities.
  8. When you join a national school, you get an opportunity for cultural exchange when interacting with students from different regions and cultural backgrounds which can foster cultural exchange, understanding, and tolerance.

What are the qualifications to join a national school in Kenya?

To secure yourself a place in a national school in Kenya, the qualification may change depending on many factors.

However, to be on the safe side you need to have 400 Marks and above to earn you a place at a national school.

Additionally, if you are a candidate from marginalized areas, you get lucky since the marks are a bit lower so you are expected to have scored 320 marks and above to join a national school

What if I do not qualify to join a national school in Kenya, what next?

Good question!

Now, if you do not qualify for a national school in Kenya, there are two options for you.

To start with, you can decide to go back to primary school and work extra hand to achieve marks that will get you to the national school of your choice.

Also, you can decide to join the other categories of schools such as subcounty, extra county or even Private schools in Kenya.

National schools in Embu County-Wrapping up

To wrap up, those are the national schools in Embu County if you are interested in joining one.

However, as you can see, the national schools are not many as the sub county, extra county or private schools.

Therefore, to join a national school in Kenya, you need to work extra hard to get the position.


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