National schools in Nakuru county

If for whatever reason you would like your child or your child would like to join a National school in Nakuru county, then this is the guide for you.

Here, we will list all national schools in Nakuru county plus their location.

Additionally, we will also give contact for each school so, in case there is something you would like to find out, it will be easier for you to reach any of the school.

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National schools in Nakuru county

  1. Nakuru High School

Location: Nakuru High School is located along Nakuru-Subukia Road in Nakuru Town, Kenya

Mobile number: 051-555-37-50


  1. Moi Forces Academy Lanet

Location: Moi Forces Academy Lanet is located along Dundori Road in Lanet, (Near Lanet Barracks)

Phone number: 020-2130-435

Email address:

  1. Utumishi Boys Academy

Location: Utumishi Boys Academy is located along Town, Kenya

Phone number: +254112724366


  1. Nakuru Girls High School

Location: Nakuru Girls High School is located along New Nairobi-Nakuru highway Nakuru, Kenya

Mobile number: 051- 2215219

Email address:

  1. Ngala Secondary School for the Deaf

Location: Ngala Secondary School for the Deaf is located off Mburu- Gichua road in Nakuru

Phone number: 0722-362086

Email address:

  1. Gilgil Girls High School 

Location: Gilgil town town, 032 Nakuru county.

School Contact: 708229091

Email address:

  1. Koelel High School

Location: Naivasha town, Nakuru county.

Phone number: 0702 155228

Email address:


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Other best schools in Nakuru county

Here, we will help you get to know other best schools in Nakuru county in case you do not get a chance in a national school

So, if your son or daughter do not get a chance to join any of the national schools, we have listed above in Nakuru county, and you still feel like you want him/her to study in Nakuru county, we got you covered.

In this section, we have complied a list for the best school in Nakuru county bearing in mind they are not national schools.

  1. Molo Academy Secondary School (boys extra county)

Location: It is located in Milimani in Molo sub-county of Nakuru County, about 2 kilometres from Kibunja along the Nakuru-Eldoret road

Phone number: 0722 831046

Email address:

  1. Bahati Girls Secondary School

Location: It is located in Nakuru County, Rift Valley Region, in Kenya. The school is a girls’ boarding institution

Phone number: (254) 51 – 52214

Email address:

  1. Mary Mount Secondary School

Location: It is located near Molo Town, Molo Constituency in Nakuru County, Rift Valley Region, in Kenya.

Phone contacts: 0701 913-803

Email address:

  1. Yermo secondary school

This is among the best private secondary schools in Nakuru county and it is sponsored by a religious organization

Location: It is located in Nakuru county, Subukia constituency.

Phone contacts: +254 723 295276.

  1. Naivasha Girls High school

Well, this is yet another best performing secondary school in Nakuru county.

In fact, it has maintained it position for the longest time now.

Location:  it is located in Naivasha Constituency, Nakuru County; in the Rift Valley Region of Kenya

Phone contacts: 0729089216

Email address:

  1. Njoro Girls Secondary School

Location: It is located in Njoro Sub location, Njoro Location, Njoro Division, Molo Constituency in Nakuru

Phone Contacts: +254-5161318

Email address:

  1. St Claire Seondary Elburgon (girls boarding school)

Location: it is located in Elburgon in Molo Constituency within Nakuru

Phone contact: +254-051-31099

National schools in Nakuru County-Final words

That is all we have for national school in Nakuru county.

Here, we have listed the national schools in Nakuru town plus their locations and contacts.

Along we that, we have also come up with a list of the best secondary schools in Nakuru county incase you missed the national schools.

Remember, for you to join any of the above national school you must have scored 400 marks and above and if you are from marginalized areas, you must have scored 320 marks and above to join a national school.

However, if you if that is not the case, then you can go for the best national schools in Nakuru county listed above.

In fact, the above listed best schools performs very well and they also observe high level when it comes to discipline.

To contact any institution if you have any burning question, reach any of the school with the provided contacts.

All the best!


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