KMTC degree courses: KMTC Higher Diplomas now equal to University Degree

KMTC degree courses: Following the successful completion of the assessment of KMTC courses and qualifications by KNQA(Kenya National Qualifications Authority), KMTC higher diploma courses have earned the degree endorsement.

In other words, if you take a Higher National Diploma course at KMTC,  your qualification is henceforth going to be classified as level 7 of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority qualifications framework.

Which means that it is comparable to a degree (bachelor’s) or other qualifications rated at Level 7 (Think KASNEB CPA III, CPS III, or even a Masters Craft Person I).

Indeed, KMTC has already received the full certificate of accreditation and registration from (KNQA) (QAI).


KMTC degree courses: KMTC Higher Diplomas now equal to University Degree

So, what does that mean?

KMTC degree course

It means that you don’t need to pass through a bachelor’s if you want to pursue a Masters Degree!

In short, you can apply on Kenya National Qualifications Authority qualifications portal to have your Higher National Qualification evaluated – and it will be standardized/equated to a Bachelors’ Degree, which implies that you can apply with it for a Masters Degree(once KNQA gives you the letter to that effect)

The only downside is that you have to part with Kshs. 5,000.00 to have your qualification aligned (That is the standard fee for Alignment of all qualifications applied for by Kenyan citizens)

By the way this is how to pay:

KNQA M-PESA Pay bill number: 504080

Account Number: Enter your Name

Where to apply for alignment of your KMTC Higher Diploma course

You do that via KNQA portal …simply head over to QAV Portal through;

What you need to have before you head to the portal for application purposes

  • Copies of all your supporting certificates and transcripts(scanned clear certified copies) for the higher diploma- ask KMTC to certify for you or you can pay an Advocate/Commissioner for oaths to do that for you.
  • Copy of your National Identity Card/Passports – the scans should show your photograph clearly….this needs to be certified by an Advocate(lawyer)/Commissioner for oaths
  • In case you have since changed name (from what is on the certificate), swear an affidavit at an Advocate(lawyer)/Commissioner for oaths office, scan it and attach it too.

So yeah, there are no pure KMTC degree courses but you now have a way of making your Higher Diploma a Degree, if you’d like to pursue a Masters course (as you try to climb to the upper echelons of your career).


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