Courses Offered in Kenyatta University Main Campus [All courses]

If you are planning to join Kenyatta University, then here is a list of all courses offered in Kenyatta University main campus.

To be clear, this article contains a list of all certificate, diploma, and degree courses available at the KU main campus.

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Courses offered in Kenyatta University main campus – Degree courses

When it comes to degree courses, KU provides a wide range of degree programs.

Remember that in order to pursue any degree course you must have a KCSE mean grade of C+ (plus), as well as a C+ (plus) in the required cluster subjects.

The following is a list of all degree programs offered at KU:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Bachelor of Security Management and Police studies
  3. Bachelor of Science
  4. Bachelor of Science (Analytical Chemistry with Management)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry with Management)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  7. Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  9. Bachelor of Science (Forensic)
  10. Bachelor of Science (Cell and Mollecular)
  11. Bachelor in Science Biology
  12. Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration
  13. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  14. Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication and Information Technology)
  15. Bachelor of Science – Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry
  16. Bachelor of Education (Science) – Education, Physics & Mathematics, or Education, Physics & Chemistry
  17. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  18. Bachelor of (Arts) in Religious Studies
  19. Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Science)
  20. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
  21. Bachelor of Fashion Design and Marketing
  22. Bachelor of Environmental Health
  23. Bachelor of Science (Health Records and Information Management)
  24. Bachelor of Science (Occupational Health and Safety)
  25. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  26. Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  27. Bachelor of Records Management & Information Technology
  28. Bachelor of Education (Library Science)
  29. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)


More degree courses at KU

  1. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Recreation and Sports Management)
  3. Bachelor of Science Population Health
  4. Bachelor of Science Health promotion
  5. Bachelor of Science Community Resource Management
  6. Bachelor of Construction Management
  7. Bachelor of Real Estate Management
  8. Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
  9. Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)
  10. Bachelor of Education Arts
  11. Bachelor of Education Science
  12. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  13. Bachelor of Arts
  14. Bachelor of Education (Arts) – French/German
  15. Bachelor of Arts – French/German
  16. Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)
  17. Bachelor of Education (Arts) -Fine Art
  18. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies
  19. Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music (Technology), Bachelor of Education Music
  20. Bachelor of Film and Theatre Arts
  21. Bachelor of Environmental Science
  22. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Resource Conservation)
  23. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Education)
  24. Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  25. Bachelor of Education in Home Economics
  26. Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
  27. Bachelor of Education
  28. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  29. Bachelor of Science (Statistics & Programming)
  30. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)



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Courses offered in Kenyatta University main campus – continuation of degree courses

  1. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  2. Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management Science, Actuarial Science, Procurement and Supply chain management)
  4. Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM)
  5. Bachelor of Architecture
  6. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and public Health
  7. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and public Health (Upgrading)\
  8. Bachelor of Economics
  9. B.Sc. (Bio-Systems and Agricultural Engineering)
  10. Bachelor of Science (Energy Technology)
  11. Bachelor of Science (Aerospace Engineering)
  12. Bachelor of Information Technology
  13. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  14. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science
  15. Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Management
  16. Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering)
  17. Bachelor of Commerce; Area of Specialization: Management Science, Procurement and Supply Chain, Actuarial Science, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accounting, Marketing
  18. Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM)
  19. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  20. Bachelor of Arts (Counselling Psychology)
  21. Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration
  22. Bachelor of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)
  23. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
  24. B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering)
  25. B.Sc. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  26. B.Sc.(Biomedical Engineering)
  27. Bachelor of Arts Psychology
  28. Bachelor of Arts Counseling Psychology


Courses offered in Kenyatta University main campus – Diploma courses

If you did not manage to score a C+ (plus) for a degree course, then here are the diploma courses at KU that you can pursue.

  1. Diploma in Forensic Science
  2. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  3. Diploma in Tourism Management
  4. Diploma in Food & Beverage Sales & Service
  5. Diploma in Culinary Arts
  6. Diploma in Housekeeping Management
  7. Diploma in Information Science
  8. Diploma in Records Management & Information Technology
  9. Diploma in Sports Administration and Management
  10. Diploma in Land Surveying
  11. Diploma in Clinical and Child Neuropsychology
  12. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
  13. Diploma in Fine Art
  14. Diploma in Public Relations
  15. Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management
  16. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  17. Diploma in Business Management
  18. Diploma in Marketing
  19. Diploma in Project Management
  20. Diploma in Project Monitoring &Evaluation
  21. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
  22. Diploma in Chinese Language and Culture
  23. Diploma in Primary Teacher Education
  24. Diploma in Mortuary Science


courses offered in Kenyatta University main campus – Certificate courses

Well, if you did not qualify for a degree or diploma course, you can start at the certificate level and work your way up.

The following certificate courses are available at KU main campus:

  1. Certificate in Music
  2. Certificate in Project Management
  3. Certificate in Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  4. Certificate in Chinese language and Culture



Kenyatta university main campus location and contacts

Location:  At Kahawa, in the Kasarani Sub-County, Ruiru Constituency, in Kiambu County.

Phone no.: +254 20 871 0901 or +254 20 871 1622





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