KMTC higher diploma fees structure [2024 Intake]

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To complete our coverage of higher diploma courses offered in KMTC, below is the current KMTC higher diploma fees structure

Go through it if you’re planning to join KMTC for any of their higher diploma courses as you prepare for the next step in your career…you obviously want to have your finances in order before enrolling

KMTC higher diploma fees structure

We shall look at it in a very summarized form—we won’t go into the details like the different vote heads and how much each cost.

That is because what most of you want to know is the total KMTC higher diploma fee per year including for courses such as KMTC higher diploma in critical care nursing.


Summarized KMTC higher diploma fee structure

Now, you will be paying between Kshs.122,200.00 to Kshs. 185,000 per year to study a Higher Diploma course at KMTC.

And that is standard across all the programmes (at least, at the time of writing this)

So yes, full fees for one  year is between 120K to Kshs. 185k  regardless of the KMTC campus you will be learning at.


Fee structure for KMTC higher diploma – specific programmes

KMTC higher diploma in Community Heath& HIV AIDS Care- Inservice : Kshs.182,700.00

KMTC higher diploma in Pall-iative Nursing Care: Kshs.147,500.00

Other In-service Higher Diplomas: Kshs.122,200.00


What else you need to know about KMTC fee structure for higher diploma courses

Now, the aforementioned is simply tuition fees….

In a nutshell, budget for accommodation money as well as food separately- it isn’t included in the above fees.

Of course, you might be aware that KMTC campuses are not enough for everyone and you’re likely to be living outside college and paying own rent as well as buying your own food.

By the way, chances are you’re already working so you don’t want to go to college fulltime.


KMTC fees structure for higher diploma – Is there HELB loan for KMTC higher diploma students?

Well, the loan is 50-50….

So, if possible, look for some of the fee (commitment fee), then try to apply for Afya Elimu Loan (or HELB itself)…you may qualify or not, depending on the information you provide when applying and your financial situation.

In other words, it is not called HELB loan- when it comes to KMTC students- though it is still administered by HELB but rather, they call it Afya Elimu Loan

Of course, you need to wait for applications to open…so keep checking HELB portal.

Otherwise, if you’re in a bad place financially, it may make sense to explore all other financial assistance options available to you including your employer’s financing for continuing education, if your organization has such.

Also, Google for scholarships that you could qualify for.


KMTC fee structure for higher diploma courses – Can I Pay in Installments?

KMTC allows you to pay the fee in 2 installments.

After all, the are two semesters in a year so you can divide the fee by two and pay the first half as you report for the first sem and the remaining half as you go for sem 2.


How to pay fee

Bank name: National Bank of Kenya

Bank Branch: The Hospital Branch

Account number to use: 01003086514000

Account Name to type: Central Collection Account


How to contact KMTC

If you have specific questions about the fee for a particular higher diploma, please reach out to KMTC using these details:

Telephone NOs: 0723000429, 0736993813, 0736212060, 0723004516

Email address: write to

Main KMTC website:

KMTC higher diploma fees structure – Final words

Please note that you will have other unforeseen small costs (stationeries, medical equipment, bundles –if you’re learning online-, travelling, Practical attachment, Research, and the like) during your study period so budget appropriately.


PS: The above Fees structure can change abruptly so confirm with the KMTC first before you start planning.



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