Requirements for secretarial course [Artisan, Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor]

Are you planning to do a secretarial course but you have no idea of the requirements for secretarial course?

Well, if this is your situation, then you are in the right place continue reading this article to the very last word.

Just so you know the role of a secretary has transformed from traditional administrative tasks to becoming a crucial pillar of organizational efficiency.

In short, if you become a secretary, you are no longer limited to routine office duties as it was there before.

Simply, you will now play an integral role in managing communications, coordinating activities, and ensuring seamless operations within an organization.

Having said that, we will now go ahead and look and requirements you must meet to enroll for a secretarial course at different levels.

Additionally, we will also look at your duties as a secretary, where you can work, and some of the institution you can enroll in to take the course.

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Requirements for secretarial course

Artisan in secretarial

Minimum entry requirements:

  • KCSE mean grade of E plain with no cluster Subjects requirements

Course duration:

Takes one year or less depending on the institution.

Certificate in secretarial studies single and group

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of D plain in your KCSE.

Course duration:

1 year

Minimum Subjects requirements

To do a certificate in secretarial, there is no subjects needed.

To be precise, you only need to have the mean grade we have listed above.

Diploma in secretarial studies – modular (KNEC) /Diploma in secretarial studies and office management/Diploma in computerized secretarial studies

Minimum entry requirements:

  • To enroll for this course at this level, you must have scored a mean grade of C-minus in your KCSE.
  • Pass Craft Certificate Level where applicable


  • Any other equivalent qualification as approved by KNEC

Course duration:

The duration for the diploma in secretarial is two and half years and usually covered in three (3) modules.

Side note: Please note that the duration includes the industrial attachment.

Bachelor of secretarial management and administration

Minimum entry requirements:

Grade of C+ (plus) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

Cluster Subjects requirements:

Math C plain


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Now proceed reading below..👇


Your responsibilities as a secretary include the following:

  1. You schedule appointments, meetings, and events, and manage your calendar to ensure that everything stay organized.
  2. You also assist in sorting, prioritizing, and responding to emails, and draft and format professional emails.
  3. Editing, and formatting documents, reports, presentations, and other materials as needed.
  4. Inputting and organizing data in spreadsheets, databases, and other digital formats.
  5. Also, you are required to gather information on various topics, compile research reports, and provide summaries of relevant information for some companies
  6. Planning travel arrangements for a company including booking flights, hotels, and transportation.
  7. Additionally, you are responsible to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls, take messages, and schedule call appointments.
  8. It is also your duty to keep a reminder for all the important tasks, deadlines, and appointments.
  9. You are responsible for basic Administrative Task such as filling out forms, handling basic bookkeeping, and maintaining records.
  10. Keeping proper records including about petty cash usage in facilitating general office activities.

Where  can I work after completing a secretarial course?

Almost all established offices in a company requires a secretary.

In short, you can work in the following places after completing a secretarial course:

  • Office Secretary/Executive Assistant in a corporate office.
  • Legal Secretary in law firms or legal departments.
  • Medical Secretary/Medical Administrative Assistant in hospitals, clinics, or medical offices
  • Administrative Assistant in various industries that involves tasks such as data entry, filing, managing office supplies, and providing general administrative support.
  • Receptionist/Front Desk Clerk in hotels, resorts, corporate offices, or healthcare facilities.
  • Virtual Assistant for remote jobs
  • Personal Assistant working directly with an individual, such as a celebrity, entrepreneur.
  • Government Agencies in government offices.
  • Education Institutions such as Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Event Coordinator/Planner in event management companies or directly for organizations.
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Financial Institutions like Banks and financial firms

Colleges offering Diploma, Certificate, and Artisan in secretarial course [Institution and Contact]

Where you can study Artisan in secretarial

  • Friends College Kaimosi- 0735818311/0704686363
  • Cherangany Technical and College- +254 711 924844
  • Matili Technical Training Institute- 0707 747 007
  • Sotik Technical Training Institute- +254792518945
  • Thika Technical Training Institute– 0743514539/ 0740150798

Some institutions offering Certificate in secretarial

  • Machakos Institute of Technology– +254 722 973271
  • Aldai TechnicalTtraining Institute- +254 721 703296
  • Bunyala Technical and Vocational College– +254 722 437 056
  • Chamasiri Technical and Vocational College- 0794669688/ 0780971144
  • Friends College Kaimosi- 0735818311/0704686363
  • Muraga Technical and Vocational College- 0113275113 
  • Samburu Technical and Vocational College –0792359280
  • Tana River Technical & Vocational College- 0703386688
  • Wote Technical Training Institute- +254728658649

Institution where I can study Bachelor in secretarial management and administration

  • Kisii University- (+254)720875082
  • Technical University of Kenya (TUK)- +254(020) 2219929, 3341639, 3343672

Quick note: Please note that those are not the only institutions you can enroll in to pursue a secretarial course at any level, if you do not want to join the above colleges or universities you can visit the KUCCPS portal for more institutions.

Also, it should be noted that if you recently finished form four, it is advisable to apply through KUCCPS to be under the government sponsorship.

Requirements for secretarial course-Final words

That is what we have for the requirements for secretarial course in Kenya.

However, it should be noted that the duties we have listed above will depend on your level of education.

Therefore, it is advisable if you started from artisan, you should  keep upgrading to diploma or even bachelor level.

Remember, when you upgrade from artisan level to degree, you will have more job opportunities.

In addition, when you secure yourself a job with bachelor education, you will earn more than when you only have an artisan certificate.

Lastly, remember that the specific requirements for a secretarial course can vary based on the course provider, the level of the course and the industry focus.

So, it is always a good idea to check the course details and prerequisites directly with the institution offering the course.


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