Requirements for certificate in medical engineering in KMTC

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KMTC is one of the best colleges for medical courses- medical engineering, clinical medicine, nursing, radio imaging, nutrition and dietetics, and more both at the certificate and diploma levels.

This article outlines the requirements for certificate in medical engineering in KMTC and will help you check if you’re qualified to take a medical engineering certificate at KMTC.

Here we go:

Requirements for certificate in medical engineering in KMTC

Requirements for certificate in medical engineering in Kenya

The qualification for a certificate in medical engineering course in KMTC are:

Mean Grade (KCSE): C- (minus)

Subject requirements (minimum grades): to qualify, you must have scored the following grades in the specified subjects in your KCSE exam:

English/Kiswahili : C- (minus)

Mathematics: D (plain)

Physics/Physical Sciences/Chemistry (any one of the subjects): D (plain)

In addition, applicants must have gotten a D (plain) grade (at least) in any one of the following subjects:

  • Biology/Biological Sciences.
  • Metal Work.
  • Chemistry
  • Electricity
  • Technical Drawing.

So, those are the qualification for certificate in medical engineering in Kenya

Let us now look at queries related to the course…

What does medical engineering entail?

So, what is medical engineering certificate?

Well, on the whole, the course teaches you the basics of testing, servicing, and repairing machines that are used for various operations in hospitals and other medical centers.

Put in another way, medical engineering entails training you the skills needed to perform roles such as:

  • Maintenance of biomedical machines and devices.
  • Troubleshooting medical machines and devices once they malfunction.
  • Ensuring that medical machines and devices are safe to use for medical personnel and patients.
  • Issuing proper advice to the institution on the best practices when it comes to the use and handling of medical machines and devices.
  • Ensuring that all medical equipment remains in sound condition at all times.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of biomedical equipment.
  • Preparing technical specifications for required consumables, spare parts, and other materials

For the most part, as a certificate holder, you will be helping the resident biomedical engineer (medical engineer) carry out the above tasks (you’ll be his/her technician/assistant).


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Where can you work with a certificate in medical engineering?

Certificate holders are hired by leading medical centers both in the private and public sectors.

They sometimes also get roles in research organizations, government agencies, and even manufacturers of medical equipment/tools.

Certificate in medical engineering salary in Kenya

On average, monthly pay for holders of a Certificate in medical engineering paper in Kenya starts at Kshs.30000.

As with other jobs, the pay rises as you gain experience and can rise to as high as Kshs.50000 per month in some institutions.

How long does a Certificate in medical engineering course take in Kenya?

The course duration at the certificate level at KMTC is 2 Years.

How to apply for the course

All applications are made online.

You should wait for the advert- it is usually published on KMTC website (start by checking if it has been published now by visiting www.kmtc.

Once you get the advert, proceed to create an account on KMTC portal and then follow the steps outlined on the KMTC students’ portal to apply (look around the website for application instructions).

Don’t forget that you will be required to pay Kshs. 2022 to KMTC as the course application fee.

I should add that the money is paid via KMTC MPESA paybill No. 964150- the portal will alert you to pay and give you the procedure to follow at some point during the application process.

Remember that KMTC has two major intakes in a year- in the months of March and September so plan well.

And oh, you should apply as soon as you can as there is a lot of competition for places at KMTC and you may be locked out if you wait until the last minute.

Which KMTC campuses offer the certificate in medical engineering course?

The following KMTC campuses were offering the course the last time I checked:

  1. Nairobi KMTC
  2. Eldoret KMTC
  3. Meru KMTC
  4. Kilifi KMTC
  5. Loitokitok KMTC
  6. Kisii KMTC
  7. Bomet KMTC
  8. Makindu KMTC
  9. Lake Victoria KMTC
  10. Kisumu KMTC

Bear in mind that if successful, you may be sent to any KMTC campus across the country.

How to contact KMTC

Should you require further clarification or any assistance concerning the application procedure, please call KMTC using these numbers: 0736993813, 0723000429, 0723004516, or 0736212060.

You can also shoot your question to KMTC via this email: (you can even ask whether the campus near you offers the course if you are not sure).

Lastly, you can visit your nearest KMTC campus for help (if completely stuck).


Requirements for certificate in medical engineering in KMTC – frequently asked questions

Does KMTC offer certificate in medical engineering?

Yes. I earlier indicated the minimum qualifications to help you check if you have met the minimum entry requirements.

Is certificate in medical engineering marketable in Kenya?

Medical engineering doesn’t offer as many opportunities at the certificate level as it does at higher levels- diploma and degree.

It is advisable to upgrade to a Diploma in medical engineering once you’re through with the certificate to enhance your chances of securing decent employment.

You can even proceed to a higher diploma in medical engineering still at KMTC once you have graduated with the diploma!

What is medical engineering in Kmtc?

As mentioned previously, medical engineering course equips and prepares trainees to work as maintenance and repair personnel for a variety of clinical medical equipment/devices

Note that you don’t have to take the course at KMTC -even though KMTC graduates have a better reputation compared to graduates from private colleges-a number of other medical colleges offer the course too.

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  1. I have a mean grade of C-, biology C-, both languages D+, chemistry D,math D-,can I do certificate in orthopedic trouma?

  2. I have mean grade of C-, biology C-, both languages D+, chemistry D, math D-.can I do certificate in orthopedic trouma?


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