Office management course in Kenya: Is it a good course?

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In this article, we shall be discussing Office management course in Kenya (We shall try to cover everything about the course that is important for you to know).

Let’s dive in:

What is Office management as a course in Kenya?

Overall, office management is grouped with management courses in Kenya (together with courses such as business management, office administration courses in Kenya, human resources management, and the like).

Now, office management involves planning, directing, and coordinating the supportive services of an organization to ensure office operations are running efficiently.

An office manager, therefore, ensures the smooth running of an office on a day-to-day basis which means that this officer may manage a team of administrative or support staff.

To add, an office manager goes by other designations including Administrative Service Manager or Business Office Manager.

Let’s now look at the skills/interests you will need to pursue a career in office management:

Key Skills and Interests required pursuing a career in this Field

  • Pleasant personality
  • Orderly/Neatness
  • Reliability
  • Confidence
  • Effective communication Skills
  • Interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and Relationship-building skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Good leadership skills
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

What a Job/Career/profession entails

Your main responsibilities may include the following:

  • Scheduling meetings and events
  • Keeping proper records including about petty cash usage in facilitating general office activities.
  • Controlling correspondence into and out of organization
  • Designing and maintaining the filing system
  • Planning and maintaining office facilities including machines and equipment
  • Organizing and coordinating administration duties as well as office procedures.
  • Monitoring and overseeing the general cleanliness of an office.
  • Coordinate meetings.
  • Procurement and properly managing office supplies and other assets.

Requirements to do office management course in Kenya

Below are the minimum entry requirements for office management courses in Kenya including front office management course in Kenya:


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Degree (Bachelor’s)

Your options:

  • Bachelor’s in Secretarial management and Administration
  • Business and Office Management
  • Office Administration and Technology

Minimum entry requirements

KCSE Mean grade: C+

Cluster subjects

Math: C plain


Minimum entry requirements

KCSE Mean grade: C-

Cluster requirements: None

Your options:

  • Diploma in Front Office Operation& and Customer Care
  • Diploma in Secretarial studies& and Office Management
  • Diploma in Computerized secretarial studies


Minimum entry requirements

KCSE Mean grade: D plain

Cluster requirements: None

Your options:

  • Certificate in Front Office Operations
  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies and Office Management
  • Certificate in Computerized secretarial studies

Artisan level

KCSE Mean grade: E

Cluster requirements: None

Your options:

  • Artisan in Secretarial Studies

Universities offering office management degree in Kenya

Many of the institutions offering business management courses in Kenya offer office management too.

Here is a list of these institutions and the programme they offer:

University Programme Name
Baraton University Bachelor Of Business -Administration In Management
Baraton University Bachelor Of Business Administration(In Office Administration)
Kisii University Bachelor Of Business & Management
Kisii University Bachelor Of Business Information & Management
Technical University Of Mombasa Bachelor Of Business & Office Management

Colleges offering Diploma, Certificate, and Artisan in Office management

If you did not get the required grades to start at the degree level, here are some of the colleges/institutions you can join for your Diploma, Certificate, or Artisan course in Office management:

BORABU Technical and Vocational college Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0746 211764
BUMBE Technical training institute Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0736 391750
BUSHIANGALA TTI(Technical training institute) Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 020 8059530
KIPSINENDE TVC(Technical and Vocational college) Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0772498383 / 0721661791
Maasai Mara Technical and Vocational college Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0799 213-300 / 0774 213-300
MOIBEN Technical and Vocational college Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0728 172771/ 0716 287 367
NUU Technical and Vocational college Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management 0700 083255
SIRISIA TVC Diploma In Computerized Secretarial Studies 0728160448

There are definitely more colleges out there you can apply to including Kenya Institute of Management if you don’t want to join the above colleges (remember that if you recently finished form-4, you can apply for the course via KUCCPS if you would like to study under government sponsorship).


Career Prospects for holders of Office Management course in Kenya

Artisan level

  • Telephone assistant
  • Secretary Assistant

Certificate level

  • Copy Typist
  • Front Office Operation
  • Customer Care Assistant
  • Telephone Operator

Diploma level

  • Assistant Secretary
  • Customer Care Officer
  • Assistant Office administrator

Degree qualification

  • Secretary
  • Office administrator
  • Customer Care Officer
  • Office manager
  • Coordinator- office management and administration


Is office management course marketable in Kenya?

The truth is, office management is not one of the best courses in business in Kenya because while there are a significant number of jobs for holders of office management qualifications, the competition is very stiff.

That’s because a lot of young people with the course are yet to get work- and this is due to the fact that the course (together with business management) has been taken by so many young Kenyans leading to a situation where there are more people looking for work than the number of available jobs.

So you want to keep that in mind as you weigh out your options..


Where can I get office manager jobs in Kenya?

Office managers are needed anywhere there is an office including in:

  • Health Organizations
  • Hotels
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Financial Services firms
  • Consultancies



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