Real estate management course in Kenya [All you need to know]

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Whether you want to get into real estate as an agent, or you have your own real estate company that you want to take to the next level, or you want to get a qualification that will in future get you employment as a high flying real estate guru, a real estate management course in Kenya could be the bridge that takes you to your dreams.

So, where can you take a property management course in kenya, what are  real estate management course in kenya requirements, and how much money will it cost you?

I shall be answering these and a few other questions regarding pursuing a real estate course in Kenya to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in:

Real estate management course in Kenya – is real estate course in Kenya marketable?

This is not really a ‘normal’ course because it’s probably best for those who want to start their own property management firms in Kenya meaning it’s for those who want to get into real estate entrepreneurship.

That said, many real estate companies in Kenya keep hiring marketers – they occasionally hire other personnel like customer care assistants- and having a paper in real estate can give you an advantage.

So yes, this can be a marketable course- remember there are dozens of fast growing real estate companies in Kenya so opportunities are not in shortage.

More about opportunities for Real Estate Management Graduates in Kenya

You can find employment in several different settings, including:

  • Property management companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Government agencies/departments
  • Financial institutions

Of course, you can also work as an independent consultant or start your own business once you complete the course.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Where can I study for real estate courses in Kenya?

Well, approach these colleges/universities depending on what level of the course you want to study: certificate, diploma, or degree (the grade you had at form 4 matters):

Universities and colleges offering real estate courses in Kenya

  • Technical University of Kenya- Bachelors of Real Estate(undergraduate)
  • University of Nairobi-Bachelor of Real Estate(B. Real Estate). The course replaces the B.A. in Land Economics
  • Kenyatta University- You may also go for a bachelor of real estate kenyatta university
  • Mount Kenya University- Bachelor of Science(Bsc) in Real Estate Management. The course is accredited by ISK (Institute of Surveyors of Kenya). 
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Sense Institute of Technology (Thika)
  • College of Human Resource Management – They are one of the reputable colleges offering real estate courses in Nairobi.Call 0718 781 513

Here now are some additional great tips to help you when choosing where to study for a real estate management qualification in Kenya:

  • Consider the reputation of the institution.
  • Review the course curriculum- you want to be sure it has what the market needs.
  • Talk to current students and alumni- these are better placed to advise you than online reviews because they have been there and experienced it.
  • Consider the cost of the program- yeah, fees vary from one institution to the next and you want to pick a program that matches your budget.
  • Make sure the program is accredited- yeah, do not go for any course. Check if the college is licensed to teach the course.


Real estate management course in Kenya requirements

Degree in real estate management in Kenya

The following are the general requirements for the course at the Bachelor’s level:

KCSE Mean Grade: C+ 

Cluster requirements:

You also need a C+ (minimum) in the subject clusters below:

Cluster I- Mathematics

Cluster II- English / Kiswahili

Cluster III-Chemistry / Physics /Biology / Commerce /Accounts/ Economics

Cluster IV- Geography/Agriculture/History/Building Construction/Drawing & Design/ Woodwork;

We already saw that there are a number of universities offering real estate courses in kenya including the University of Nairobi and MKU so you have many options


Diploma in real estate management (Diploma in Real Estate Management Kenya)

KCSE Mean Grade: C-Minus 

Other acceptable qualifications: 

  1. Any recognized diploma from a recognized Institution
  2. Certificate in Real estate management 
  3. Any other relevant Pre-university course


Certificate in real estate management in Kenya

KCSE Mean Grade:D plain (at Sensei Institute of Technology)


Real estate management course in Kenya fees and duration


Average of Kshs.150,000 per year for 4 years


Average of Kshs 105,000 (per year) for 2 years


Average of Kshs. 30000 per term for 6 terms


How to become a real estate agent in Kenya

Apart from completing one of the above property management courses in Kenya, you need to register with the accreditation body for realtors in Kenya, ISK (Institute of Surveyors of Kenya).

ISK has a raft of other requirements including operating ethically and following their code of professional conduct that you have to observe to remain accredited.


Final words

Overall, real estate is one of the booming industries in Kenya, and there’s significant demand for properly qualified real estate professionals. 

That being so, a recognised real estate management (property management) course could see you become the next big thing in this super exciting field.

So, what are you waiting for?

PS: If you’re looking for online real estate courses in Kenya, check out College of Human Resource Management


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