Theology courses in Kenya and requirements

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In this article, we shall look at theology courses in Kenya, their requirements (minimum grades you need to be admitted), and theology colleges in Kenya

Read it to the end if you feel that you want to spend your life serving God as a priest (or serving in God’s ministry as a missionary or in other ways).

Let’s get started:

Theology courses in Kenya and requirements

To begin with, let me answer an important question…….

What is theology all about?

Theology/ religious studies discuss matters beyond the known, the natural, and the expected.

In essence, this field of study acknowledges the mysterious, the supernatural, and the transcendent- Studies in religion provide an impartial analysis and a comparison of a wide variety of religious ethics, traditional Africa religions and religions and science among it to the human existence.

Now, theology help people deal with unexplainable and the incomprehensive elements of human existence.

Subsequently, specialists in religious studies such as theology give us (human beings) content within which to understand the world and relate it to the human experience.


List of theology courses in Kenya

Now, when it comes to studying, you can enroll in the following courses:

Degree in theology in Kenya

theology degree requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: C+

Other requirements

  2. English/Kiswahili- C Plain
  3. Second Best in Group III subjects
  4. Best in Group II or IV or V subjects

Note that some institutions need you to have C plain in Maths for courses like Degree in Theology.

Universities offering theology in Kenya (Bachelor of Theology)

  • Great Lakes University of Kisumu- Learn more
  • University of Eastern Africa Baraton- Learn more
  • International Leadership University- Learn more
  • African International University- Learn more
  • Scott Christian University- Learn more
  • Africa Nazarene University- Learn more
  • Kabarak University- Learn more
  • Kenya Highlands and Evangelical University
  • Presbyterian University of East Africa
  • St Pauls University
  • Kenya Methodist University
  • Catholic University


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in theology in Kenya

This is typically a two to three year Theology programme that trains you at diploma level.

Minimum Requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: C or C- depending on the institution

Other requirements: None


Certificate in theology courses in Kenya

For Certificate in Theology, you need a KCSE Mean Grade of C-(for the most part)

That said, some institutions will admit you even with D(plain) mean grade.


Universities and Colleges offering certificate /diploma in theology

Here now is a list of theology colleges in Kenya offering certificate /diploma in theology (accredited bible colleges in Kenya):

  • Scott Christian University
  • Great Lakes University of Kisumu
  • Baraton Theological Seminary
  • KAG-EAST University
  • AIC Missionary College
  • Kapsabet Bible College
  • Koru Bible College
  • Kima International School of theology(KIST)
  • Pan African Christian University
  • Berea Christian College-Nakuru
  • Africa Theological Seminary-Kitale
  • Pwani International Christian College
  • Karen Christian College
  • Kenya Baptist Theological College
  • East Africa School of Theology-Nairobi
  • Kenya Highlands Bible College
  • Moffat Bible College (AIC church)
  • Pentecostal Bible College- Nyang’ori
  • ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies


Religious studies courses in Kenyatta University

If you want to study for a religious studies course at a higher level, Kenyatta University could be your best bet.

Here is a list of some of both undergraduate and post-graduate religious studies courses offered by Kenyatta University


  • Bachelor of Education (Christian Religious Education/Islamic Religious Education)

Post Graduate

  • Master of Arts(MA) in Religious Studies /African Traditional Religions / Christianity or Islam.
  • D in Religious Studies / African Traditional Religions / Christianity or Islam

Other theology courses worth considering in Kenya

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Church Music & Theology (Theology Major)

This is a four-year programme offered by Kabarak University and prepares clergy and church singers/musicians for roles such as preaching, music composition, teaching Christian themes, carrying out detailed research, conducting church services, and even leadership roles in music/ theology.

The general goal of the course is to train as well as equip clergy, theologians, music directors, and laypersons with the knowledge, attitudes/values and skills they need to excel in church music departments and theology as whole.

Admissions Requirements
KCSE Mean Grade: C +

Other requirements: None

More details: Go here

More theology courses you may want to take a look at

You can as well advance to the following courses at African International University


Key skills and interest required to pursue a career in this field

Here are some of the skills and interests you need to have to succeed in a career that is related to theology in Kenya:

  • Interest in religion studies
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Open-mindedness
  • Tolerance
  • Ability to discuss complex issues calmly
  • Ability to respect the views of others
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Research skills


Where can you find work?

Depending on the course you study, you are likely to be employed by religious organizations in Kenya / faith-based organizations like Christian Aid in Kenya, Inter‑Religious Council of Kenya, Muslim Women Institute, Presbyterian Foundation, Patrician Brothers, and more.

Of course, you can work as a priest/pastor in any of the countless churches in Kenya or even open your own church.

There are other potential employers including the military (and other disciplined forces), educational institutions (as a teacher/lecturer/chaplain), hospitals (as a counselor), and Non-for-profits such as Compassion International and World Vision.


Career prospects in Religion studies

  • Religion Teacher
  • Chaplain
  • Spiritual counselor
  • Vicar/Priest
  • Religious Education Teacher
  • Child welfare worker
  • Community affair Specialist
  • Conflict Resolution specialist
  • Religious studies lecturer
  • Consultancy jobs



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