Is community health marketable in Kenya?

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So, is community health marketable in Kenya?

Well, you might be having this question in your mind if you have been considering doing a community health course in Kenya because somebody told you it’s a good course or you just have a deep passion for a career in community health.

So, is community health marketable in Kenya really?

Read on for the answer:

Is community health marketable in Kenya?

Now, community health is a tricky course when it comes to the availability for jobs because there are not many jobs around for graduates of community health courses in Kenya.

In fact, apart from country governments and a few not-for-profits (NGOS that employ community health workers include World Vision) and community development/welfare organizations, there are very few employers offering community health jobs in Kenya.

And that is because of the skills you get out of the course- community health is all about community health promotion at the community level and that means that only organizations whose work entails providing health solutions for different populations/communities hire community health officers.

That being so, you need to do your math properly before you enroll in the course.

Indeed, there are better health courses to do in Kenya (in terms of the number of job opportunities available) including nursing and even courses like radiology.

What is community health course?

This is a course whose primary objective is equipping you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies that will enable you to perform various roles to help manage health issues in societies/communities.

In other words, you will be working to improve community health in Kenya or elsewhere.


What exactly do community health professionals do?

So that you can better understand what a career in community health looks like, here are some of the duties and responsibilities that you will be expected to discharge on a daily basis if you do the course.

  1. Articulate health problems/challenges affecting the community
  2. Participate diseases fighting programs in different capacities.
  3. Educate the communities/societies on how to identify communicable and non-communicable diseases
  4. Sensitize communities on pandemics such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic

5 Counsel people that have been affected by different diseases/ailments in the community

  1. Help in Providing important health services (maternal, nutritional, family planning services, and more).

In a nutshell, you will be addressing a variety of community health problems at the community level through implementation of specific health interventions depending on the health challenge.

Requirements to do community health in Kenya

Below now are the basic entry requirements for community health courses in Kenya:

Certificate in Community Health

Minimum entry qualifications are:

KCSE Mean Grade: D plain

Cluster subject requirements: None

The Course is open to freshers (beginners), Community development workers/officers, and community Welfare officers.

Diploma in Community Health in Kenya

Minimum entry qualifications are:

KCSE Mean Grade: C –

Cluster subject requirements: None

Alternative qualifications

You can also be accepted into the course if you hold a Certificate in social work(awarded by KNEC) or a Certificate in social development(awarded by KNEC).


Degree in Community Health in Kenya

Minimum entry qualifications for a (Bsc. in Community health) are as follows:

KCSE Mean Grade: C+

Cluster subject requirements

Mathematics: C+

Biology/Biological Sciences: C+

English / Kiswahili: C+

Alternative qualifications

You can also be accepted into the course if you had a C- (KCSE Mean grade) and you have progressed from the certificate to the Diploma at any recognized/accredited institution.


Universities and Colleges offering community health course in Kenya

If you are not sure where to study for the course, below are some of the institutions offering community health courses in Kenya:


Kenya Institute of Social Work- Nairobi

You can enroll here for both a certificate and a Diploma course in Social Work.

The Certificate takes 1 year to complete while the Diploma takes  990 hours to complete (organized in 3 terms).

To apply, call or SMS your name, email address, KCSE mean grade, and your desired course to the number 0721223158.

Keep in mind that intakes are usually in January, May, and September every year.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

AMREF International University

Another good institution for community health is AMREF International University and the best thing about them is that they also offer some of their courses online.

You can join them for your Diploma in community health course too and below is how to contact them..

Admission Enquiries: Call or WhatsApp the number +254112352343

You can also Email them through the email address

Great Lakes University of Kisumu(GLUK)

Another University you may want to consider when it comes to community health courses in Kenya is the Great Lakes University of Kisumu(GLUK).

Here is the link to GLUK’s Diploma in Community Health and Development course (click to learn more).


Kenyatta University

If you have the qualifications required to pursue a Bachelor Of Science in Community Health, you can study at KU.

Keep in mind that the Bsc. in Community Health extends over a period of 4 academic years with
each academic year consisting of 2 semesters for full-time students and 3 sessions for part time students.

Here is the link to KU’s Degree in Community Health programme (click it to learn more)..

Community health Vs  community health nursing in Kenya and Is community health nursing marketable in Kenya?

As I conclude, I feel that it is important for you to understand that there is a world of difference between community health course and  community health nursing course in Kenya.

Now, the latter is actually a very good nursing course…

Essentially, it is a combination of 3 major areas of nursing training (General Nursing + Community Health Nursing + Midwifery) so it is way more marketable than a plain community health course (you will be working as a nurse anyway and you know there is a dire shortage of nurses worldwide).

If this is the course you’d like to take instead of community health, you must have the following qualifications to qualify for its diploma:

KCSE Mean Grade: C Plain

Cluster subject requirements

English / Kiswahili: C plain

Biology/Biological Sciences: C plain

You must also have a C- grade in any one of these subjects..

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics/Physical Sciences

You can take the course at KMTC (Go here to learn how to apply for the course at KMTC)


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