NYS training period, NYS qualifications, Full NYS training programs, and more

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So, how long is the NYS training period?

Short answer: The standard NYS training period at the NYS training college in Gilgil and Naivasha is 6 months.

UPDATE: nys recruitment 2021/2022 on going between Monday 14-th June 2021 to Friday June 16-th 2021. Check the advert at your local sub-county commissioner office (your local chief/sub-chief can also guide you). Try your luck.

This is usually the first phase of the NYS training programs and covers hardcore paramilitary training (non-combat).

The purpose of NYS paramilitary training courses is to inculcate team spirit and to produce a proud, disciplined, and obedient soldier who will always be ready to serve our Nation.

The second and final part of NYS courses involves attending NYS vocational training institute or other accredited technical and vocational colleges to be trained in your chosen field-  fashion and design, engineering,  catering, agriculture, business management, secretarial, plant operation, driving, construction, and more.

This starts once you’re through with the NYS basic training and aims to equip you with marketable skills that will make you employable once out of the NYS.

As you would expect, the NYS training period for these courses vary depending with the course you have chosen.

Keep in mind that you don’t automatically qualify for your dream course- you must have met the minimum entry requirements for the course (more on the grade requirements later).

So, what is NYS training period for vocational courses?

Find the answer below:


NYS training period – other NYS training programs

Now, in general, the NYS vocational training courses take the following durations:

  • NYS diploma courses- 3 years (Mean grade of C- and above at KCSE needed)
  • NYS certificate courses (craft)- 2 years (Mean grade of D plain and above at KCSE needed)
  • NYS artisan courses- 2 years (with the exception of the NYS plant operator course which lasts 6 months).
  • NYS driving course- 6 months (it has been proposed to reduce the duration to just 3 months).
  • NYS CPA and ATD courses- 3 years (CPA needs C+ (with C+ in English and Math) while ATD needs a mean grade of C-.

Note: Some programmes have additional requirements. For instance, Diploma level engineering courses needs you to have grade C- in Mathematics and a D+ in Physics.

In fact, it’s not only the CPA course that needs a C+……you can only take a Diploma in Avionics as well as an Air Frame Diploma with a mean grade of C+ and you must have the same grade in Mathematics and Physics!


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Now proceed reading below..👇

What else can I expect?

Recruits are sent on various national building assignments as volunteers from time to time- you may be involved in tree planting exercises, town cleaning, infrastructure rehabilitation projects, slum civil works, emergency rescue missions, etc.

Volunteering enables you to get more experience in your line of training and can earn you a certificate that makes all the difference when hunting for jobs later on.

Remember that many government departments and even a number of private sector entities prefer NYS trained personnel when hiring for various positions.

The KDF (Kenya Defence Forces), the Kenya police service, and other security agencies also favor ex-NYS members.

Side Note: In addition to the first two pillars (paramilitary training and specialist skill training), recruits also undergo life skills training. The objective of this training is to teach NYS servicemen and women self-empowerment, community organizing, responsible citizenship, and inter-personal relations skills.

NYS qualifications –general eligibility requirements

To be considered:

  • You need to be a Kenyan national/citizen.
  • You must be residing in the respective sub-county you want to attend the recruitment interview.
  • Must be ready to undergo intense physical training
  • Be medically fit- you have to pass the medical check-up done during and after the recruitment.
  • Must be ready to work as a volunteer (serving the Nation is a key aim of NYS) in any region/part of Kenya for some time.
  • Must hold a KCSE certificate with at least a D (Plain) mean grade.
  • Must have a valid National ID Card and original academic certificates (their photocopies will be required when applying).
  • Must have a genuine certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Accepted age: 18 to 24 years.


NYS fees structure

The training for recruits enrolled during the public recruitments is 100% free of charge.

You can, therefore, follow the NYS training route if you (or your parents) don’t have enough money to fund your college education – you’re financed to the last penny!

The other option is, of course, to look for a scholarship.


How to Apply for NYS Recruitment

First, you should not forget that NYS recruitment drives are normally announced through the national media, county offices, recruitment portals, and public administration offices such as the chief’s office.

It’s therefore important that you keep checking any of these for the recruitment dates- there are often two recruitment drives annually.

The advert also shows the schedule and the time you should arrive at your respective sub-county recruitment centre.

Your next step is preparing all the required documents as indicated earlier on- the original plus one set of photocopies.

Finally, present yourself on the specified date and go through the recruitment process/interview.

Each sub-county in Kenya is allocated a given number of recruits and who knows; you could be among the lucky ones from your sub-county.

If successful, you will be issued with a calling letter stating the date and time you should report to the either the NYS College at Gilgil or Naivasha to commence the paramilitary training.

Note: NYS encourages orphans who have met the qualification requirement outlined earlier to apply. These are given special preference as long as they can provide sufficient documentary proof of being orphans. Your parents death certificates/ burial permits may suffice here.


Can I join the NYS if I’m disabled?

Short answer: Yes!

NYS recruits persons with disabilities every year.

For example, NYS recruited 45 recruits with disabilities in 2020, according to http://www.psyg.go.ke/


How to contact the NYS

Telephone Numbers: +254-208563521

Email: info@nys.go.ke

Website: https://www.nys.go.ke/

NYS Kenya FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NYSkenya254

Twitter: @NYS_Ke

Postal address: NYS Headquarters,Off Thika SuperHighway, Ruaraka. P.O. Box 30397, Nairobi 00100 GPO

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