KUCCPS application 2024 – all you need to know

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If you belong to the 2024 KCSE class, we have some good news: the KUCCPS application 2024 is on-going!

You should therefore log into your KUCCPS students portal and complete your kuccps online application 2024 (or first revision) as soon as possible.

That is because the portal will only be open for 3 weeks after which it will slam shut until the next revision window.

Of course, once you receive your KCSE results, it is important to make sure you revise/apply for your most preferred course early enough as this can enhance your chances of being placed in the course of your dreams.

This is both for students who have qualified for admission to the university (those with a mean grade of C+ and above) and those who intend to join TVET colleges.

Remember that final placement to courses will be done according to your choice of institution, available places, and the cut-off marks set for the course.

KUCCPS application 2024 – all you need to know

The KUCCPS application 2024 is open to all KCSE candidates of the year 2023.

If you had not applied while in your secondary school and you belong to this group, you are invited to apply for the course that you feel best suits you before the kuccps 2024 deadline.

kuccps application 2024 requirements

Needless to say, the course level you apply for is dependent on your KCSE grade.

Specifically, your grade can qualify you for the following course levels:

KUCCPS application requirements (minimum) 2024

kuccps application deadline

  • For Artisan Courses (in TVET colleges), the minimum grade is E.
  • For Craft Courses (again in TVET colleges in Kenya), the minimum grade is D (D plain) meaning anybody who has a grade below D plain should apply for an artisan course of choice.
  • For Diploma Courses (again in TVET colleges in Kenya), the minimum grade is C- (C Minus) meaning you should apply for a craft course of choice if you had a D+.
  • For Degree Courses (in Kenya universities), the minimum grade is C+ (C plus).

You should also consider your priorities, passion, and interests when selecting a course.

Quick Note: There are courses that can be good for students with C plain such as a Teaching and some KMTC courses. These are also applied through KUCCPS unlike the past when you had to wait for the relevant intake adverts from the ministry of education and KMTC respectively.


How to apply- procedure to follow when applying for the KUCCPS 2024 intake

To apply, go to the KUCCPS student’s portal- via main KUCCPS website- or go directly to students.kuccps.net.

The other option you can use is the KUCCPS app. Please download the KUCCPS app from Google play store and login with your KCSE index number, KCSE YEAR (2023), and PASSWORD (Your Birth Certificate Number / KCPE Index Number.

You will find the application guidelines, the minimum requirements, available courses, and the universities/colleges offering various programmes.

how to apply kuccps online


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Now proceed reading below..

KUCCPS courses 2024

If you scored a C+ mean grade (and above), there are a total of 529 degree courses available for choice.

There are 215 diploma programmes too in TVET colleges (for those with at least a C- mean grade).

Lastly, there are 109 certificate courses (for those with a D+ and D plain grades) along with 137 artisan courses (for those who scored D- and E grades) to choose from.

KUCCPS payment amount and how to pay KUCCPS application fee

After you enter all info, a message pops up showing payment instructions…on that pop-up, click “HERE” so as to pay indicated amount(figure)-usually 1500/-..

Now a payment page opens up(new tab)…choose how you want to pay (payment method) then follow all the indicated instructions correctly to make payment.

Note that those paying via MPESA (you selected MPESA as payment option), the money is to be remitted through government e-Citizen PayBill 222222 (Just follows the steps/procedure shown on your screen)…recall that account number is the one shown on the screen (type it accurately) then the amount is 1500/-/.

You’ll surely receive an mpesa confirmation sms if you did not miss anything (unless the KUCCPS/eCitizen systems are busy)

kuccps paybill

How to validate KUCCPS payment (Don’t pay again) and submit your kuccps application.

kuccps application 2024

Applying for KUCCPS placement to university/college?

Here are some very important reference documents you should pesure:
6. Previous Degree Cut-Off Points: https://statics.kuccps.net/…/2023_24%20Degree…

What next after KUCCPS revision of courses 2024?

After submitting your application/revision, KUCCPS will take over and place applicants to various courses and institutions at the degree, diploma, craft, & artisan level.

The KUCCPS 2024 placement results will then be published provisionally via the portal and SMS.

Those who missed a chance will get another opportunity during the KUCCPS second revision 2024   (kuccps second revision 2024 dates to be announced).

A final opportunity will be given to those who are unlucky the second time during the KUCCPS third revision 2024 (dates again to be announced).

Keep in mind students will likely join their respective institutions from Sept-ember 2024.

KUCCPS application 2024 deadline – KUCCPS deadline for first revision of courses

The KUCCPS 2024 application deadline for the first revision /new applications is March 4th, 2024.

Which TVET colleges are open for 2024?

For kuccps TVET application 2024, you can apply to the KUCCPS-registered college you prefer.

Here is a list of both public and private colleges that are KUCCPS approved (the list is updated continuously so we recommend you keep checking it).

KUCCPS online application 2024: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is KUCCPS application open?

Yes for the first revision for those who had applied while in high school (and first time applications).

Every student is given an equal chance as long as you complete the application correctly.

When will the KUCCPS admission letters 2024 be out?

Any time after the announcement of the KUCCPS placement.

For purposes of planning, you should not forget that 2023 KCSE candidates are expected to join universities/colleges starting September 2024 according to the ministry of education.

Can 2022 (and other years) candidates apply?

Yes. You can apply even if you did your KCSE in 2019 (or earlier up to 2000) and you have previously been never placed by K.U.C.C.P.S to a college/university.

Just follow the steps to apply for the diploma, artisan or craft certificate courses in Kenyan TVET institutions you  prefer.

How do I contact KUCCPS?

You can contact KUCCPS via their Facebook Page here, Twitter, or by email- write to info@kuccps.ac.ke . Calls should be made to 0723954927, 0734879662


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