Can I apply KUCCPS now?

If you are wondering whether this is the right time to apply KUCCPS, you are in the right place.

Remember, when you apply through KUCCPS you benefit from government capitation (fees subsidy/grant) once placed in an institution.

In this article, we shall be guiding you on when and how to apply through KUCCPS step by step.

To point you in the right direction, please note that you can only apply KUCCPS when the portal is open, and that is what we shall be looking at in this article.

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Can I apply KUCCPS now?

No! You cannot apply KUCCPS always…..

But why?

This is because as we said early before, you can only apply KUCCPS when the portal is open and it is not open right now.

Bearing that in mind, it is worth noting that the portal is usually open around the month of March to July.

This year, chances are that the portal might open in April or May so please keep checking on the KUCCPS portal or their official social media handles (check on KUCCPS Facebook page Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service)

And just so you know, when the portal is open, it usually has about 2 weeks deadline and then it is closed again so keep a close eye on it once opened.

Having said that, it is important to note that there are a few things KUCCPS needs to consider before opening the portal including analyzing the capacity declared by various institutions and once that is sorted out, then you will be notified when the application window is opened via the various KUCCPS social handles to apply (You can also check KUCCPS Twitter Handle @KUCCPS_Official).

Things KUCCPS takes into consideration before opening the application window

  • Receiving results from KNEC (which was done in the weeks following KCSE results release
  • Getting all the Programmes from the universities and TVETS institutions
  • Process them then sending them to the commission of higher education for validation (to ensure the programs are of quality and have been accredited to be offered by the respective colleges)
  • After that, KUCCPS upload all this to their system
  • Hold discussions with ministry officials to look at the available funding and the number of students who have qualified to join colleges and universities
  • From there a decision is made on how many students KUCCPS has to place (sometimes this stage takes more time) depending on the prevailing circumstances in the education sector (for example, a policy change could be in the process of being implemented)


Steps how KUCCPS work

1st placement

This is usually done in secondary school where the student selects a course, they would like to pursue from KUCCPS portal by their teachers.

Quick note: This application is done even before the candidates sit for their KCSE examination.

Here, the Head teachers are required to submit applications indicating the institutions they wish to join and the course they would like to pursue at KUCCPS.

1st revision

This starts after students have received their KCSE exam results.

Just so you know, revision is usually open to students for the following courses; degree, diploma, craft, and artisan courses.

Additionally, students who both selected their courses in secondary school and those who did not are given a chance to revise their courses or choose courses afresh.

Side note: Please note that this revision process takes place through KUCCPS students’ portal when open.

Release of first placement results

Now, after the first revision courses is fully complete, KUCCPS will release the application information.

In addition, it also releases the list of all the students who have not been placed in any college or university.

On the other hand, here is where those who have been placed in various universities will see a notice though you will not be in a position to know the university or the course you have been placed in.

Second & third revisions of courses

This step is usually for the students who have not been placed after the first placement and those who did not apply at all through KUCCPS.

Here, they are given a chance to do the second and the third revision of the courses (note this is the final chance)

Important tip: If you have already been placed, it is worth noting that you cannot do the second and third the revision of courses.

Release of the second and final placement results

After the 2nd and 3rd revision of courses is complete, KUCCPS will process the student(applicant) details and then release the placement results.

At this point, the results will contain the University and Course that each applicant has been placed.

Quick note: If the course you selected did not go through (was not successful) then you will have no choice because KUCCPS will place you in any institution and any course as well.

Again, if you did not apply for any course at all during the school application, first revision, second revision, and third revision of courses, then you will have to apply directly to the institution as a self-sponsored student since you can’t be placed by KUCCPS.

Inter-institution transfer

All the processes are complete by now (both revision and placement), and applicants are given a chance to apply for inter-institution transfer (changing of institutions to your preferred college/university) using the KUCCPS portal.

Lastly, after the inter- institution transfer process is through, the institution you have been placed by KUCCPS is will send you an admission letter.

But what are KUCCPS qualifications for different courses?

Different levels have different general qualifications as we have listed below to better guide you.

KUCCPS Qualification

  • Degree courses C+ (plus)
  • Diploma courses C-(minus)
  • Craft courses D (plain)
  • Artisan courses E or KCSE certificate

It should be noted that some of the courses require cluster Subjects qualifications so confirm from KUCCPS portal.

KUCCPS application guide step by step

  1. Visit the KUCCPS website on (when the portal is open)
  2. To “log in” Enter your KCSE Index Number, Year of KCSE, and your password (KCPE Index or Birth Certificate Number).
  3. Next, revise or just make a new course application as appropriate by simply clicking on the Application/revision tab on KUCCPS website.
  4. Finally, confirm whether you have qualified for the course, you have selected.
  5. If yes, finish the process by submitting.


In conclusion, it is advisable you  keep checking the KUCCPS portal since they always notify you when the portal is open.

Additionally, keep checking other official social media handles, such as, Facebook as many times as you can.

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