Technical university of Kenya certificate courses [What you need to know]

Question: Are there any Technical University of Kenya certificate courses you can take? Perhaps you did not manage to get the grade C/C- needed for a Diploma course at TUK nor did you qualify for a degree….

Well, here is what you need to know when it comes to Technical university of Kenya certificate courses

Technical university of Kenya certificate courses

Now, I’m afraid that there are no certificate courses in technical university of Kenya so TUK is out of the question if you did not score at least the grade C/C- needed for a Diploma course at Technical University of Kenya..

Well, they used to be there some years back – TUK used to offer 1-year Certificate programmes- but the university discontinued them to focus on Diploma, Degree, and Post-Graduate programmes so oops! You have to look elsewhere.

The good news is that there are many other good universities and colleges you can attend if your grade qualifies you for a certificate course (at the start)..

And we have previously written severally about Universities and colleges offering certificate courses in Kenya here at including the specific requirements, intakes, fees structure, and more.

So I would suggest you go through our past guides about the best institutions to study for a certificate course in Kenya and make a decision.

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PS: We shall definitely be updating you in the event that the technical university of Kenya (if that happens).


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