Strathmore university diploma courses [2024 Intake]

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After writing about Strathmore university certificate courses, it is logical that we also look at Strathmore university diploma courses because some of you want to pursue diploma courses at Strathmore university.

So continue reading if you’re one of those thinking of taking one of diploma courses in Strathmore university- and perhaps you’re not sure if the university offers your dream Diploma.

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Strathmore university diploma courses – everything you need to know

Now, there are 6 regular diploma courses in Strathmore university …we look at them below, their entry requirements, and everything else that is important to know about each of the Diplomas in Strathmore university


Diploma in Business Information Technology(DBIT)

What is it all about?

Are you really passionate about computers (and related devices such as the mobile phone and tablets)?

If yes, you can take a giant step towards a career in information technology by taking the DBIT Diploma course at Strathmore university.

What I love about the course is that it is very detailed – there are 20 modules to cover with each taking at least 60 contact hours so it has more depth than comparable programmes.

Also, it is very relevant is it has been crafted by very experienced IT experts meaning you will come out with the skills the market currently needs (remember IT is one of the fastest evolving career fields).

Some Potential jobs for DBIT holders

  • ICT Technician
  • ICT Officer(System Administration)
  • Developer
  • Information Technology Assistant
  • IT support specialist
  • HelpDesk Technician
  • E-Learning Officer
  • Computer technician
  • Database administrator
  • System Analyst and Designer
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Trainer

Diploma in Business Management(DBM)

What is it all about?

If you’re looking forward to working in roles such as Admin Assistant, Office assistant, Office Clerk, Receptionist, Officer Supervisor, and the like in a business setup, then the DBM could be your best bet.

You can also rise to higher management/administration positions and even consultancy engagements once you upgrade to a Degree (and gain enough experience).

Some Potential jobs for Diploma in Business Management holders

  • Admin Assistant
  • Office assistant
  • Office Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Officer Supervisor
  • Sales assistant

Diploma in International Relations(DIS)

What is it all about?

This is a multi-faceted Diploma course covering a variety of units in areas like economics, political science, law, sociology, security, and more.

That is because it takes you to careers in diplomacy (and foreign affairs) or international business or non-governmental organizations (where you need a little bit of economics, political science, law, sociology, security, and more)

Remember this course can be your bridge to an undergraduate degree in the following areas:

  • International law
  • International studies
  • Political science,
  • Development/policy studies

Some Potential jobs for Diploma in International Relations holders

  • International Relations Assistant

Diploma in Journalism & New Media

What is it all about?

Journalism changed from the way we used to know it to the new digital first media…thanks to the multitude of technologies that makes news gathering and dissemination so revolutionary.

Now, if you must go into journalism and you want to be competitive in the job market, you need a course that puts more emphasis on digital journalism over conventional journalism.

And that is where this course comes in.

Some Potential jobs for Diploma in Journalism and New Media holders

  • Digital Journalist
  • Web Content Writer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Creative Copywriter
  • Social Media Content creator
  • Digital Marketing Executive


Diploma in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship

What is it all about?

This teaches you how to scour the market for business ideas and how to actually setup and run a thriving business (with outstanding professionalism)

Some Potential jobs for Diploma in Procurement holders

This is for entrepreneurship-oriented minds so you’ll go into business (self-employment) on graduating.

That is, you will become a job creator- and not a job seeker.

Diploma in Procurement

What is it all about?

You can work in numerous managerial and supervisory positions in the supply chain management chain- from ensuring goods and services flow smoothly from source to where they’re needed all the way to ensuring efficiency in purchasing.

Some Potential jobs for Diploma in Procurement holders

  • Procurement Officer
  • Procurement Assistant
  • Supply Chain Assistant
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Supply Chain Management officer


 Strathmore university diploma courses duration

The Diploma courses at Strathmore university takes two years to complete.


Strathmore university courses requirements for Diploma Applicants (Strathmore university diploma courses requirements)

KCSE Mean Grade: C plain(or equivalent)


A certificate in a relevant study area(from a recognized institution)

Remember that for courses like DBM, you must also have a C plain in both Maths and English.


Diploma courses in Strathmore university intakes

Full-time students

January and May(each year)

Part-time students

May and September(each year)


How to apply for diploma courses at Strathmore university

Just visit the University with all your result slips and transcripts(academic and professional, if any) plus a copy of your national ID card/birth-certificate/passport.

You will be given the application form to fill- and then you’ll be required to pay for the entrance interview (the fee is between Kshs.1500.00 to Kshs.2000.00).

After that, you will be booked for the interview (which is usually held on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Download Strathmore university diploma courses fees structure pdf



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