KMTC fee structure for certificate in community health nursing

This guide has an overview of KMTC fee structure for certificate in community health nursing

So, if you have plans to join KMTC to study certificate in community health nursing then you are in the right place.

Remember, KMTC is the best medical college to enroll for a medical course with a friendly fee structure for nursing programs, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder you from pursuing a nursing course.

In this article, we will take you through the fee you pay for the course plus we will also add other important information like the application process to help  you  when applying.

Let’s dive in.

KMTC fee structure for certificate in community health nursing

Here, we will look at the fee structure for certificate in community health nursing offered in KMTC.

But before then, it should be noted that unlike other certificate courses in KMTC that takes a duration of 2 years, this specific course takes a duration of 21/2 years.

Simply, the course takes longer that the others certificate courses.

Now, having known that, let us go straight to the fee structure.

So, how much do I pay for certificate in community health in KMTC?

As we look at the fee structure, it should be noted that it includes the following items:

  • Registration Fee -kshs.2000 paid (only during admission)
  • Activity Fee-1000 each semester
  • Examination Fee-kshs.5,000 each semester
  • Library and ICT services-Kshs. 2000
  • Tuition Fee-Kshs. 15,000
  • Research and Development Fee-Kshs. 5,000
  • Transport Fee-kshs.6,000
  • Maintenance Fee-Kshs. 5,000
  • Student Identity Card-Kshs. 700

Certificate in community Nursing fee structure per semester

With the summary of what the fee structure includes, let us now look at the fee per semester below.


1st year

1st semester= Kshs. 41,700

2nd semester=Kshs. 39,000

Total amount per year= Kshs. 80,700

2nd year

In the second year, there is no registration fee needed since you are only registered once during admission during the first year.

Also, there is no fee for the student identity card again since this is done during admission.

Therefore, fee for the second year is less with Kshs. 2,000 for registration and kshs.7,00 for student ID card.

In short, here is what you pay in the two semesters

1st semester=39,000

2nd semester=39,000

Total amount per year= Kshs. 78,000

11/2 a year fee/ 6 months fee

Here, the fee is usually paid as follows for different items

  • Registration fee= N/A
  • Activity fee=kshs.5,000
  • Examination fee=kshs.2,000
  • Library & ICT services= Kshs. 2,000
  • Tuition fee=kshs.35,000
  • Research and development fee= Kshs. 5,000
  • Transport fee=kshs.5,000
  • Maintenance fee=kshs.5,000
  • Student ID =N/A

Total amount for the 6 months=Kshs. 59,000


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Entry requirement for certificate in community health nursing in KMTC

Now, that you know how much you pay for the course, I would like to briefly take you through the entry requirement to be sure if you qualify to enroll for the course or not.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of C-minus

Also, you must have the following grades in the mandatory subjects:

Additional Subjects requirements:

  • C- minus in either English or Kiswahili
  • C- minus in either Biology or Biological Sciences
  • And lastly, D+ plus in Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics

Other KMTC qualifications that you must meet

  • You must be vaccinated against Hepatitis B and Typhoid and you must provide the vaccination evidence during registration.
  • More to that, you must also have NHIF cover which you must supply a copy of the card on reporting date to KMTC.

KMTC campuses offering certificate in community health nursing

  1. KMTC Kapenguria


Telephone: 0795337579


  1. Kabarnet KMTC Campus


Telephone: 053-21151


  1. Loitokitok KMTC Campus


Telephone: 0757880057 or 0735427438


  1. Bomet KMTC Campus


Telephone: 020-2008531 /020-2008532


  1. Kitui KMTC Campus


Telephone :020- 350 32 34 or 0791360299


  1. KMTC Busia Campus


Telephone: 0746538142


  1. KMTC Mandera campus


Telephone: 0711872244


  1. KMTC Meru Campus


Telephone:  0726862400 or 064-3132537 or 0717777616


KMTC fee structure for certificate in community health nursing-Other important details

  • Please note that the fee we have listed above does not include meal and accommodation.

Simply, you pay for this separately if you are staying in the KMTC hostels and the rates are always available upon admission.

  • Again, if you choose to rent a room outside KMTC, then you will have to pay the accommodation charges to your landlords or agent as you have agreed
  • Also, it is worth noting that in the course of study you will have to provide an extra amount to cater for incidental expenses that include attachments and research.

Application process

Just like any other course offered in KMTC, the application process is just the same where you have to apply online.

However, you must apply when the application portal is open.

Usually, when it is open it is announced through social media platforms such as, newspaper, radio, TV and through KMTC website.

So, after the announcements, you immediately visit the website and place your application before the deadline date.

Remember, you must pay the application fee worth Kshs. 2,022 via M-pesa pay bill 964150.

How and where to pay your fee

To pay your fee, direct cash payment is not accepted by the institution.

Therefore, fee should be deposited directly in to KMTC bank accounts.

To pay, you pay through the following bank account:

  • KMTC National Bank Account Number (Nairobi)
  • Account number: 01003086514000
  • Account name: Central Collection Account

KMTC fee structure for certificate in community health nursing-Final words

To finalize, that is all we have on certificate in community health nursing in KMTC.

However, incase of any question, you can contact any of the above institution through the contact information provided.


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