Updated KASNEB CPA fee structure 2024

Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 09:33 am

Find below the latest KASNEB CPA fee structure including registration fee, exemption fees, examination fee for all levels, and renewal fees, just in case you want to take KASNEB cpa course or pay for exams/renewal.

KASNEB CPA fee structure – all applicable charges

Note that the CPA course fee structure also applies to all other KASNEB professional courses.

These include:

  • CICT (Certified Information Communication Technologists)- note that has a few fee differences when it comes to the examinations.
  • CS (Certified secretary)
  • CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analysts)
  • CCP (Certified Credit Professionals)

Full KASNEB CPA fee structure

Registration fees

You, of course, need to register with KASNEB.

The charges are as follows for all the components related to registration as a KASNEB student:

  • Registration fees-.7500 (includes the student ID card fee)
  • Annual registration renewal fees– Kshs..2000 (payable every July 1st )
  • Registration reactivation fees-.4000 (paid by students whose membership has lapsed. membership expires after failing to pay the renewals fee for 3 consecutive years)
  • Student ID replacement fees– Kshs..500 (if you happen to misplace your KASNEB ID card)


KASNEB CPA exam fee structure

Exams are booked  thirty(30) days before the next exam…which is typically the very last day of month preceding the next KASNEB examination date.

So for KASNEB April Exams, deadline should be 31st March.

Likewise, for KASNEB August exam,  deadline should be 31st July.

Lastly, for KASNEB December exams, deadline should be 3oth November.

KASNEB Exam fee

Foundation level:

  • Fee/paper 1-Kshs..1400

Intermediate level:

  • Fee/paper 1-Kshs..2400

Advanced level:

  • Fee/paper 1-Kshs..3600
  • Fee for Practical Business&Data analytics paper/exam – Kshs…7500/-

Exemption fees

You may be awarded a couple of exemptions in units you undertook in a Certificate/Diploma/degree course in the past as per KASNEB’s exemption policy.

Here are the set exemptions charges for those who meet the requirements (Read this article for more on this):

KASNEB CPA exemption fees

  • Foundation level (per paper)-Kshs.2500
  • Intermediate level(per paper)-Kshs.3500
  • Advanced level (per paper)-Kshs.4500


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How to pay

Now that we’re looking at the KASNEB CPA fee structure, it would be unfair to complete the article without telling you how to pay the various KASNEB fees.

How to pay via e-KASNEB app

KASNEB encourages you to pay fees via e-kasneb app.

Go to Google PlayStore and then download the app – you then follow the ease steps to make fee payment.

It’s also worth noting that your KASNEB e wallet is linked to MPESA so you will be redirected to MPESA when paying and prompted for the MPESA PIN.

So you must download the app, create an account, and proceed with the payment steps.


How to get help

In case you need assistance, you may contact the KASNEB desk at any Huduma center or visit them personally at KASNEB tower, Upper Hill, Nairobi.

You can as well reach KASNEB through the following numbers for further assistance:

Telephone numbers: 0722 201 214 /0734 600 624

Your other option is to email info@kasneb.or.ke

Career guidance in Kenya

PS: Persons with disability (PWDs) are given a 25% discount when registering for CPA -on registration fee- but you must attach your NCPWD card to be considered


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