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· KASNEB News about Exam Results

KASNEB December 2020 Results

KASNEB released the results for all the Certificate and Diploma Examinations before Christmas 2020.

Students are required to check for their KASNEB results by sending an SMS with their registration number to 20558.

Example: Send ATD/12345 to 20558.

KASNEB CPA Results (and other professional examinations)

Like it happens most of the time, the professional results (CPA, CICT, CCP, etc) were released a bit later- on 5th January 2021.

Again, students are to check for their specific results by sending an SMS with their registration number to 20558.

Example: Send NAC/12345 to 20558.


· KASNEB News about upcoming Exam sittings

In an effort to recover the time lost by students due to COVID-19, KASNEB has announced that it plans to hold three exam sittings for all its courses in 2021.

According to a notice published in the Daily Nation newspaper of 5th January 2021, KASNEB will have the three sittings in the following months:

  • First sitting -April 2021
  • Second sitting– August 2021
  • Third and final sitting for the year – December 2021

Indeed, KASNEB has already announced the actual dates for the April 2020 exam sitting..

Here are the tentative dates:

KASNEB April 2021 Timetable (dates)

Monday 26th-April 2021 & Tuesday 27th-April 2021

  • CAMS– Levels I and II
  • ATD– Levels I, II, and III
  • DICT – Levels I, II, and III
  • DCM (Diploma in Credit Management)- Levels I, II, and III

Monday 26th April 2021 to Friday 30th April 2021

  • CPA- Parts I, II, and III
  • CS (Certified Secretaries)- Parts I, II, and III
  • CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analyst)- Parts I, II, and III
  • CCP (Certified Credit Professionals) – Parts I, II, and III
  • CPSK-K (Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya) – Parts I, II, and III

Wednesday 28th-April 2021 to Thursday 29th-April 2021

  • Foreign Accountancy Qualifications (FAQs)

Wednesday 28th April 2021 to Thursday 29th April 2021

  • Foreign Secretaries Qualifications (FSQs)

Monday 26th April 2021 to Wednesday 28th April 2021

Associate Procurement and Supply of Kenya (APS-K)- Levels I & II

The specific dates for the other two sittings will be published in due course.

We shall also post the complete kasneb timetable for each sitting when availed.

KASNEB registration Deadline

The closing date for registering and entering for your April 2021 exam is Sunday, 28th February 2021.

The best news if that any new students registering for any of these exams by Sunday, 31st January 2021 will be given a 10% discount by KASNEB (meaning you’ll be paying only 90% of the normal exam fee).

Note: KASNEB advises candidates to book for the exams early enough to avoid last minute rushes and queues.

In addition, you should apply for permission from work and make all other necessary logistical preparations well ahead of the exam dates.

How to Pay Fees

Option 1:  Pay through e-KASNEB app

Download the app and follow this article to pay for your kasneb exam registration fee.

Option 2:  Pay through KASNEB Bank accounts

You can as well remit your payments via these KASNEB fee collection accounts:

  • KCB Account- Account no. 1203681194
  • National Bank of Kenya- Account no. 01001031572601
  • Equity bank- Account no. 0170299238025
  • Co-operative bank – Account no. 01129128535900
  • Post Bank- Account no. 0744130009246

KASNEB New Syllabus 2021

KASNEB New Syllabus will be rolled out from 1st July 2021. That means that those sitting exams in December 2021 will be examined under this new syllabus.

We shall be updating you about the exact structure of the various courses under the new syllabus in due course.

KASNEB Courses Brochure

If you’re new to KASNEB, you can get all the information by downloading a copy of the KASNEB qualifications brochure from kasneb website www.kasneb.or.ke

You can also access a printout of the brochure from:

  • KASNEB offices at Upper Hill, Nairobi.
  • Huduma Centers across the country (Ask for the KASNEB counter).
  • All Kenya national library branches countrywide.
  • Various training institutions and Colleges in Kenya.


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