Wilson airport cabin crew training courses and colleges

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Some of you have been writing to us to enquire about Wilson airport cabin crew training.

So read this to the end if you want to pursue cabin crew course at Wilson Airport:

Wilson airport cabin crew training – courses and the colleges at Wilson airport (Wilson airport training school)

East African School of Aviation-Wilson Airport Campus(EWAC)

The EASA(East African School of Aviation) is one of the cabin crew colleges in Kenya with a satellite campus at Wilson airport and can be a good option if you want to study cabin crew course in Kenya.

EASA admits runs both full-time and evening (after work) programs for Aviation professionals/those planning to join the aviation industry.

Call 0716 164229 or 0716 16422930 if you want to learn more about East African School of Aviation’s cabin crew courses at Wilson Airport.

Kenya Aeronautical College

The KAC (Kenya Aeronautical College) is also at Wilson Airport ….and they offer the Airline Cabin Crew Training course (KAC-taught or on self-study mode) by IATA

Below is what you need to know about the course, especially if you’ll be going the self-study route:

  • The course takes you approximately 45 to 60 hours to get done, depending on specifics such as your previous experience and knowledge.
  • You will then have 12 months (1 year) to complete the exam- the date starts counting from the actual date you buy the course.
  • The materials of the course are typically provided to you in an e-book format or a printed format. You therefore must choose your preferred format when you register with KAC/IATA.
  • This is an Entry-level cabin crew course.

Side note: Your access to the course ceases once you have finished the exam. Also, if 12 months lapse before you enroll for exams, your access to course materials is cancelled. It also means that you cannot take the exams.

Otherwise, just ask KAC to train you- KAC is an I.A.T.A Authorized Training Center– if you do not feel very confident about studying on your own.

For starters, KAC College is at KAC Building, inside Wilson Airport- along Langata Rd, Nairobi, KENYA


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Skylink Aviation School

Skylink Aviation School also admits aspiring students to their Diploma in Cabin Crew(or Air Hostess course).

And the college is at Wilson Airport- they are located inside Antipest Building-second floor so you may want to consider them too.


Wilson airport cabin crew training – Final words

Whether you’re targeting cabin crew jobs at Wilson airport (some seem to think that training for the cabin crew course at Wilson airport gives them an advantage when it comes to these jobs) or other cabin crew positions (in world’s leading airlines), your first goal should be to get a certificate/diploma in Cabin crew.

Then from there, you need to start searching for jobs in that line both online and through your networks- remember that we have previously written about the course including Kenya airways cabin crew training school in detail so I recommend you read the following articles….

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