Open University of Kenya courses and fee structure [2024 Intake]

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Open university of Kenya courses and fee structure: In this article, we shall look at the newly launched Open University of Kenya courses, their requirements, fees, and other important details including how to apply.

Open university of Kenya courses and fee structure / Open university of Kenya courses offered and fees

Now, the following are the courses offered by Open university of Kenya at the moment (they will be adding many more courses with time)…

Degree courses at Open university of Kenya

  • Bachelor of Data Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
  • Bachelor of Technology Education
  • Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

Postgraduate courses at Open university of Kenya

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Accountability
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Learning Design and Technology

Open university of Kenya entry requirements

In a nutshell, KUCCPS has been authorized to place applicants into the above five degree courses and the two post-graduate diploma courses.

The good news is this: admission is not as strict as for regular degree and post-graduate programmes..

To be clear, it is true that KUCCPS needs you to provide evidence that you have sat for KCSE exams (your KCSE certificate is needed) or an equivalent.

But in place of the usually tough cluster requirements, you can show KUCCPS a portfolio of your previous work(that is taken as prior learning).

Below now are the official minimum entry requirements..

Degree programmes:

KCSE mean grade:  C+ (and above) where applicable or an equivalent as determined by the university senate


A Diploma or a professional qualification from any recognized institution


KCSE certificate (or its equivalent) PLUS a foundation certificate or a bridging course from an accredited institution


KACE (Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education) with 1 principal(minimum) and subsidiary passes


A recognized bachelor’s degree from any institution recognized by the Open University of Kenya Senate


Evidence of K.C.S.E certificate(or an equivalent) PLUS a portfolio that shows you have adequate work experience(this is considered as prior learning) and can be:

2+ Years Workplace training


2+ Years Work experience in(relevant field)


Two short courses(lasting 3 months- at least-each in a relevant field)



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Now proceed reading below..👇


Open university of Kenya courses and fee structure – Open university of Kenya fees structure

Degree courses

All Degree courses(Except for the Bachelor of Technology Education)- Kshs.105,000.00 per year

Bachelor of Technology Education- Kshs.115,000.00 per year

Postgraduate diploma programmes

All postgraduate diploma programmes- Kshs.110,000.00 per year…but again the courses takes just 1 academic year

Remember that the government has discounted the fee for degree programmes by about 15%.

It is also expected that students joining the Open University of Kenya will get government sponsorship and loans(on applying via HEF portal) under the brand new higher-education funding model though this has not been made official.

Also, it is important to note that you can pursue individual course units(making up your course) by paying Kshs.10000.00 per you can just pay Kshs.20000 for 2 units and pursue those two units only as you look for funds…you can even take 1 unit at just Kshs.10000.00

I should say that both the degree and post-graduate diploma courses have 12 to 14 course units(per academic year).


Quick Note: For all the OUK programmes/course units, you will pay an extra 10% as fees if you come from outside East Africa.

How to apply

If you’re a Kenyan, you sat your KCSE examination from 1989 up to date, you can apply easily via the KUCCPS student portal….you’ll be required to upload your application documents.

Just go to the link then fill in the required information.

Keep in mind that learning begins in September.


Open university Kenya courses offered – Open university of Kenya courses duration

Bachelor’s degree programmes takes 4 years to complete unless you’re learning flexibly-taking a course unit(at a time)- you’ll definitely take a longer period(depending on the number of units you’re taking at a time).

Meanwhile, postgraduate programmes takes one full academic year to finish.


Open university of Kenya location

Open university of Kenya is at Konza City(Machakos County)..


Open university of Kenya contacts

Telephone: +254203318581


Open university of Kenya Website:


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