Diploma courses at MKU [2024 Intake]

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Below is a list of all Diploma courses at MKU ….go through it and see if the Diploma course you so much love is offered by MKU

Diploma courses at MKU with a C plain (diploma courses at Mount Kenya University you can pursue with a C plain)

  1. Diploma course at MKU that needs just a C plain mean grade in your KCSE:
  2. Diploma in Dental Technology- Could make you a dentistry assistant in a dental practice.
  3. Diploma in Community Oral Health(Dental Therapy)
  4. Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Surgery- Makes you a clinical officer in Kenya
  5. Diploma in Community Health & Development
  6. Diploma in Health Records & IT (Information Technology)- Makes you a records officer in a medical facility.
  7. Diploma in Law- First start towards a career in the law. Makes you at least a Paralegal.
  8. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology- For those who want to become chemists and pharmacists.
  9. Diploma in ECDE (Early Childhood Studies)- makes you an ECDE teacher.
  10. Diploma in SNE (Special Needs Education) – Become a special needs teacher
  11. Diploma in Science Lab (Science Laboratory Technology)- Become a lab tech or lab assistant
  12. Diploma in Animal Health & Production – leads to careers such as Animal Health Officer, Livestock Production Officer, and the like
  13. Diploma in Computer Science- Has many careers including software engineers, system administration, database admiration, and more.
  14. Diploma in Information Science- takes you to careers in information science such as an archivist, librarian, etc.

Diploma courses at MKU with a C minus (diploma courses in MKU you can do with a C-)

  • Diploma in Food Science & Processing Technology – if you want to work in food processing industries such as PepTang, Brookside, Bread manufacturers, etc.
  • Diploma in Information Technology- Has many options too including computer technician, network management, IT systems admiration, and more.
  • Diploma in Information Systems- takes you to careers in information systems such as system administration
  • Diploma in Archives & Records Management- takes you to careers in information science such as an archivist, librarian, etc.
  • Diploma in Library Management- takes you to careers such as a librarian, etc.
  • Diploma in Business Information Technology(BIT)-has similar jobs to the Diploma in Information Technology(DIT) programme


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Now continue reading below..👇

  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering-Makes you a middle level electrical engineer or an electronics technician.
  • Diploma in Medical Engineering- Makes you a medical engineer (you’ll be repairing medical equipment in hospitals)
  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology- For those who’d like to become counsellors.
  • Diploma in Community Development & Social Work
  • Diploma in County Administration & Governance- targets those who are already working with county government and want a formal qualification in proper Administration & Governance.
  • Diploma in Security Studies & Criminology- targets those who are already working in the security sector as cops or private guards and want a formal qualification in criminology and security.
  • Diploma in Peace Studies & conflict resolutions
  • Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication- best for those who still want to work in the mass media sector (journalism, broadcasting, etc)
  • Diploma in Film Studies- This is your course if your dream is to become a film producer (director)
  • Diploma in Animation & Motion Graphics- Good one if you are a creative who’d like to learn a bit of animation and motion studies.
  • Diploma in Public Relations & Diplomacy- targets those planning to venture into PR and communication.
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management- A good course if you have a passion for handling people.
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Marketing Management- Is marketing your dream career? If yes, this could be the course for you if you did not get entry grades for a degree in marketing (Bcom-Marketing).
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship- best for those who’d like to start own businesses
  • Diploma in Supplies & Procurement Management- best if you want to work as a procurement officer, supply chain assistant, purchasing officer, and related supply chain jobs.
  • Diploma in Project Management- Best if you already have a qualification in areas such as ICT and want to pivot to project management.
  • Diploma in Economics
  • Diploma in Financial Economics
  • Diploma in Financial Sciences
  • Diploma in Accounting- Makes you a middle level accountant. Be sure to take a CPA course along with it to make yourself more marketable.
  • Diploma in Banking& Finance
  • Diploma in Micro-Finance- If you are in a micro-finance and you want to get a promotion or pay hike, go for this.
  • Diploma in Risk Management & Insurance
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management- For those passionate about working as managers in hospitality establishments (hotels, catering businesses, etc.)
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts- Another nice course if you’re passionate about culinary arts (leads to careers such as lead chef)
  • Diploma in Food & beverage supervision
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management-This leads to jobs such as travel agents, travel assistant, travel logistician, etc. You could even open your own tours and travel agency.

How to apply for diploma courses in MKU university

You can apply through KUCCPS (when the portal is open) or just apply directly to the university if you are okay with being a self-sponsored student.

In any case, under the new higher education funding model, you only get a loan (no scholarship or bursary) if you’re studying in a private university such as MKU.

So just budget your finances properly and get to MKU….it is one of the most affordable private universities in Kenya.

Remember that you can also apply online via MKU’s website.

Diploma courses at MKU – Final words

If you have not qualified for any of the Diploma courses at MKU above, just take a certificate first. You can then upgrade to a Diploma later on.

Below is our guide about certificate courses in MKU ….read it and make an informed decision.

MKU Certificate Courses and Requirements



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