APS-K course in Kenya – all you need to know

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APS-K is one of the leading procurement courses in Kenya and can be a good course for those who dream of building a career in purchasing/supply chain management (and related) fields.

Here is all you need to know about the APS-K course in Kenya (it is equivalent to a diploma in procurement):

APS-K course in Kenya – all you need to know

What is APS-K course in Kenya?

First, APS-K simply stands for Associate Procurement and Supply of Kenya.

It is a course that has been designed to equip you with foundational knowledge, attitudes, and practical skills that will help you to carry out various activities within a supply chain system efficiently and professionally.

It is offered by Kenya’s top supply chain management institute, KISM(Kenya Institute of Supplies Management) under KISEB(Kenya Institute of Supplies Examination Board).

This procurement and supply chain management course in Kenya has the following objectives:

Associate in Procurement and Supply of Kenya(APSK)-General Learning Outcomes

You are expected to be able to do the following by the end of this course:

  1. Apply various supply chain management principles in undertaking the procurement/purchasing and supply process.
  2. Communicate effectively with everyone involved when performing activities in the supply chain process.
  3. Embrace ethical business practices(traditions) in entrepreneurship & supply chain operations.
  4. Manage procurement and supply stakeholder’s relationships effectively.
  5. Administer &negotiate contracts in the supply chain management.
  6. Appraise inter-relationship between economics, finance, and business statistics in the context of supply chain management.
  7. Manage assets plus logistics in a supply chain management system.
  8. Apply ICT in a supply chain management system.
  9. Develop effective strategies for projects and operations involved in managing a supply chain.


Duration of APS-K course

The total time to complete this qualification is 2880 hours(2 years).

APS-K Syllabus- examinable units and course structure

The course is divided into three levels as follows:

  1. Associate in Procurement and Supply(APS) LEVEL I
  2. Associate in Procurement and Supply(APS) LEVEL II
  3. Associate in Procurement and Supply(APS) LEVEL III

APS 1 Units

  • Principles of Procurement & Supply
  • Understanding Organizational Environment
  • Communication & Office Management
  • Economics
  • Introduction to Business’ Law
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial &Cost Accounting

APS II Units

  • Procurement of Goods,Services& Works
  • Negotiations in Supply Chain
  • Contract Administration
  • Managing Stakeholders Relationships
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Business Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Ethics


  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Information Systems(IS)
  • Finance in-Supply Chains
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management’
  • Asset Management, Costing& Budgeting
  • Industry Based Learning


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Now proceed reading below..👇

APS-K Examination Schedule

Examinations are conducted in the following months:

  • April
  • August
  • December

APS-K Entry Requirements

  • Mean grade- C- (at least) OR
  • Certificate of experiential learning-KNQA Level 5 OR
  • Any equivalent qualification

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APS-K fee structure

  • APS Registration fee: Kshs 5,000
  • APS Renewal fee: Kshs 1,200(Paid every  July1st by all registered APS students)
  • APS Reinstatement fee: Kshs 4,000 (for those who have allowed their registration to expire- membership lapses if not renewed every 1st July).

APS exam fee

  • APS Level I Examinations (per paper) : Kshs 2,200
  • APS Level II Examinations (per paper) : Kshs 3,200
  • APS Level III Examinations (per paper) : Kshs 3,200
  • Industry-based learning: Kshs 15,000

APS Registration Deadlines

  • April Exams: Registration (and Exam entry) deadline is 28th February
  • August Exams: Registration (and Exam entry) deadline is 30th June
  • December Exams: Registration (and Exam entry) deadline is 30th September

How to register for the APS-K


  1. Fill in APS-K registration form- get it from the KISEB website here.
  1. Then, attach the following:
  • 2 colored pass-port photos(recent)
  • National ID card copy(1)
  • Certified copies of relevant academic certificates/Transcripts (don’t forget your KCSE certificate/result slip)- only a licensed advocate/lawyer can certify them.
  1. Pay APS-K registration fee of Kshs 5,000 via the Paybill number 7604813. Note that you should type your 2 names (without adding a space) in the account name field.
  2. Now write the MPESA transaction number/code on your APS registration form.
  1. Send the form(plus the attachments) to KISEB offices (KISM Towers, Ngong Rd, 11th floor).

KISEB officials will get back to you once your application for APS-K registration is processed.

Note: Registration fees can also be remitted via KISEB’s bank account. Here are the full KISEB account details to use.

  • Account name: KISEB(Kenya Institute of Supplies Examination Board)
  • Bank account no:01020230718100
  • Bank: NBK(National Bank of Kenya)
  • Bank Branch: Ngong Road

Colleges Offering  APS K course in Kenya

Your next step could be registering for tuition at KISEB’s accredited institutions.

You can view the complete list of KISEB partner institutions here. KISEB’s exams centres are also listed on the website.

Need further help?

Contact KISEB via 0726244828/ 0769878228.

PS: Once you complete your APS-K course, you can apply to progress to the CPSK certification (but after practicing for at least 3 years).

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