KIHBT plant operator course requirements [2024 Intake]

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This guide has KIHBT plant operator course requirements if this is the course you are planning to pursue.

The KIHBT is a public institution in Kenya that offers various technical and vocational courses, including the Plant Operator Course.

Plant Operator Course is a very good course that is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate heavy machinery and equipment commonly used in construction, mining, and other industrial sectors.

In addition, this course equips you with the expertise needed to safely and efficiently handle different types of machinery, ensuring their proper operation and maintenance.

Just so you know, the duration of the Plant Operator Course may vary, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

Simply, the course duration depends on the specific modules and depth of training provided by the institution.

Also, it should be noted that the curriculum of the Plant Operator Course at KIHBT typically includes theoretical and practical components.

To find out more about the course requirements, read on this guide to the very last word.

KIHBT plant operator course requirements

Plant operator course in KIHBT is one of the most known short courses.

In fact, the course can take as short as just 2 months to complete and it is offered at the Ngong campus.

Plant operator course Modules covered at KIHBT

  • Choice of Plants (and their uses)
  • General maintenance and carrying out simple repairs
  • The Kenya National Highway Code and Safety regulations
  • Machine operation and control
  • Professional workmanship and precision

KIHBT plant operator course requirements

  • You need to have attained a mean grade of D Plain in your KCSE to take this course at KIHBT.


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Now proceed reading below..

The specific objectives of a plant operator course

  1. Helps you understand the principles of plant operation for example you learn about the fundamental principles and processes involved in operating different types of plants, such as safety protocols, environmental considerations, and efficient operation techniques.
  2. You learn operating and controlling plant equipment.

In short, you gain skills and practical knowledge of how to operate, monitor, and control machinery and equipment used in industrial plants.

  1. Additionally, you learn the Safety and emergency procedures.

Here, you are taught how to ensure the safety of personnel and the plant is of importance.

To be precise, the course cover safety protocols, hazard identification, emergency response procedures, and the use of personal protective equipment among others.

  1. You are taught on maintenance and troubleshooting

You are taught about routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting techniques, and how to handle common issues that may arise during plant operations.

  1. You are taught on compliance and regulations

So, since you will find yourself working with a team or a company, you are taught how to understand and adhering to industry regulations, environmental standards, and legal requirements are essential components of plant operations.

  1. Teamwork and communication: Effective communication and teamwork are crucial for smooth plant operations. The course may include training in communication skills and collaboration.

You are taught about Technology and automation to stay updated on the latest tools and systems used in their field.

KIHBT plant operator course intakes

Just so you know, this course is intakes is conducted every two months at the KIHBT Ngong Campus.

How to apply for plant operator course at KIHBT

  1. Just like any other course, you apply online through KIHBT website.
  2. Visit KIHBT website and click on application procedure.
  3. When open fill all the information with all the required information.
  4. From there attach all the necessary documents as guided in the form.
  5. Next, pay the application fee of Kshs. 1000.
  6. Lastly submit your dully filled form.

KIHBT plant operator course requirements-Contacts

For any burning question, contact the institution through the contacts we have provided above.

Phone number:0202465760/0202465761

Email address:


Final words

In conclusion, the KIHBT (Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology) plant operator course stands out as the best choice for aspiring professionals looking to enter the field of plant operation.

Moreover, KIHBT’s well-established reputation in the industry adds immense value to the course. Employers often recognize and prefer graduates from this prestigious institute, considering their thorough understanding of the equipment and operational best practices.

So, this is a good course to pursue since it is in very high demands especially when done from a recognized institution.

All the best as you apply!


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