CPSP exams in Kenya – all you need to know

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CPSP exams in Kenya: This article is for students pursuing procurement/supply chain management courses or those who intend to pursue procurement(AKA purchasing and supplies management).

You will learn all you need to know about CPSP exams in Kenya- CPSP fees, requirements, progression rules, CPSP K syllabus, etc.

Let’s get started:

CPSP exams in Kenya – all you need to know

What is CPSP in procurement?

So, what is CPSP K?

Well, CPSP means Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya and it is a professional certification designed to give procurement professionals the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and competencies needed to thrive in their careers.

It is offered by KISM(Kenya Institute of Supplies Management under KISEB -Kenya Institute of Supplies Examination Board) and is one of the most popular KISM exams.

CPSP requirements – minimum requirements for CPSP registration

You need a Degree in purchasing or other relevant subject areas with 480 credits(at least) or any equivalent prior-learning experience.

You may also be admitted with 600 credits in another purchasing/supply chain qualification(at least) after K.N.Q.A Level 2.

Others to be accepted are students who have passed APS-K exams (more on this here) with 3 years work experience(relevant).

How is the course structured?

CPSP comprises four parts-including a mandatory research paper and -just like KASNEB exams- has been bench-marked to international curriculum/practice standards

The course includes modules such as Finance, Costing and Budgeting, Leadership, Governance and even Project Management.

Of course, you have to tackle regular/core Supply Chain Management units too.

Here are the exact units:

  • Understanding Organizational Environment (Exempta-ble)
  • Procurement of Goods/Services/ and Works
  • Public Procurement
  • Asset Management & Managerial Accounting (Exemptible)
  • Category Management (Exemptible)
  • Supply Chain Management -for SMEs(Exemptible)
  • Supply Chain MIS(Management Information Systems)
  • Finance in Supply-Chain-Management (Exemptible)
  • Sustainable Supply-Chain-Management
  • Operations Management -in Practice(Exemptible)
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Supply Chain Audit& Risk Management
  • Strategic Supply-Chain-Management
  • Leadership& Governance in SupplyChain
  • Global Logistics Management
  • Research in Supply-Chain-Management
  • Consultancy in Supply-Chain-Management
  • Public Private Partnerships(PPPs)
  • Industry-based Learning

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CPSP duration – Duration it takes to complete the CPSP – K Programme

The course is scheduled to be completed in 1800 hours.

CPSP exam schedule

CPSP exams will be held on specific dates in the following months of the year:

  • April
  • August
  • December

The actual dates are published on KISEB’s website well ahead of the exam dates to allow students enough time to prepare for CPSP exams in Kenya.

Bear in mind that KISEB works with KASNEB in administering exams so you may find that the exams are taken at the same time as KASNEB exams.

KISM fee structure / CPSP fee structure

Here now is the complete CPSP fee schedule:

CPSP-K fee structure summary:

CPSP registration fee

  • Normal Registration –5,500
  • CPSP Renewal fee- 1,500 (Paid every 1st July by all registered students)
  • CPSP Reinstatement fee-5,500 (for those whose registration expired- membership lapses if you fail to renew it every 1st July).

CPSP examination fee

  • CPSP Part 1 Examination fee (per paper) – Kshs.2,500
  • CPSP Part 2 Examination fee (per paper) – Kshs.3,500
  • CPSP Part 3 Examination fee (per paper) – Kshs.4,000
  • CPSP Industry-based learning– Kshs.15,000

CPSP Exemption Fee(ksh)

  • CPSP Part I papers(per paper)- Kshs.3,750
  • CPSP Part II papers (per paper)- Kshs.5,250

CPSP Registration Deadline

  • APRIL EXAMS: Registration/Exam entry deadline is 28th February
  • AUGUST EXAMS: Registration/Exam entry deadline is 30th June
  • DECEMBER EXAMS: Registration/Exam entry deadline is 30th September

CPSP Exemptions

There are six (6) available exemptions for students who have done similar qualifications/units in their Masters, Degree, or Diploma level course.

Check the list of CPSK units above if you want to know the exemptible units (they are clearly marked exemptible).

Note: To be granted exemptions (remember there is a fee for each exempted paper), present your transcripts and certificates to KISM offices.  You can also scan and send them via email to examinations@kism.or.ke. KISM will advise you.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

How do I register for CPSP?


  1. Fill in the CPSP registration form (download it here). Hard copy forms can also be picked from KISM/KISEB/KASNEB offices.
  2. Next, attach the following:
  • 2 colored passport photos(recent)
  • National ID copy(1)
  • Certified copies of all your academic certificates/Transcripts/KCSE certificates- they should be certified by a licensed lawyer/advocate.
  1. Pay the CPSP registration fee of Kshs.5,500 (CPSP-K)  through KISEB Paybill number. 7604813. The account name should be your two names (no spacing).
  2. Indicate your MPESA transaction no. on your registration form.
  3. Send the now complete application form to KISEB/ KISM offices- The offices are at KISM Towers, 11th floor, along Ngong Road.

Note: You can as well pay the registration fee via the bank. If this is what you prefer, use the following account details.

  • Account name: Kenya Institute of Supplies Examination Board
  • Bank account number:01020230718100
  • Bank: National Bank of Kenya
  • Branch: Ngong Road Branch


Colleges Offering Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya(CPSP K) course in Kenya

For studies- you may want a tutor to help you prepare for your certified procurement and supply professional of Kenya exams- you should consider only KISM accredited institutions

To point you in the right direction, here is a list of colleges offering cpsp k in Kenya:

  1. Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)- All branches
  2. NIBS College- All branches
  3. Kenya Institute of Professional (KIPS)- All branches
  4. College of Human Resource Management- Nairobi
  5. Cornerstone Training Institute- Nairobi
  6. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies- Nairobi
  7. East Africa School of Management- Nairobi
  8. Easton College- Nairobi
  9. Kentrack College- Nairobi
  10. Nairobi County Institute- Nairobi
  11. Star College of Management Studies- Nairobi
  12. Royal Business School- Nairobi
  13. Kenya Institute of Development Studies-Nairobi
  14. Kabete National Polytechnic- Kabete
  15. KCA University-Ruaraka/Town
  16. Oshwal College-Parklands
  17. Tangaza University College-Karen
  18. Cooperative University-Karen
  19. Tulip Commercial Institute-Nairobi
  20. Vision Institute of Professions-Nairobi
  21. Bartek Institute-Eldama Ravine
  22. Bomet College of Accountancy-Bomet
  23. Kenya Institute of Development Studies-Naivasha
  24. Achievers School of Professional Studies-Nakuru
  25. Nakuru Training Institute-Nakuru
  26. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology-Nakuru
  27. JKUAT Nakuru Campus-Nakuru
  28. Tecqskills Professionals Institute-Naivasha
  29. Kitale College of Business Studies-Kitale
  30. Maasai Mara Technical & Vocational College-Narok
  31. Maasai Mara University-Narok
  32. Alphax College-Eldoret
  33. Eldoret National Polytechnic-Eldoret


What can I do with a CPSP-K course?

The CPSP-K will enable you to perform duties as supply chain managers, purchasing directors, or even supply chain management consultants for organizations.

You and I also know that having a professional certification can add a lot of value to your other papers and can give you the edge when applying for procurement positions both in private and public entities.

Final words

Should you need more assistance, contact KISEB via 0726244828/ 0769878228.

You can also send all your CPSK exam questions to examinations@kiseb.or.ke

KISEB main website is https://kiseb.or.ke/ – there are more details there including complete CPSK exam reading list and CPSP-K exam centres across the country.

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