TVET colleges in Nairobi [Government sponsored and private]

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Below is a list of TVET colleges in Nairobi to help you make the right decision if you have chosen to take your course at a TVET college in the city- sometimes studying in Nairobi can open up more opportunities compared to when you’re studying near home.

TVET colleges in Nairobi [Government sponsored and private]

List of TVET institutions in Kenya s capital:

So here is a list of TVET colleges in Nairobi including private TVET colleges in Kenya ‘s capital city and the larger Nairobi Metropolitan area (that is TVET colleges in the surrounding counties of Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado):

Public TVET institutions in Nairobi

Kasarani Technical and Vocational College

Physical Location: Kamulu Shopping Center (Off-Kangundo Road).

TelePhone: 0716 685054


Kabete National Polytechnic (formerly Kabete Technical Training Institute)

Physical Location: Waiyaki Way (near Uthiru market), Kiambu County

Tel: 0702351423/0202445553




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Now proceed reading below..👇

Kajiado West Technical & Vocational College

Physical Location: Ngong town(outskirts)



Telephone: 0770 033765



Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology (one of the best TVET colleges in Kiambu)

Physical Location: Along Kiambu Road, 14 kms from Nairobi city center



Telephone number: 0727 807 713/ 0734 207 663


Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind

Physical Location: Along Machakos Wote Road, Machakos Town



Tel: 0733844014


Railway Training Institute

Physical Location: Mwangeka Road, Nairobi (in Makadara)- alight at St.Veronica ACK



Tel: 0740 859121


Masai Technical Training Institute

Physical Location:  Kajiado Town(Along Nairobi–Namanga Road), about 70 Kilometers from Nairobi city center.



Tel:  0719345227 0727738161


P.C. Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute

Physical Location:  Riruta (Off Kabiria Rd), Dagoretti South, Nairobi

Telephone:  0721 480 199/ 0773 829 417



Government colleges in Nairobi continued…

Kamukunji Technical Vocational College

Physical Location:  Riruta (Off Kabiria Rd), Dagoretti South, Nairobi

Telephone:  0110 099913





Kenya School of Revenue Administration

KESRA mainly teaches revenue and tax administration courses and is best for those who’d like to become tax and customs experts.

However, it also offers a course in maritime transport logistics and customs freight forwarding.

Here are their details:

Physical Location:  KESRA centre(inside Podo Park), along Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Telephone:  0715 877539/ 0709 752727




Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf

Physical Location:  Along Karen Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0722 677859

Email: /



Kenya Water Institute

This is one of the best TVET colleges in Kenya when it comes to water resource management/engineering courses (they offer a Diploma in Water Engineering, a Certificate in Water Engineering, Plumbing & Pipe Fitting, as well as a Water Supply Course)

Here are their details:

Physical Location:  Ole Shapara Avenue (South C, Nairobi)

Telephone:  0735 339 206



East African School Of Aviation

This is managed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and is an approved training institution for aviation courses.

Here are their details:

Physical Location:  Fedha Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0716 164229, 0716 164230, 0788 777724, 0788 777721




Centre for Tourism Training and Research

Please note that this TVET mainly trains tour guides within Kenya.

Here are their details:

Physical Location:  Wildlife Clubs (of Kenya), Langata Road, Nairobi

Telephone:  0726 21 44 23/0724 65 66 67/ 0738214423





Kenya Institute Of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT)

This is a nice government institution if you want to take a course in public works and building technologies (construction management, plant operator, architecture, quantity surveying, masonry, etc.)

It’s really one of the best technical colleges in Nairobi for various technical skills including motor mechanics.

Here are their details:

Physical Location:  Commercial Street, Industrial area, Nairobi.

Telephone:  0202465760/0202465761




Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources For Development

This TVET majorly offers courses in mapping (cartography and surveying).

Here are their details:

Physical Location:   Kasarani Road (Kasarani-Mwiki Rd) inside the Regional Centre for Mapping Complex, Nairobi

Telephone:  020 8561775




Private TVET colleges in Nairobi (Leading private TVET institutions in nairobi)

NIBS Technical College

Physical Location: Thika superhighway and Ongata Rongai


Kenya Institute of Professional Studies

Physical Location: Opposite Mirema Drive, Adjacent to Coop Bank


Kenya institute of security and criminal justice (for security and criminology courses)

Physical Location: City Hall Annexe, 15-th Floor



Eastlands College of Technology

Physical Location: Off Lunga Lunga Road, Nairobi

Website: 0110 099375


Why joining a TVET College makes a lot of sense

Let us talk about the money first

All public TVET colleges in Kenya (and TTIs) countrywide require a minimum of kshs 56,400 per year as tuition fees for

courses in TVET colleges at any level(Diploma, Certificate or Artisan ).

This may seem like a lot of money but hear this because this information is what many form 4 don’t have:

Now, the Government -upon your admission- gives you kshs 30,000 as Capitation(This is usually non-refundable).

This implies that you only need to pay Kshs.26,400 per year to study (This comes to around kshs 8,800 per term).

What if I can’t raise the amount?

If your parent/guardian is still unable to raise this amount, don’t fret…

The Government advances you kshs 40,000 per year through HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) if you apply for it.

Of the Kshs.40,000.00, Kshs.26,400 goes directly to your college to clear any school fees balance while Kshs.13,600 goes to your bank account for upkeep. Isn’t that awesome?

There are more reasons why TVET could be the way to go for you.

Here are some:

Excellent employability rates

TVeT courses offer higher employability because they are tailored to be more practical than theoretical- Due to the upcoming industrial and technological revolutions, people with Technical Training will be more employable than those that are not.

From January 2022, the government has provided tax relief to institutions and organizations that absorb more than 10 trainees from Technical institutions. This will further enhance the absorption of TVET graduates into the job market.

All grades qualify for TVET courses

With a C-, you can undertake a Diploma. Meanwhile, a D Plain qualifies you to study for a certificate course. Note that anything below a D plain (D- and E qualifies you for an Artisan course). So there’s no one TVETs can’t take.

Final words

Technical education is the route to take if you want to succeed in the 21st century so do not stay at home- visit any TVET institution you will be helped.

And now that you’re familiar with the leading TVET colleges in Nairobi, you definitely know where to start.

We wish you all the best as you embark on the next stage of your life.



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