KMTC fees structure [2020 academic year]

KMTC fees structure

Here is the published KMTC fees structure for the year 2020 for regular, in-service students, and self-sponsored students.   KMTC fee structure self sponsored The following is the applicable fees breakdown for parallel (self-sponsored learners). Particulars Amount (shs.) Registration fee 2000.00 Activity fee 7000.00 Examination fee 10000.00 Library & ICT services 3000.00 Tuition fee 70000.00 … Read more

Scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates [over 20 scholarships opportunities]

Scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates

This article takes you through the various scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates (plus a few sponsorship opportunities for masters programmes). We hope that you will take advantage of the various opportunities to advance your studies locally or abroad and build a successful career. Scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates: summary We have highlighted the basic requirements … Read more

Functions of KICD: The explainer 

Functions of KICD

This explainer is all about the various functions of KICD and its role in Kenya’s evolving education system. Let’s start with the basics. What is KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development)? KICD (Formerly KIE -Kenya Institute of Education) is Kenya’s curriculum development hub- they develop syllabuses and approve the curricula for practically everything that’s taught … Read more

Hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya [Over 20 Recommended colleges]

Hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya

This article highlights the courses and contact details of the top hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya. That’s because professional training should be your first step if you dream of becoming a guru in the ever-growing personal care and beauty industry. I will also explain fees information for various hairdressing courses, where available for the … Read more

Fashion and Design Schools in Kenya [Best 5 schools plus contacts]

fashion and design schools in Kenya

You have come to the right place if you’re searching for the best fashion and design schools in Kenya. But before i take you to our list of fashion design colleges, here is what you should know about the course.. Now, fashion design is simply the art of crafting clothing designs that are functional, practical, and aesthetically … Read more