Baraton University nursing courses [All you need to know]

Below is all you need about Baraton University Nursing courses – from the requirements to the fee structure (and even how to apply)

Of course, nursing is one of Baraton University medical courses..

Baraton University Nursing courses – Baraton University Nursing courses and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BScN)

The Baraton university school of nursing requirements are:

Pre-service student

KCSE mean grade: C+ (plus)-or better(in KCSE) or division II(or better) or its equivalent- if you’re a pre-service student.

You must also a have C+ (or above) in these subjects(cluster subjects):

  • Mathematics/ Physics- C+
  • Chemistry(or Physical science)- C+
  • Biology- C+
  • English- C+

For Registered Nurses

KCSE mean grade: C plain or better(in KCSE) or division II(or better)

Also, you must provide your diploma in nursing certificate and your current practicing license from NCK(Nursing council of Kenya).

In addition, you must have worked for 2 years (at least).

Otherwise, if you don’t have the 2 years’ working experience, you will have to attend a one-year internship after you graduate.

For enrolled nurses

KCSE mean grade: C plus or better(in KCSE) or division II(or better) in KCE

In addition, you must have scored a C+(plus) or a Credit pass in these subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics/Physics
  • English

Also, keep in mind that you are considered a pre-clinical nursing student- if you are admitted for the degree in nursing at Baraton University with the above admission requirements.

Therefore, after you attain the required grades in the nursing cognate subjects, you can proceed to the clinical/professional nursing courses.

Nursing courses at Baraton university requirements -A word about Cluster points for nursing in Baraton University

You can check KUCCPS student portal if you’re unsure you have met the cluster points for the nursing degree at Baraton University..The portal has the cluster points for the last 2-3 years and can be a useful guide.

Master of Science in Nursing(MScN)-Community Health Nursing

The other nursing course at Baraton University is the Master of Science in Nursing(MScN)-Community Health Nursing

Now the minimum entry requirements to join the course is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BScN) from any recognized institution(or any other nursing qualification as approved by the University Senate).


A word about Certificate in Nursing in Baraton University and Diploma in nursing Baraton University (diploma in nursing courses at Baraton university)

There is no Certificate in Nursing in Baraton University nor is there a Diploma in nursing in Baraton University….The university is yet to launch these courses at the time of writing this.

So you may have to apply to KMTC if you don’t have the qualifications for the degree and you want to start the course either at the certificate or Diploma level.


Baraton University School of Nursing fee structure

Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BScN)

Tuition Fees (Kshs) (per Trimester)–   58800.00

Administrative Fees (Kshs) (per Trimester)–   19500.00

Total Fees (Per Trimester) –  .79300.00

Masters of Science(MSc)in Nursing-Community Health Nursing

Tuition Fees (per Trimester)–  Kshs. 78,000.00

Administrative Fees (per Trimester)–  Kshs. 23,700.00

Total Per Semester (per Trimester)–  Kshs. 101,700.00


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Baraton University nursing course intakes

Baraton University has two major intakes in any Academic year normally in the months of August-September and the other in December-January period so apply around then.

How to apply

Download the application form here and be sure to fill it in correctly including signing by the three references(where applicable).

It is also important to attach all the required documents including:

  1. Copies of your official certificates and transcripts as well as any other supporting academic documents for every college/ professional school you previously attended (carry originals when reporting for verification).
  2. A copy of your School Leaving Certificate.
  3. Your updated Curriculum Vitae(CV)
  4. One recent colored passport-size photograph (Type your name on reverse side)
  5. A clear copy of your National Identity Card
  6. A clear copy of your Birth Certificate.

Please note the following:

The application fee is Kshs. 1500 and Kshs.2500 for the Degree in nursing and Masters in Nursing programmes respectively.

For the masters course, referees(from your academic lines) are to send the filled reference forms directly to the admissions email address (see it down here)

Filled applications are emailed to the following email address(attach all documents):

You can pay the application fee via these accounts(be sure to attach the deposit slip when sending your application):

KCB Bank

Account:University of Eastern Africa-Baraton

Account Number: 110-2037710

Branch: Kapsabet

Equity bank

Account: University of Eastern Africa-Baraton

Account Number: 0490297227588

Branch: Kapsabet


Potential Career Opportunities for you-after finishing the course

  1. Clinical Nurse Practitioner with the following specializations:
  • Community Health
  • Midwifery
  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Anesthetics Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  1. Mental Health & Psychiatric Nurse
  2. Nurse Researcher
  3. Nurse Educator/Instructor/Lecturer
  4. Nurse Manager
  5. Learning disability nurse
  6. Paramedic
  7. Physician associate


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