CPA Kenya exemptions (for all courses)

cpa kenya exemptions

If you’re contemplating taking a CPA certification in Kenya, you may finish the course in a shorter time if you apply for (and get) some or all of the available CPA Kenya exemptions. You’re obviously eligible for the CPA Kenya exemptions if you tackled and passed the various units while pursuing a degree or diploma … Read more

Nursing Course In Kenya : All you need to know

Nursing Course In Kenya

A nursing course in Kenya could open your doors to a lucrative career in the healthcare industry in Kenya. And with Kenya’s population rapidly expanding, demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals will continue rising. Here is all you need to know about pursuing a nursing course in Kenya. Why take nursing as a course … Read more

KNEC bridging courses : All you need to know

KNEC bridging courses

If you’re looking for guidelines about KNEC bridging courses, then you have come to the right place. First, what are KNEC bridging courses? Bridging courses meaning KNEC bridging courses are short courses in which you re-sit subject/subjects you had failed at the KCSE, hoping to improve your grade. The purpose of KNEC bridging courses is … Read more

KCSE private tuition in Nairobi [The best centers]

KCSE private tuition in Nairobi

If you’re looking for KCSE private tuition in Nairobi, you have come to the right place. Of course it’s easier for you to pass your KCSE exam (and gain entry to your dream course) with the help of a professional tutor if you’re repeating form four or upgrading KCSE grade. Admittedly, there are not that … Read more

Highly demanding courses in Kenya in 2022

Highly demanding courses in Kenya

Because some of you have been asking, find below a list of the most highly demanding courses in Kenya. Of course, we understand that some of us are uncomfortable taking courses with a lot of math or sciences-talents and capabilities differ anyway. Others shudder at the thought of spending an eternity in college (life is … Read more

Most marketable short courses in Kenya in 2022

marketable short courses in Kenya

So, what are the most marketable short courses in Kenya? Well, you’re just about to discover the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya these days and where you can study them (for some). But just before we reveal our recommended list of short courses in Kenya for those considering this step, let’s look at the … Read more

List of Top Ten Polytechnics in Kenya

Top Ten Polytechnics in Kenya

So, which are top ten polytechnics in Kenya? Well, a polytechnic is a great alternative to Universities especially if you’re planning to take the increasingly lucrative technical courses. And to get you started, we have put together a list of the top ten polytechnics in Kenya plus a brief overview of the programs each offers. … Read more

Top 10 medical schools in Kenya in 2022

Top 10 medical schools in Kenya

Do medical sciences interest you? Get to know more about the top 10 medical schools in Kenya in this guide. We have based our selection on the following criteria (among others): Teaching infrastructure (lecture halls, laboratories, cadavers, and more). Lecturer-student ratio (you don’t want to attend overcrowded classes). Quality of the faculty (Qualifications, experience, etc.) Governance Student affairs. … Read more

Requirements to study medicine in Kenya in 2021/2022

requirements to study nursing in kenya

Find out what are the exact requirements to study medicine and surgery in Kenya in this article… So, what grades do you need to study medicine in Kenya and how easy is it to join medical schools locally? Well, the truth is that it’s extremely competitive and exceedingly unlikely for you to get admission into medicine … Read more

Zetech college hospitality courses [A Complete Guide]

Zetech college hospitality courses

If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, we recommend that you consider pursuing one of the renowned Zetech college hospitality courses. Below we review the three leading Zetech college hospitality courses: Let’s dive right in. Zetech college hospitality courses: a complete guide 1.   Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management(CHTM) This programme teaches a host … Read more