KUCCPS changing courses program – how to change course/college/university

Here is all you need to know about the KUCCPS changing courses program (for those unhappy about the courses invited to after previous courses application)….

If the KUCCPS placement results are out and you’re aming those unlucky to be invited into programs you feel unhappy about, then we have some very good news:

You can use the KUCCPS change of course window to get placement into your dream course and/or institution by making inter college transfer or inter university transfer request (accompanied by an application to change course as you may wish) .

Keep reading to understand the KUCCPS courses transfer process fully and the requirements..

Update 1: If you have been  placed successfully to a university/college and you wish to change your course/institution, the inter institutional transfer window  usually opens shortly after the placement results are out – you can check the actual dates by heading to the www.kuccps.ac.ke website.  Now, if it is open- and you have confirmed from KUCCPS website www.kuccps.ac.ke,  log in to your KUCCPS account and begin your KUCCPS inter university transfer /change of course.

KUCCPS changing courses program: what you need to know about kuccps inter institution transfer this year

First, you can only change the course you were admitted into under two arrangements:

  1. The inter-institution transfer
  2. Inter faculty transfers

Let’s look at how each of the two options works:

The inter-institution transfer (IIT)

This option is open for KCSE candidates who wish to change to an institution different from where they were placed and to a different course.

What you should keep in mind is that the transfers will be availed on the KUCCPS portal for both courses and institutions very soon (KUCCPS will announce the dates here on their portal and social media).

The other thing to remember is that you have a strict deadline within which to apply and you must adhere to the specified date for your transfer application to be considered.

What are the minimum requirements for KUCCPS inter-institution transfer and KUCCPS change of university

An applicant need to meet the minimum programme requirements for the course they are looking to change to including the cut-off points set their desired destination college/university.
You must also provide a good reason to support your transfer application.
Lastly, the principals of the concerned institutions(college/university) must endorse your transfer application.

KUCCPS change of course : KUCCPS transfer application Procedure

  1. Visit kuccps.net. and log in with your KCSE index no. and your usual password.
  2. Click on the Transfers Tab at the top
  3. Click on select programme
  4. Now select the course you wish to be transferred to and type the programme code in the inter institution transfer space.
  5. Now type the reason for transfer (Hint: give a convincing reason). You may be required to upload supporting documents depending on the explanation you give). Also, note that the reason you give for transfer must not be below 300 characters.
  6. Fill in the remaining information including the endorsement information by the receiving and releasing institutions.
  7. Pay the quoted IIT transfer processing fee ( 1000) following the instructions given in the portal (KUCCPS MPESA PayBill No. is 820201). You’ll get a message confirming the payment from both KUCCPS and MPESA.

KUCCPS changing courses: Points to note

  • You can only proceed with payment if you have met the course cutoff points and cluster requirements.
  • The whole process is, in fact, automated and it’s not necessary to print the filled KUCCPS transfer form.
  • Carefully read and follow every instruction provided in the portal.
  • It’s important to monitor the portal and follow up with KUCCPS and both the institution you want to be released from and the receiving college/university. Call them all after you complete filling the form because you risk hanging in the air if the deadline passes without approval. And don’t tire of calling and following up until you’re assured of a place.
  • You’ll get a notification when the transfer has been successfully completed.
  • This applies only to those unhappy with the course they were invited to after KUCCPS second revision and applies to all courses- KUCCPS diploma courses, certificate, and degree programs.


Inter faculty transfers

Inter faculty transfers are helpful to those who have been admitted into their preferred college/university and only have an issue with the course.

The key thing to have in mind here is that you have to wait until you join the institution then request for the transfer of course through your college’s registrar office.

Of course, you MUST meet the minimum requirements to be accepted.

The best news is that there’s no payment needed as it doesn’t involve KUCCPS anywhere.

Plus, it may even take one day to complete the change of course.


KUCCPS changing courses program – Frequently asked questions

A continuing student, can I change the institution?

Yes you can. If, for example, you’re a first year and wish to change, just log into the portal and apply.

The only disadvantage for those going for the KUCCPS transfers for continuing students program is that you’ll have to restart college afresh (it’s like you have clicked the reset button).

Am I supposed to travel to both institutions?

As earlier mentioned, you’re not required to visit any institution as the course transfer process is fully done online.

How long will it take for one to be admitted to another institution after transferring?

You’ll be notified via the portal and SMS.

Can I be absorbed into a course that I’ve missed the cluster points by a small margin only?

Unfortunately, No!

You can only be eligible if you satisfy the minimum points as published in the KUCCPS courses and cluster points guidelines.

I have already paid through MPESA but the assigned code still cannot go through the system. What should I do?

Give the portal a bit of time then retry.

There are delays on the odd occasion, especially during weekends.

When can I apply for the transfer from one institution to another?

Wait for the portal to open for the transfers. We shall announce the KUCCPS transfer dates as soon as KUCCPS publishes them.

How do I change course after placement?

We have explained everything above. Please read again.

Can one transfer from one university to another in Kenya?

Yes, of course. Follow the steps explained earlier.

What is KUCCPS inter-institutional transfer?

This is a final opportunity that KUCCPS gives applicants to apply for a transfer from the college/university they were placed into to another subject to satisfying the minimum requirements. The payable fee is Kshs1,000.
Only one transfer request can be made.

How long does the KUCCPS transfer process take?

After submission of all the duly completed inter-institution transfer documents and endorsement by your two applicable universities/colleges, the transfer is completed within 14 working days (maximum).

KUCCPS changing courses program – how to get help

For further help, contact KUCCPS through the KUCCPS helpline numbers 020 5137400/0723 954 927/ 0734 879 662.

You may email them via info@kuccps.ac.ke or visit their Facebook page The.Placement.Service or Twitter Handle @KUCCPS_Official.

Also use the above KUCCPS contacts details for any other KUCCPS admission enquiry.

KUCCPS changing courses – key takeaways

You must give good reasons for changing course to make the process smooth.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck there since the portal won’t allow you to move on  without a persuasive explanation.

Something else: observe the deadline (the portal remains open for transfers and change of courses for two months -upto August) and make a follow up with KUCCPS and the two institutions after applying to fast-track approval.


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