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Here are the latest KUCCPS news 2021

KUCCPS inter university transfer

If you wish to move university or college because you are unhappy with where KUCCPS placed you, here are some fantastic news:


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KUCCPS inter university transfer 20202021 announced!

Inter institution transfer

KUCCPS 2021 Inter Institution Transfer(IIT) opens on September 1st and will be closing on 30th September. And as always, you will need to submit your application for College/University transfer online through KUCCPS Students’ Portal (students.kuccps.net).
More importantly, you can choose to also change course (together with the institution) during the kuccps transfer 2021 window.
Put another way, you can apply to be moved from:
• One degree to another degree
• One diploma to a different diploma
• A diploma course to degree
• A degree programme to diploma
Of course, you need to be qualified for the course you want to be moved to for you to be considered for course change.
Please remember to follow this  application procedure for the transfer to go through.
You can also find it is on the KUCCPS Students’ Portal.

KUCCPS admission letters 202021

Here is a question we have been receiving: “How do i check my KUCCPS admission letter”

Now, you need to check the website of the institution you have been called to for the admission letter (plus other joining instructions).

That is where you are likely to find your KUCCPS admission letter- You  can also call them/email/visit them to find out how to get your letter if it is not on the website.

In short, KUCCPS admission letters are not in your KUCCPS student portal- it will be with the institution.

Remember you can get the contact details of the college/university you are placed into from their websites.

kuccps inter university transfer

Image credit: KUCCPS-the placement service

kuccps placement results 2021

Updated 17th August 2021

Good news finally.  KUCCPS placement results 2021 have finally been released and students can log into their KUCCPS portal to confirm the courses and the institution they have been placed into.

You can also proceed with downloading your KUCCPS admission letter as you gear up to enter college/university in September.

How to confirm your KUCCPS placement status

All  placed students can check their KUCCPS placement status by simply sending an SMS -with your KCSE Index Numbers to SMS number 20842.
Plus as mentioned, the results are also available on KUCCPS Student’s Portal (log in to check).

Example: How to Confirm Your University/College admission VIA SMS

Send your Index No beginning with your K.C.S.E. year to 20842 -Make sure you do not enter any space or slash (/) – when composing the SMS.
Examples of the right format:  201912345678912 or 202012345678912
This is the message you send to 20842 (*SMS charges shall apply.)

How to Get Assistance

For assistance, call KUCCP help line staff via 020 5137400.

We will issue more updates as they continue flowing in.

Remember that if you are unhappy with the course you were placed into, you can wait for the inter -transfer window to open and apply to be transferred to your preferred course in a particular institution if you have met the minimum requirements.

We will update the page when the inter-transfers are open- should be soon.

Earlier updates

KUCCPS is now in the final phase of processing KUCCPS 2021 applications and the results are expected latest end of July (a few days from today).

Parents and students should therefore keep checking KUCCPS  portal for their kuccps placement results (Note that you will get the message “Dear applicant, you have provisionally secured one of the courses you applied for, subject to approval by the Placement Board” if you check for results at the moment).

Nevertheless, for the purposes of preparing (you need to have fees and money to cater for hostels, meals, personal effects, etc), it is important to note that college/university entry is September 2021 (exact dates to be announced).

The best way to approach it is to budget early enough- keep in mind that fees for TVET courses is about Kshs.26400 per annum (minus exams and accommodation) while university fees can range from Kshs.25000 to Kshs 40000 for the first year, first semester).

You can also be doing some background research on all those Institutions you’d selected since you are placed into one of them.

kuccps third revision 2021 – Now closed

Third (and Final) KUCCPS Revision of Courses opens on 13th July 2021 and students who are yet to be placed even after the closure of the second revision are invited to try their luck for the last time.
Kuccps third revision 2021 targets:
> 2020 KCSE candidates who’re yet to be placed to their course of choice but are yet to land an opportunity to study for their selected choices mainly due to competition
> Candidates with grade C+ (and above) from the 2020 KCSE class  who are yet to make any application for degree/TVET courses
> All candidates who had scored between KCSE grade C plain and grade E from the years 2000 to 2020 and are yet to benefit from the ongoing government sponsorship to  TVET institutions.

How to apply for kuccps third revision 2021

If you are one of those belonging to any of these categories, you should login to kuccps portal (students.kuccps.ac.ke) and apply or make revision to your previous choices.
For more details, Visit KUCCPS website www.kuccps.ac.ke.

Kuccps third revision 2021

The deadline for kuccps third revision 2021 is July 17, 2021 (it has been extended to 23rd July)
kuccps third revision 2021

Image courtesy of KUCCPS

kuccps news 2021 –latest update

kuccps placement results 2021

KUCCPS has finished placing 2020 KCSE students to their various degree choices according to what one applied for during the first revision.

How do I check my 2021 Kuccps placement?

You can check the degree programme you have been placed into by logging into your KUCCPS account.

Once you are logged in, you will notice a congratulatory message on the dashboard telling you that you have been provisionally placed in one of your course choices.

KUCCPS also sends you a text informing you that you have secured a slot (provisionally) in one of the courses you had chosen.

I should add that the provisional placement results will be available from 22nd June 2021.

Needless to say, you don’t need to do participate in KUCCPS second revision 2021 if you’re among those who receive a notification of being placed in one of your options.

In fact, if one has successfully secured a vacancy, they cannot apply again.

Please note that you will not know the exact course you were placed into neither the actual university at this moment- you have to wait until around the end of July 2021 to know the specific degree you have been placed into and the university you will be attending.

Remember that this is the time the final 2021 Kuccps placement results will be released.

How will I know that I have not been placed during the first revision?

There will be an official communication on the KUCCPS student portal either regarding provisional results (for those who have been successful) and those who require to revise.

In short, if you didn’t get a notification either via text or KUCCPS student portal, consider yourself not placed.

Another way of confirming if you have been placed is to look for your index no. on the list published on kuccps website.

If you find your index there, you should make a new application during the second revision.

kuccps second revision 2021 deadline

Image Courtesy of KUCCPS

KUCCPS second revision 20212022 (closed on 5th July)

The second revision of KUCCPS courses starts on 22nd June 2021– the portal opens on this day to allow those who missed a chance in the first revision and also students who had not applied at all to make a fresh application.

It is important to note that no payment is required if you had previously applied for/revised your KUCCPS courses- simply use the same MPESA code when making your second revision.

But those who are applying for the first time during the second revision window are to pay Kshs.1500 by following the steps indicated in the portal when applying- the portal will direct you how to pay once you have completed selection of course options.

Don’t forget that the goal of the second revision is to enable those who missed out on university slots during the first revision to apply to fill the places that are remaining in various other courses (the courses you had previously applied for are most likely filled by now).

The other aim is to give an opportunity to those who have never applied for kuccps placement (and sponsorship) do so.

Note: Don’t be surprised if you missed out on your preferred course despite passing your KCSE exams with flying colors. You see, competition for place in the best courses is super stiff and you may not get a chance even with an A- grade. In fact, to enhance you chances of getting placed if you’re targeting one of these courses, the best approach is to only apply for a course whose cluster points cutoff you have exceeded by at least 2 points. This applies for courses such as medicine, engineering, architecture, etc.

But all is not lost- your first priority is getting a place in the university your prefer. After that, you can apply to be placed into your dream course once the intra-university course transfer window open (as long as you have met the minimum requirements). Prior to that, you can try your luck during the inter-university transfer window.

KUCCPS second revision 2021 deadline

Kuccps has already communicated the deadline for the second revision. The portal closes on July 5, 2021

But it is best to apply immediately the portal opens (from 22nd June 2021)  to avoid the last minute rush- many students wait until the last minute causing the portal to malfunction.

About kuccps placement results 2021

Now, according to data from KUCCPS, only 94275 students got a chance in one of their chosen degree course after the first revision.

Recall that there were about 143000 students who had qualified to join university from the 2020 KCSE.

That means that about 32718 students who are qualified to pursue a university degree (cut off mean grade is C+) were not placed into any programme due to various reasons.

These include some opting to join TVET institutions and other specialized colleges such as KMTC for Diploma courses.

However, a good number missed out because of competition- placement priority is based on grades and the available capacity for the various degrees.

Reminder: Both private and public universities in Kenya declared about 147,000 places (spread across 500 degree programmes) this year meaning there are more available vacancies than the qualified number of 2020 KCSE candidates.

What comes after Kuccps placement?

If you have been successfully placed into an option, wait for the official results to be announced by kuccps (to know the actual course).

After this, you should contact the institution you have been placed into for the admission letter and other joining instructions

Bear in mind that students will be joining their respective institutions sometimes in September 2021.


Keep scrolling for our previous kuccps news 2021 updates …

KUCCPS news – KUCCPS latest news

Application For College and University KUCCPS Placement For 2020 (and other years) KCSE graduates under Government Sponsorship open

The CS for Education Professor George Magoha announced the latest opening of KUCCPS student portal for application for placement (and revision of course choices) to Kenyan universities and colleges under government sponsorship.

The application portal was opened on May 24th, 2021 and will be closed on June 11th, 2021 (at midnight).

All the KCSE 2020 examination candidates (and even those from earlier years who want sponsorship to a TVET college) who had not applied while in high school are therefore invited to apply.

Also invited are those who had selected preferred courses while in secondary school to revise their first-time choices (KUCCPS first revision 2021).

To apply/change your course, go to KUCCPS Student’s Portal – you can access it via the main KUCCPS website(www.kuccps.ac.ke) or by logging in directly via the link students.kuccps.net.

The other option is to download the K.U.C.C.P.S Students App from play.google.com and use it to apply for revision.

Don’t forget that you’re supposed to pay for your application to go through- KUCCPS payment amount is Kshs. 1500 for first timers and Kshs. 1000 for those who had applied earlier while in school.

The payment is made by following procedure outlined on the site – kuccps paybill is 820201 (just make sure you have the amount in your MPESA wallet before you log in for a smooth sailing process).

Quick Note: Because KCSE students from previous years have been invited for TVET government sponsorship, thousands of 2020 KCSE candidates may miss out on the sponsorship more than 1 million students could end up competing for the 331,045 spaces that have declared by TVET institutions in Kenya. That being so, it is important for you to submit your application on time.

KUCCPS latest news on cut off points

Bear in mind that it has been for the last few years, the cut off mean grade for university entry is C+ while lower grades can apply for diplomas, craft, or artisan certificate courses in TVET institutions as indicated below.

KUCCPS application requirements 2021

  • For Artisan CoursesE.
  • For Craft CoursesD (D plain)
  • For Diploma CoursesC- (C Minus)
  • For Degree CoursesC+ (C plus).

Question: Does meeting the minimum requirements for the programme you intend to take guarantee placement?

Well, sadly no- securing a place depends on various factors including your competitiveness (compared to all other applicants targeting the programme) and the available vacancies (declared programme capacity).

Quick Note: A few courses are available for KCSE students with a mean grade of C plain like Teaching and KMTC courses.  These are not applied via KUCCPS and you need to wait for their relevant 2021 intakes advertisement from the ministry and KMTC respectively.

KUCCPS application deadline 2021 (first revision)

The deadline had been set to June 11th, 2021.

Of courses, dates for the subsequent kuccps revision of courses 2021 will be announced in due course.

How do I log into my kuccps website / how do I log into my kuccps portal?

Here is how to log into your KUCCPS account:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Type kuccps.net on the address bar. KUCCPS login page opens.
  3. Click Login
  4. Enter your KCSE index number correctly followed by your KCSE examination year. Finally, type a password (your C.P.E. index number/birth certificate number).
  5. Click Log In.

You can as well log into KUCCPS students portal through KUCCPS Mobile App (download it from Play Store free). You will again need your correct KCSE Index Number, actual KCSE Year, and the Password (K.C.P.E. index number/birth certificate number) to log in.

All the kuccps courses and subject requirements are accessible once you successfully log in.


KUCCPS money reversal

If you paid your KUCCPS fee to the wrong account, do not expect an instant kuccps money refund – instead, you get your money back by sending the MPESA transaction code and the account you paid to to kuccps.

They initiate a reversal with Safaricom after receiving the above details.

Please note that the reversal may take 3-7 days.

Here is how to get your money back- Procedure

Call KUCCPS on 0205137400/0723954927 and give the following details.

  1. Phone number you used to pay
  2. Amount paid
  3. Account number you paid for
  4. Mpesa code

You can also email the same details to info@kuccps.ac.ke or inbox us through our official social media pages:

> Facebook: @The.Placement.Service and

> Twitter: @KUCCPS_Official.

KUCCPS will ensure you get your refund in full.

Again remember that the refund can take upto 7 days though KUCCPS usually tries to refund within 48 HOURS upon receipt of the required information!

Reminder: For the correct payment procedure: Log in to the portal students.kuccps.net and go to the ‘Application/Revision’ tab then ‘Apply Now’.

KUCCPS latest news 2021 -KUCCPS news 2021 placement dates

The KUCCPS Placement Service will be publishing the final 2021 placement details for all the successful applicants in the individual Student’s Portal in due course.

Additionally, applicants may be notified via SMS as long as they provided the correct mobile phone numbers once the kuccps placement results 2021 are released.


When is KUCCPS second revision 2021 likely to take place?

It will be announced a few weeks after the results of the first revision have been completed.

Only applicants that do not get a place after the first revision are eligible to re-apply/review during the second revision.

Note that the choice of courses is usually reduced by the time the second revision is opened as only unfilled courses are advertised.


KUCCPS latest news on admission letters

KUCCPS admission letters 2021 will start being issued after the second revision of courses is closed.

Here is what you should do to check:

First, log into your kuccps account to check the status of your admission- the course and institution.

Next, contact the college/university you have been admitted to find out how you can download your admission letter- this is because kuccps student portal admission letters are normally issued by the specific college/university you have been placed to together with other joining instructions.

You can also visit the respective institution to get the letter – most will issue the kuccps admission letters 2020/21 physically as well.


KUCCPS latest news today – other news

KUCCPS career workshops held

KUCCPS held a Career sensitization workshop virtually for both current secondary school students and form four leavers on May 22nd, 2021 and on May 18th.

You can watch the May 22nd session here if you missed the session.

A similar session was held in collaboration with TV47 on 27th May 2021. Watch it here.

The other session – on May 21st, 2021- was for Secondary School Teachers holding the Career Guidance


kuccps news cut off points

Image credit: KUCCPS  Facebook page


April 9: KUCCPS CEO Dr. Agnes Mercy Wahome graduated today with a PhD degree in Health Communication during JKUAT’s 36th Graduation Ceremony held virtually on April 9th.

Dr. Wahome joined KUCCPS on February 1, 2021 to replace former CEO John Muraguri, who left KUCCPS last year.

KUCCPS latest news on cut off points

New KUCCPS CEO Dr. Agnes Wahome (Image Courtesy of KUCCPS Facebook Page)

Extension of kuccps school application Deadline

April 5: KUCCPS extended the Secondary School/Centre applications deadline to April 16th, 2021.

This will allow schools that failed to meet the earlier deadline to submit course and institutions choices for their 2021 KCSE candidates.

Details: https://www.kuccps.net/index.php…


KUCCPS and KEPSA in Discussion about Possible Partnership

February 18: Officials of KUCCPS and KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance) held discussions regarding a possible partnership at KUCCPS offices in Nairobi.

The meeting was between KUCCPS CEO Agnes Wahome and KEPSA’s Education Sector Board officials who were led by KEPSA’s Basic Education Chairperson Ms. Mutheu Kasanga.

In a Facebook post, KUCCPS reported that the two bodies explored various areas that they have a mutual interest in as they work toward the mooted collaboration.


KUCCPS TVET application 2021 Deadline Extended!

Feb 13: The KUCCPS application deadline for students who want to be placed to TVET diplomas, craft and artisan certificate courses in Kenyan TVET colleges (under government sponsorship) has been extended to February 14, 2021.

Keep in mind that the individual application to these TVET programmes had their deadline set to February 14th, 2021 while the KUCCPS school application for 2021 KCSE candidates is going on until March 31st, 2021.


KUCCPS and Kenya Water Towers Agency begins Collaboration on Career Guidance and Conservation

Feb 9: KUCCPS and Water Towers Agency have come into an agreement to be collaborating on career guidance and environmental conservation initiatives.

The collaboration is aimed at supporting Kenya government’s on-going efforts to restore our national tree coverage to 10%(at least) of Kenyan landscape as well as promote careers in the conservation and environment areas.

The agreement was arrived at in a meeting held between the two agencies heads (Mrs. Agnes Mercy Wahome, KUCCPS CEO and Professor Julius Gordon Tanui, KWTA acting Director-General) on February 9th, 2021 at KUCCPS offices in Nairobi.


KUCCPS gets a new CEO

Feb 2: Mrs Agnes Mercy Wahome has formally been appointed as KUCCPS CEO with effect from 1st, February 2021. She takes over from former CEO, John Muraguri.

Congratulations to KUCCPS new CEO!

You can read her full profile via this link.


TVET opportunity announced!

Feb 1: KUCCPS has announced a government sponsorship opportunity for form 4 leavers to TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges.

All KCSE candidates from previous years who have never made a placement application to KUCCPS can apply to be placed in their preferred TVET programmes under this Government Sponsorship program.

The deadline is 12th February, 2021

KUCCPS latest news on Admission

Image credit: KUCCPS  Facebook page

How to submit your KUCCPS application for school principals

KUCCPS published a video to help school principals submit their candidates’ choices for degree/diploma/craft/artisan courses to the KUCCPS Service portal.

Remember the school applications deadline remains March 31, 2021.

Watch it here

KUCCPS latest news on inter university transfer

The transfer period is opened after the second and final revision results are announced- and this is yet to happen for the year 2021.

This will allow any applicant who feels that they were placed to the wrong university (or TVET college) to apply for a transfer to the University/College they would prefer.

We shall publish the dates when KUCCPS announces them so it is important to keep checking this page.


KUCCPS news today – Frequently asked questions

How much is paid for KUCCPS application?

The first KUCCPS placement processing fee is Ksh500 payable during the initial application at the second school level.

But the cumulative amount is Ksh1500 so you pay Kshs.1000 for course revisions (and the entire kshs.1500 if your school did not submit your first application).

The good news is that the total Kshs.1500 KUCCPS payment is done only once and the relevant MPESA transaction code (from your first revision) will be used in all future revisions.

But it is advisable to record it somewhere some in case you may need to send it to KUCCPS (when seeking their assistance) in the future.

How do you pay for Kuccps application?

  1. Go to M-PESA menu.
  2. Select PayBill option
  3. Enter KUCCPS Business no. 820201
  4. Now Enter the 4 digits representing your Exam Year (2020) followed by the 11 Digits representing your Index Number- This should be entered in the account number section. e.g 202012345678901
  5. Enter the Amount (Kshs.1000 or Kshs.1500)
  6. Type your regular M-PESA PIN
  7. Click Send and wait for the two confirmation messages- one from MPESA and the other from KUCCPS.

KUCCPS website is not logging in. It says “internal server error”

This is due to high traffic to the site at the moment you’re trying to log in. The solution is to keep retrying. It should open at some point.

How many kuccps courses can i apply for?

One can only apply for six degree courses (maximum) and 5 for TVET diploma, certificate, & artisan programmes.

More about Multiple Categories Consideration

Now, in case you have applied to more than 1(one) category i.e. Diploma, Craft Certificate, Degree, and Artisan Certificate, you may choose to have your two categories considered concurrently (same time) at the time of processing applications.

For instance: If you have applied for a Diploma and a Craft Certificate course, your Craft Certificate Application will be considered in the event your Diploma Application doesn’t go through.

However, if you have not applied for a Craft Certificate, only the Diploma application shall be considered.

Important: If you’re placed to the 2nd category of your course application, you are likely not to be eligible for subsequent revisions. Also, Multiple Categories Consideration will only be available when your applications are in different categories.

The other thing to remember is to select courses for every provided choices – that is 1a,1b,1c,2,3, and 4- you should arrange them according to your preference. Note that choices 1a,1b, and 1c must be the same programme/course in 3 different institutions

Why Can’t I find a certain course?

If you want to apply for a given course but you can’t find it in the available courses list once you login, it means that the course is already full and cannot be applied for.

You may notice this issue when making your second revision of KUCCPS courses.

Where can I find the list of the institutions under the Government sponsorship programme?

The list is available on the Student’s Portal accessible through the Placement Service website www.kuccps.ac.ke.

I have paid the application fees through mpesa correctly but KUCCPS website is refusing to recognize my transaction code. What can I do?

Allow it some time it will reflect. Alternatively, you can try to use the app. It may accept it.

Of course, you need to be sure that you’re typing the code correctly (and that you entered the correct account when paying) so check again.

If i want to transfer must i pay or I can do it free?

KUCCPS transfer is payable. You must pay kshs.1000 for it to go through (when the portal opens for transfers).

Can students from the previous years apply for kuccps placement?

Yes you can if you never attended college.

Keep in mind that applications from previous years are only permitted for diploma, certificate, or craft courses in TVET institutions- KUCCPS sponsorship to universities are not available for those who did their KCSE exam years ago.

How do you know if you have been placed by Kuccps?

The results are published in the portal.

Just log in to check once the minister/KUCCPS announces that KUCCPS placement results 2021 are out (this is usually sometime after KUCCPS second revision of courses is finalized).

An SMS may also be sent.

I got university grades but want to join a TVET institution. Is it possible and will I get government sponsorship?

The answer is yes. And you get the sponsorship package for TVET institutions which is usually Kshs.30000/-

How do I check KUCCPS cluster points?

KUCCPS new cut off points are available on the portal once you log in. If this years KUCCPS clusters points are yet to be published, you can use previous years average as guide when applying for your dream course or wait for them to be uploaded to be sure.

More about cluster weights…

Every degree programme requires a combination of four subjects. These subject combinations are called clusters. The cluster weights displayed on the application portal are your marks/points based on the applicable combinations.

To check your cluster weight in a particular programme, go to the Student’s Portal and click on ‘Programmes’. You will see various categories of programmes at all levels (degree, diploma, certificate and artisan). Look for the category that the course falls under and click on it. You will see the subject requirements of the course and, below that, a table showing a list of where the courses are offered and cut-off points for previous four years (2016-2019).

The previous cut-off points indicate how competitive a programme is. If your cluster weight is lower than the previous cut-off points, you should not apply for the course in the indicated university as you will most likely miss it due to competition.

Can I get the cluster points for each course per university, I can’t see them

Wait for them to be entered or use yester years average for guidance when applying.

KUCCPS portal says incorrect details when I try to log in

Try this:

  1. Type your K.C.S.E Index Number
  2. Next, type your actual KCSE exam year
  3. Now type your password- this should be either your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE Index No (the one you used when registering for KCSE Exam)

How do I check my admission status for KUCCPS?

Log into the portal. The admission status will be updated as soon as the system allocates you a slot in one of your chosen courses and institution.

You can also rely on the SMS from KUCCPS- they typically send to students who have provided accurate phone contacts.

Forgot login password KUCCPS

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Forgot Login Password
  2. Next, type your C.S.E Index No. and your actual exam year (e.g 2020). A password token is now sent to your email Address – the one you had registered on the portal with.
  3. Open your email account and check for an email from KUCCPS. Note the token ‘number’ and return to the KUCCPS login page. Type it as your password.

KUCCPS latest news on inter university transfer

Does KUCCPS sponsor students to Kenyan private universities?

Yes. KUCCPS traditionally places Government sponsored students to both private universities(most) and public universities.

Check the full KUCCPS private universities list on your Student’s Portal.

Is KUCCPS portal open now – How can I know if the portal is open?

KUCCPS usually publishes notices about opening of the portal for placement applications and revision in the mainstream mass media so keep checking newspapers.

It also issues notices via its official digital channels so it is important to follow KUCCPS on social media and main website for updates.

To follow on Facebook, search for @The.Placement.Service and like them. Likewise, go to Twitter and follow @KUCCPS_Official.

You can also access KUCCPS news placement channel on YouTube. Search for Placement Service on YouTube and subscribe.

When will KUCCPS open for transfers?

The system shall open for a given period after the release of the placement outcome.

Keep checking the KUCCPS website and digital platforms for the dates.


KUCCPS Contacts

Call 0723954927/ 0734879662 or email your question to info@kuccps.ac.ke.

You can also inbox their Facebook page(The.Placement.Service) or Twitter Handle(@KUCCPS_Official).

You can also access KUCCPS help services at these Huduma Centres:

  1. Nairobi (GPO /Makadara)
  2. Nyeri
  3. Kisumu
  4. Nakuru
  5. Eldoret
  6. Garissa
  7. Meru
  8. Kakamega
  9. Kitui
  10. Mombasa


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