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Here are the latest KUCCPS news 2024

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KMTC Courses available for selection during KUCCPS Second revision 2024

1. Diploma -Medical Laboratory Sciences
2. Diploma -Nutrition and Dietetics
3. Diploma-Public Health
4. Certificate -Community Health Assistant
5. Certificate -Health Records & Information Technology
6. Certificate -Medical Emergency Technician
7. Certificate -Medical Engineering
8. Certificate -Nutrition & Dietetics
9. Certificate -Orthopaedic Trauma Medicine
10. Certificate -Public Health
Note: Any KMTC programme you cannot see here has been filled up and you cannot choose it during the ongoing second revision of course choices.

How to know if KUCCPS already placed you during KUCCPS first revision 2024

Simply log into your KUCCPS portal and check on the dashboard- you will see the following message if your KUCCPS application was successful:
“Congratulations!Dear applicant. You have provisionally secured admission to one of the courses, subject to placement board approval”
But you won’t know the exact course nor the college/university, until they’ve finished placement process…after third revision that’s when all the details are uploaded on the portal.

KUCCPS Portal Second Revision 2024 Open!

KUCCPS portal has been opened once more for the second First Revision of applicants’ choices for placement into University, TVET Colleges, Teacher Training Colleges(TTCs) and KMTC.
is kuccps portal open

When will KUCCPS Portal Close for Second Revision?

The KUCCPS portal deadline is April 4th, 2024 (for the ongoing second revision)

Who does the KUCCPS Second Revision 2024 Target?

> Applicants who were not successful during the first revision- that is you did not secure any of the course you choose during the February-March 2024 first revision of courses.
> All 2023 KCSE candidates who scored a C+ (and above) but who never applied for placement into Degree Programmes/courses during first application period.
> Form Four leavers  from years 2000-2023 (any K.C.S.E. Mean Grade) who have never applied for kuccps placement into a tertiary institution- this group is particularly urged to apply for placement into a TVET course.


You can check if you were successful during the February-March 2024 first revision by logging into  your KUCCPS Student’s Portal (go to students.kuccps.net.)
There will be a message on the dashboard “Dear applicant. You’ve secured provisionally one of the courses”
Bear in mind that if you see the above message, you’re not required to do revision.
This is important:
Successful applicants will see provisional message about successful placement on their respective KUCCPS’s student portal. Besides, un-successful applicants have already been notified through SMS by KUCCPS.

What about if I see yellow lines?

What you need to note is this:
Once you log into KUCCPS and you don’t see a message informing you that you’ve been placed provisionally, you’re required to revise before KUCCPS deadline.
The message is highlighted in yellow….so it’s not really a yellow line but a way of capturing your attention…
Please log into your KUCCPS portal and confirm.

About placement into KUCCPS KMTC Courses for C+ and above

All applicants meeting minimum entry requirements are allowed to submit their application.
However- and you should carefully read this- in addition to meeting minimum grade requirements, candidates compete for KUCCPS KMTC courses on merit..and that is due to few admission slots compared to the extremely high number of applications that KMTC receives.
So even if you have a B- or C+, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a place in KMTC..

I applied for a course but I never got the slot. Can I go ahead and reapply for the same course?

You can only re-apply into the courses listed right now after first revision.

Just click on the tab “All Programmes” to view the available courses.

Can I re-apply I was provisionally secured a course?

Not at all….you’ve already secured a place into one of your course choices!

If I was previously placed by KUCCPS but you never reported to college but could report due to fees problem. Can I re-apply for new KUCCPS courses?

Please note that during second revision, students that had already been placed into a course can only be allowed to apply into KUCCPS KMTC courses (listed one) and Education (Diploma in PTE-Primary Teacher Education- and ECDE (Early Childhood).
Otherwise, reach out to the institution you were placed into for assistance on when to report.

How can I go about changing the course before admission?

The inter-institution transfer window opens after official release of placement results by KUCCPS and unhappy students will have an opportunity to amend courses before admission.

How much is KUCCPS application fee?

KUCCPS application fee is Kshs.1500.00

KUCCPS Third Revision 2024

KUCCPS Third revision 2024 will be opened after 2nd revision….we shall update you as soon as it’s opened.

Is it possible for a candidate who finished many years past to apply for KUCCPS placement teacher’s training college?

You can always as long as you have met all the minimum requirements.

What about if i did my kcse in 2022 or earlier and I haven’t made any degree application via KUCCPS. Can I also apply for placement into KUCCPS degree courses?

Write an official letter to CEO, KUCCPS explaining the reason(s) as to why you never applied for KUCCPS degree courses in your year and request for placement into a degree programme.
You must include your contact information (reliable contacts) in that letter and also attach your KCSE result slip copy.
Scan the letter then send it to this ceo@kuccps.ac.ke

More about KUCCPS inter university transfer

If you wish to move university or college because you are unhappy with where KUCCPS placed you (that is after third and final revision), here are some fantastic news:


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Now proceed reading below..

KUCCPS inter university transfer 2024 will be announced soon!

Inter institution transfer

KUCCPS 2024 Inter Institution Transfer(IIT) opens soon after 3rd revision results are released. And as always, you will need to submit your application for College/University transfer online through KUCCPS Students’ Portal (students.kuccps.net).
More importantly, you can choose to also change course (together with the institution) during the kuccps transfer 2024 window.
Put another way, you can apply to be moved from:
• One degree to another degree
• One diploma to a different diploma
• A diploma course to degree
• A degree programme to diploma
Of course, you need to be qualified for the course you want to be moved to for you to be considered for course change.
Please remember to follow this  application procedure for the transfer to go through.
You can also find it is on the KUCCPS Students’ Portal.

KUCCPS admission letters 2024

Here is a question we have been receiving: “How do i check my KUCCPS admission letter”

Now, you need to check the website of the institution you have been called to for the admission letter (plus other joining instructions).

That is where you are likely to find your KUCCPS admission letter- You  can also call them/email/visit them to find out how to get your letter if it is not on the website.

In short, KUCCPS admission letters are not in your KUCCPS student portal- it will be with the institution.

Remember you can get the contact details of the college/university you are placed into from their websites…so kindly contact your university/college for your admission letter if you cannot see it – along with joining instructions



How to confirm your KUCCPS placement status

All  placed students can check their KUCCPS placement status by simply sending an SMS -with your KCSE Index Numbers to SMS number 20842.
Plus as mentioned, the results are also available on KUCCPS Student’s Portal (log in to check).

Example: How to Confirm Your University/College admission VIA SMS

Send your Index No beginning with your K.C.S.E. year to 20842 -Make sure you do not enter any space or slash (/) – when composing the SMS.
Examples of the right format:  201912345678912 or 202012345678912
This is the message you send to 20842 (*SMS charges shall apply.)

How to Get Assistance

For assistance, call KUCCP help line staff via 020 5137400.

We will issue more updates as they continue flowing in.

Remember that if you are unhappy with the course you were placed into, you can wait for the inter -transfer window to open and apply to be transferred to your preferred course in a particular institution if you have met the minimum requirements.

We will update the page when the inter-transfers are open- should be soon.


How to apply for kuccps third revision 2024

If you are one of those belonging to any of these categories, you should login to kuccps portal (students.kuccps.ac.ke) and apply or make revision to your previous choices once the third revision opens..it is not yet.
For more details, Visit KUCCPS website www.kuccps.ac.ke.


How do I check my Kuccps placement?

You can check the degree programme you have been placed into by logging into your KUCCPS account.

Once you are logged in, you will notice a congratulatory message on the dashboard telling you that you have been provisionally placed in one of your course choices.

KUCCPS also sends you a text informing you that you have secured a slot (provisionally) in one of the courses you had chosen.

Needless to say, you don’t need to do participate in KUCCPS revision if you’re among those who receive a notification of being placed in one of your options.

In fact, if one has successfully secured a vacancy, they cannot apply again.

Please note that you will not know the exact course you were placed into neither the actual university at this moment- you have to wait until all results are processed to know the specific degree you have been placed into and the university you will be attending.


How will I know that I have not been placed during the first revision?

There will be an official communication on the KUCCPS student portal either regarding provisional results (for those who have been successful) and those who require to revise.

In short, if you didn’t get a notification either via text or KUCCPS student portal, consider yourself not placed.

Another way of confirming if you have been placed is to look for your index no. on the list published on kuccps website.

If you find your index there, you should make a new application during the second revision.



Note: Don’t be surprised if you missed out on your preferred course despite passing your KCSE exams with flying colors. You see, competition for place in the best courses is super stiff and you may not get a chance even with an A- grade. In fact, to enhance you chances of getting placed if you’re targeting one of these courses, the best approach is to only apply for a course whose cluster points cutoff you have exceeded by at least 2 points. This applies for courses such as medicine, engineering, architecture, etc.

But all is not lost- your first priority is getting a place in the university your prefer. After that, you can apply to be placed into your dream course once the intra-university course transfer window open (as long as you have met the minimum requirements). Prior to that, you can try your luck during the inter-university transfer window.



What comes after Kuccps placement?

If you have been successfully placed into an option, wait for the official results to be announced by kuccps (to know the actual course).

After this, you should contact the institution you have been placed into for the admission letter and other joining instructions

Bear in mind that students will likely be joining their respective institutions sometimes in September 2024.


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KUCCPS news – KUCCPS latest news

Call KUCCPS on 0205137400/0723954927 and give the following details.

  1. Phone number you used to pay
  2. Amount paid
  3. Account number you paid for
  4. Mpesa code

You can also email the same details to info@kuccps.ac.ke or inbox us through our official social media pages:

> Facebook: @The.Placement.Service and

> Twitter: @KUCCPS_Official.

KUCCPS will ensure you get your refund in full.

Again remember that the refund can take upto 7 days though KUCCPS usually tries to refund within 48 HOURS upon receipt of the required information!

Reminder: For the correct payment procedure: Log in to the portal students.kuccps.net and go to the ‘Application/Revision’ tab then ‘Apply Now’.

KUCCPS latest news 2024 -KUCCPS news 2024 placement dates

The KUCCPS Placement Service will be publishing the final 2024 placement details for all the successful applicants in the individual Student’s Portal in due course.

Additionally, applicants may be notified via SMS as long as they provided the correct mobile phone numbers once the kuccps placement results 2024 are released.


KUCCPS latest news on admission letters

KUCCPS admission letters 2024 will start being issued after the second revision of courses is closed.

Here is what you should do to check:

First, log into your kuccps account to check the status of your admission- the course and institution.

Next, contact the college/university you have been admitted to find out how you can download your admission letter- this is because kuccps student portal admission letters are normally issued by the specific college/university you have been placed to together with other joining instructions.

You can also visit the respective institution to get the letter – most will issue the kuccps admission letters 2024 physically as well.


KUCCPS news today – Frequently asked questions

How much is paid for KUCCPS application?

The first KUCCPS placement processing fee is Ksh1500 payable during the initial application.

The good news is that the total Kshs.1500 KUCCPS payment is done only once and the relevant MPESA transaction code (from your first revision) will be used in all future revisions.

But it is advisable to record it somewhere some in case you may need to send it to KUCCPS /ecitizen(when seeking their assistance) in the future.


How do I check KUCCPS cluster points?

KUCCPS new cut off points are available on the portal once you log in. If this years KUCCPS clusters points are yet to be published, you can use previous years average as guide when applying for your dream course or wait for them to be uploaded to be sure.

More about cluster weights…

Every degree programme requires a combination of four subjects. These subject combinations are called clusters. The cluster weights displayed on the application portal are your marks/points based on the applicable combinations.

To check your cluster weight in a particular programme, go to the Student’s Portal and click on ‘Programmes’. You will see various categories of programmes at all levels (degree, diploma, certificate and artisan). Look for the category that the course falls under and click on it. You will see the subject requirements of the course and, below that, a table showing a list of where the courses are offered and cut-off points for previous four years (2016-2019).

The previous cut-off points indicate how competitive a programme is. If your cluster weight is lower than the previous cut-off points, you should not apply for the course in the indicated university as you will most likely miss it due to competition.

Can I get the cluster points for each course per university, I can’t see them

Wait for them to be entered or use yester years average for guidance when applying.

KUCCPS portal says incorrect details when I try to log in

Try this:

  1. Type your K.C.S.E Index Number
  2. Next, type your actual KCSE exam year
  3. Now type your password- this should be either your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE Index No (the one you used when registering for KCSE Exam)

How do I check my admission status for KUCCPS?

Log into the portal. The admission status will be updated as soon as the system allocates you a slot in one of your chosen courses and institution.

You can also rely on the SMS from KUCCPS- they typically send to students who have provided accurate phone contacts.

Forgot login password KUCCPS

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Forgot Login Password
  2. Next, type your C.S.E Index No. and your actual exam year (e.g 2020). A password token is now sent to your email Address – the one you had registered on the portal with.
  3. Open your email account and check for an email from KUCCPS. Note the token ‘number’ and return to the KUCCPS login page. Type it as your password.

KUCCPS latest news on inter university transfer

Does KUCCPS sponsor students to Kenyan private universities?

Yes. KUCCPS traditionally places Government sponsored students to both private universities(most) and public universities.

Check the full KUCCPS private universities list on your Student’s Portal.

KUCCPS Contacts

Call 0723954927/ 0734879662 or email your question to info@kuccps.ac.ke.

You can also inbox their Facebook page(The.Placement.Service) or Twitter Handle(@KUCCPS_Official).

You can also access KUCCPS help services at these Huduma Centres:

  1. Nairobi (GPO /Makadara)
  2. Nyeri
  3. Kisumu
  4. Nakuru
  5. Eldoret
  6. Garissa
  7. Meru
  8. Kakamega
  9. Kitui
  10. Mombasa


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