Food production courses in Kenya [2024 Intake]

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if you’re looking to pursue a food production course in Kenya, below is all you need to know about food production courses in Kenya.

And because I want to make sure you get all food production course details, we shall look at the following:

  • Food production qualifications including what you need (grades) to pursue a diploma in food production in Kenya – diploma in food production requirements
  • Colleges offering certificate in food production including best colleges for diploma in food production
  • Food production course fees


Food production courses in Kenya – all you need to know

Food production qualifications

The entry grades will depend on the level of the course you’re taking.

Here they are, for both certificate in food production course and diploma in food production course.

Certificate in food production course requirements at Utalii College

KCSE Candidates:

  • Mean Grade: C-(Minus)

Cluster subject requirements and grades:

  • English Language – C-(Minus) –minimum grade
  • Mathematics- D+ (Plus) –minimum grade
  • Age limit:18 – 30 years

You will have a better chance of being admitted if you’re proficient in a Foreign Language like German, Spanish, French, etc.

International Candidates- IGCE, GCE, IB, and other Other internationally -recognized certificates

  • Aggregate (mean) grade:  2nd Division (O Level)  or its equivalent- you must also have scored a credit in the English Language as well as  a pass in Maths (Mathematics).
  • Age limit:18 – 30 years

Food production course units at Utalii College (Certificate)

  1. Practical Cookery
  2. Kitchen Organization
  3. Pastry
  4. Food Knowledge
  5. Menu Planning
  6. Menu Cost-ing
  7. Hygiene and Human Nutrition
  8. Food and Beverage- Costing and Control
  9. Human Relations
  10. General Accounts- accounting basics
  11. Social Aspects of the Tourism sector
  12. Business Communication
  13. French language

What you need to keep in mind is that some colleges accepts lower grades if you want to pursue the course (it all depends on who the examiner is).

For example, Zetech will admit you with just a KCSE mean grade of D plain.

Indeed, they even admit KCPE holders(for artisan level) so just reach out to the college you want to apply to and confirm their minimum grades – I will share a list of the colleges you can apply to next.


Diploma in food production requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: C- (Minus) – City and Guild or KNEC examined


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Advanced Diploma in Food Production

Minimum qualification: Diploma in Food Production from a recognized institution – City and Guild examined (KNEC does not examine the advanced diploma course)


Colleges offering food production courses in Kenya (Colleges offering certificate in food production and Diploma/Advanced Diploma)

Utalii College

One of the best colleges when it comes to food and beverage production course s in Kenya is Utalii College.

The College is government owned and has been training food production courses in Kenya for many years.

In fact, some of the renowned food production professionals – and I’m speaking about some of those earning the highest food production salary in Kenya- trained at Kenya Utalii College.

Please go to Utalii College website for more info including the latest Utalii college food production fee structure and food production course units (full food production course outline)

Zetech University

You can join Zetech for the following programs:

Certificate in Food Production& Service (KNEC Examined)


Machakos Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT offers a KNEC-Examined Diploma in Food& Beverage Production (And Sales& Service Management)

The minimum qualification is KCSE C- (there are no cluster requirements).

MIT is located at Kinyali House, along Mbolu Malu Road, in Machakos town


Tsavo Institute

Another college you can join is Tsavo Institute, Voi.

One advantage of studying there is that the college owns a couple of leading lodges at the Tsavo national park so getting attachment might not be a big problem.

As regards the fees, you pay Ksh 35,000 (per semester) for any of their three courses (Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma)

Go to their website for more info.


Public TVET Colleges

There are many government owned TVET colleges and national polytechnics offering the course so you are not short of options.

Just check under the institutions tab when you log into your KUCCPS student portal.

Of course, applying via KUCCPS gives you one huge advantage- you may end up getting a full government scholarship, depending on the financial background of your family.

Below are some of the public TVET colleges offering an artisan in food production course in Kenya- there are many more as mentioned.

  1. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute
  2. Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute
  3. Kenya Coast Polytechnic
  4. Sang’alo Institute of Science And Technology
  5. Keroka Technical Training Institute
  6. St Joseph’s Technical Institute for The Deaf Nyang’oma
  7. Siala Technical Training Institute
  8. Konoin Technical Training Institute
  9. Muraga Technical and Vocational College
  10. Omuga Technical and Vocational College
  11. Mabera Technical and Vocational College
  12. Tetu Technical and Vocational College
  13. Masai Technical Training Institute
  14. Michuki Technical Training Institute
  15. Mawego Technical Training Institute
  16. Weru Technical and Vocational College
  17. Butere Technical and Vocational College
  18. Sabatia Technical and Vocational College
  19. Belgut Technical and Vocational College
  20. Coast Institute of Technology
  21. Wote Technical Training Institute
  22. Godoma Technical Training Institute
  23. Ahmed Shahame Mwidani Technical Training Institute
  24. Sot Technical Training Institute
  25. Webuye West Technical and Vocational College
  26. Ngong Technical and Vocational College
  27. Emurua Dikirr Technical Training Institute
  28. Kericho Township Technical & Vocational College


How long does the food production course in Kenya take?

It depends on the college you join, the level you’re studying, and the mode of study.

But to give you a better idea, a certificate takes 1½ Years at Utalii College if you’ll be studying full time and  2½ years, for apprenticeship programme.

At the same time, it will take you just 1 year to complete a City and Guild examined certificate in food production course, and 1 ½ years to finish their Diploma.

Oh, and their Advanced Diploma takes 1 Year too.

So it is not fixed.


What next?

You can search for jobs in food production companies in Kenya, high-class hotels, catering firms, and even in institutions (catering units) such as Airlines, large hospitals and even learning institutions.


Typical job positions you can apply for with a food production course

  • Chef
  • Kitchen superintendent
  • Executive chef
  • Food production manager – once you get enough experience
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Food production Instructor in VTCs (Vocational Training Centers)


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