Culinary schools in Nairobi [Best Culinary arts schools in Nairobi]

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If you want to become a celebrated chef and you want to get the very best culinary arts training, consider the following top notch culinary schools in Nairobi ..they are also generally considered the best Culinary Arts colleges in Kenya

Culinary schools in Nairobi – best culinary arts schools in Nairobi

In no particular order, below are the culinary schools in Nairobi we recommend:

Boma International Hospitality College

Boma international hospitality college is undoubtedly one of the best culinary school in Nairobi.

The college is renowned across Africa thanks to their super intensive study programs in culinary arts.

In fact, Boma is one of the very few schools to offer Swiss-accredited courses in Culinary Arts – they have a partnership with the Switzerland-based Business and Hotel Management School- locally.

So it can be a great choice for you, especially if your goal is to eventually work in a 5-Star Hotel.

Below are some of the culinary arts courses in Kenya you can pursue at Boma international hospitality college:

International Cookery- short course

Entry grades:

  • Age: 16 years and above
  • English proficiency

Note that you do not need any culinary experience to be accepted.

More importantly, there are no minimum academic (KCSE) requirements applicable – just passion and interest in culinary arts.


1-Year Certificate Course in Culinary Operations

Entry grades:

KCSE Mean grade(aggregate)- D+ (PLUS)

You need a D+ or above in either English or Kiswahili too.

You must also have  D- (MINUS) – at least in Maths or any Science subject

Alternative qualifications

IB/A Level –3 Credits ……. a D (at least) in English needed

IGCSE -3 ‘O’ Passes ….. a D (at least) in English/ Kiswahili needed plus a D (at least) in Math s or any Science subject

SATs -1080 (and above), of course, out of 1600


2-Year Diploma Course in Culinary Arts(SWISS DIPLOMA) AT Boma International Hospitality College

Entry grades:

KCSE Mean grade(aggregate)- C- (MINUS)

You need a C-  or above in either English or Kiswahili too.

You must also have  D plain – at least, in Maths or any Science subject

Alternative qualifications

IB/A Level –4 Credits ……. a C Plain (at least) in English needed

IGCSE -4 ‘O’ Passes ….. with D, a C (at least) in English/ Kiswahili needed plus a C (at least) in Math s or any Science subject

SATs -1180 (and above), of course, out of 1600

Head over to Boma International Hospitality College website for more details.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

International Hotel & Tourism Institute (IHTI)

IHTI’s BTEC Accredited Culinary arts courses are very marketable and give you an edge when it comes to searching for jobs in the wider hospitality industry in Kenya.

To be clear, you can take the BTEC HND (higher national diploma) in culinary arts at IHTI- and it takes 2 years to complete.

The course covers all essential topics when it comes to culinary arts through classroom theory and food production demonstration(hands-on practical application) including:

  • Menu Planning
  • Product Development
  • Planning and Managing Production of food
  • Contemporary Gastronomy
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Creative Patisserie
  • Hotel and Catering Laws
  • Conference and Banquet-ing Management
  • Food & Beverage Control

IHTI also trains Cookery Level and Cookery Level II short courses- each level takes 1 Month- in their professionally-equipped kitchen.

Go to IHTI’s website for more details.


Top Chefs Culinary Institute

The other very good school if you look at the many Culinary schools in Nairobi is Top Chefs Culinary Institute.

The college is at Parklands plaza, along the Parklands/High-ridge Muthithi Road/Parklands Rodd, Nairobi and has a number of courses specially designed to help succeed as a chef in any establishment locally and internationally(they teach even how to prepare International Cuisines).

The course I recommend most at Top Chefs is the 2-year Chef Diploma in Culinary Arts. 

Keep the following in mind if you’d like to take the course at Top Chefs Institute:

  • You have to take (and pass) written tests in Maths, English, Adaptability, and General Knowledge.
    A personal interview is conducted thereafter.
  • Application fee is Kshs. 1000( and it is Non- Refundable).
  • Previous practical experience in a kitchen of a big/reputable Hotel or even Restaurant is an added advantage.

Culinary Arts Diploma Course Fee Structure -Top chefs culinary institute fee structure

Scheme 1 –Modular program
Module 1 – Kes. 245000
Module 2 – Kes. 245000
Module 3 – Kes. 245000
Module 4 – Kes. 245000

Scheme 2 (Quarterly payments)
Deposit – Kes. 100000
Each Quarter(3 months) – Kess. 110000 ( so you will pay Kshs.110000 8 times to complete the fees)
Do not forget that the First Quarter installments must be paid before you begin course.

Also remember you will pay a final Examination Fee of Kshs. 6000

Go to to learn more.


Culinary school Nairobi – Final words

You may also want to consider colleges such as Utalii College and Emma Daniel Creations /Emma Daniel Arts Training Institute- they are also good (and by the way. Emma Daniels is one of the most affordable culinary schools in Kenya)

Reminder: Culinary Arts training involves learning how to prepare, cook, and present food and you can work in top grade hospitality service outlets (restaurants, resorts, hotels, professional kitchens,etc) or start your own restaurant.


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