Chef courses in Kenya [All you need to know]

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If you want to become a top chef, then what you need to pursue is one of the most marketable chef courses in Kenya.

Below we look at the best chef courses in Kenya (chef training courses in Kenya), schools offering them, minimum qualifications, fee structure, and everything else you need about becoming a chef in Kenya.


Chef courses in Kenya (chef training courses in Kenya) and how to become a chef in Kenya including chef course eligibility

As I have already mentioned, your first step is enrolling and completing a chef course in Kenya.

Below are some of the best Colleges offering chef training courses in Kenya and the chef courses they offer, including the entry requirements to help you make an informed decision:

Colleges offering chef courses in Kenya

Boma International Hospitality College

In Nairobi, there is little doubt that Boma International Hospitality College is among the top culinary schools.

The college’s highly demanding culinary arts study programs have earned it recognition throughout Africa.

In reality, Boma is one of the only institutions in the country that provides Swiss-accredited culinary arts courses thanks to a collaboration with the Business and Hotel Management School in Switzerland.

So, if your ultimate objective is to work in a 5-Star hotel, it can be a perfect choice for you.

The following are Boma International Hospitality College’s chef courses:

Certificate Program in Culinary Operations for One Year

Minimum grades:

Average KCSE grade: D+ (PLUS).

You must also have a D+ or above in either English or Kiswahili.

Additionally, you must have at least a D- (MINUS) in math or any science course.

Alternative entry

IB/A Level —–3 Credits ……. a D (minimum) in English needed

IGCSE -3 ‘O’ Passes ……… a D (minimum) in English/Kiswahili a must plus a D (minimum) in Math or any of the Sciences

SATs -1080 (going up)/1600

2-Years Diploma Course in Culinary Arts (SWISS DIPLOMA Course)

Entry grades:

Aggregate KCSE Mean grade- C- (minimum)

You also need a C-  (or above) in either Kiswahili/English.

In addition, you must have had a  D plain (minimum), in Math s or any of the Sciences subject

Alternative qualifications

IB/A Level —–4 Credits ……. a C Plain (minimum) in English a must

IGCSE ——–4 ‘O’ Passes ….. with D, a C (minimum) in English/Kiswahili a must plus a C (minimum) in Maths or any Sciences subject

SATs —-1180 (and above)/1600


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International Hotel & Tourism Institute (IHTI)

IHTI’s Culinary arts courses- they are BTEC Accredited -are recognized by most employers and give you that extra edge when you’re searching for chef jobs in Kenya.

At IHTI, you can enroll for the BTEC higher national diploma in culinary arts – and you will take about 2 years to graduate.

Needless to say, the course has all the essential topics needed to prepare you for a big career as a chef – and there’s classroom theory, food production demonstration, and (hands-on practical application).

Below are some of these topics you will cover

  • Menu Planning – planning of menus
  • Product Development- food products development
  • Planning and Managing the Production of various local and international cuisines
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Contemporary Gastronomy
  • Creative Patisserie
  • Hotel and Catering Laws/statutes
  • Conference /Banquet-ing Management
  • Control of Food & Beverage

You can also take Cookery Level I and Cookery Level II- as short courses (each level takes 1-Month) at IHTI- The college has a very professionally-equipped kitchen.

Check IHTI’s website for updated details.



Top Chefs Culinary Institute -top chefs culinary institute Nairobi

There is yet another very good chef school in Kenya- and that is Nairobi’s Top Chefs Culinary Institute- You will find the college at Parklands plaza, just along Parklands/High-ridge Muthithi Rd/Parklands Rd, Nairobi.

What we love most about them is the specially designed chef courses they offer to help excel as a top chef either locally and abroad(they teach even the preparation of International Cuisines too).

That said, the course I feel you should consider above all is Top Chefs 2-year Chef Diploma in Culinary Arts. 

Here is what you to know if you’d like to enroll the course at the Top Chefs Institute:

  • You need to take (and, of course, pass) written tests in subjects Mathematics, English, Adaptability (very important), and General Knowledge.
  • A personal interview –for you- is conducted thereafter.
  • Application fee is usually Kshs. 1000(and it is, as expected, Non- Refundable).
  • Previous practical experience- in a busy kitchen, preferably in a big/reputable Hotel/Restaurant is typically an added advantage.

Fee StructureCulinary Arts Diploma Course at IHTI

Scheme/plan 1 –Modular program payment
Module one (1) – Kes. 245000
Module two (2) – Kes. 245000
Module three (3) – Kes. 245000
Module four (4) – Kes. 245000

Scheme 2 (3-months Quarterly payments)
Deposit (initial) – Kes.100000
Each Quarter(every 3 months) – Kes. 110000 (so you’ll pay approximately Kshs.110000 for a total of 8 times to clear the fees)

Quick note: Do not forget your First Quarter installments has to be paid before beginning the course.

Another thing: There’s a final Exam Fee payable- it’s about Kshs. 6000.00 (once)

Check for more details.

 More schools offering Chef courses in Kenya and cooking courses in Kenya

  • Kenya Utalii College
  • Nairobi Cooking School


What next?

  1. Gain practical experience- it is very important you get attachment/internship in a real world setting to be able to get basic practical experience. And that should be in a busy restaurant kitchen.
  2. Network with other experienced chefs– Networking with other more experienced chefs is one of the best way to land job opportunities in the culinary industry.
  3. Be out there– make sure everyone knows that you’re now a chef and open for work. From your family, friends, former colleagues, and more


Jobs you can apply to with a chef course in Kenya

  • Executive chef
  • Head chef
  • Sous chef
  • Commis chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Cook

How much is a chef course

The cost will depends on where you’re taking the course and whether you’re taking a short course or a Diploma.

On average, the short course can costs Kshs.50000 while certificate course take between Kshs.150000 to Kshs.900000 (top culinary schools charge more)


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