KNEC grading system for colleges [All you need to know about KNEC TVET grading system]

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When it comes to KNEC courses, candidates are awarded scores based on the KNEC grading system for colleges.

Below we look at the KNEC grading system for colleges and how the results of your KNEC examinations are classified including when the KNEC diploma grading system.

KNEC grading system for colleges (KNEC TVET grading system): How KNEC results for technical colleges are awarded including KNEC grading system per subject under KNEC grading system for tvets

Now, for the whole examination, marks are issued in 5 classes while there are 8 different grades in the individual papers under the KNEC grading system for colleges.

Each candidate receives the results in terms of the class and grade depending on his/her performance in the final practical and theoretical tests and the continuous assessment tests (administered by the college being attended).

Here is the relationship between the various classes and grades according to the KNEC grading system.

Class Grade
Pass with distinction Grade 1

Grade 2

Pass with credit Grade 3

Grade 4

Pass Grade 5

Grade 6

Refer Below 40
Fail When you fail 3 or more units


KNEC grading system for colleges in Kenya: Classification according to the raw scores (including for business studies grading system)

Here now is a reminder of the association between the classes and the raw scores..

Raw Scores Applicable grade Class
80-100 (Marks:80-100) 1 Distinction
75-79 (Marks:75-79) 2 Distinction
70-74 (Marks:70-74) 3 Credit
60-69 (Marks:60-69) 4 Credit
50-59 (Marks:50-59) 5 Pass
40-49 (Marks:40-49) 6 Pass
0-39 (Marks:0-39) 7 Fail

KNEC refer rules

You are referred if you score below 39 (essentially meaning you have failed) in a paper in the KNEC exams for colleges and you have to pass the specific  failed papers before being awarded with the relevant certificate.

In short, the overall grade will be as follows:

Aggregate fail

You’re awarded a fail if you failed (scored below 40 in 3 or more subjects out of the total units you were sitting for)- and your mean score is automatically less than 40.

Remember a below 40 score is indicated as a Refer in the individual subject score but the overall aggregate will automatically become a Fail if there are 3 or more subjects in which you’re referred).

So in that case, you have to repeat everything just as a new student(or perhaps change to a different course!)

But if you got a refer in two units(which means you failed 2 units out of the total you took), you will just resit those specific referred units (at your own convenience)

Of course, there is a fee for re-sitting KNEC examinations (charged on per paper basis) and you have to book for a resit via the KNEC online registration for technical exams portal (assisted by your college).

The good news is that you can still proceed to the next module/year even with your refer pending- and you can always book to repeat it at your own convenience- but you cannot get your final KNEC certificate/diploma until you have cleared your refer(s).

Aggregate pass

You get aggregate pass if your mean score (your total marks/total number of units)is between 40-59

Aggregate  pass with credit

You get aggregate credit pass if your mean score (your total marks/total number of units)is between 60-74

Aggregate pass with distinction

You get an aggregate distinction pass if your mean score (your total marks/total number of units)is between 75-100

Current KNEC grading system -Other notables about the KNEC grading

Overall performance once again is indicated as:

  • PASS with CREDIT
  • PASS
  • FAIL

Needless to say, the highest passing score is a Distinction and Pass the least.

A score of ‘EXEMPTED’ means that you have been exempted from a paper on the account of having passed an equivalent qualification from another accredited examiner.

I have already explained how you get a FAIL.

KNEC TVET grading system – Final thoughts

The above relationship applies to both certificate (artisan and craft levels) and the diploma grading system in Kenya for KNEC exams including most KNEC higher diploma courses.

The above KNEC college grading system is, however, different from the current KNEC ECDE grading system and P1 grading system.


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  1. Hello, I am among those who sat for ECDE Certificate last year and of course I already have my results. Just to get more clarification; speaking of how points were added, to get the overall grade were the all points added and devided by the total number of examination papers? Or,,,clarification please,

  2. hi, I have sat for CDPII KNEC exam four times but fail despite completing the paper at the given time. kindly assist on how to pass it, errors to omit e.g in ex 1,2,3,4,5.

  3. I want to further my studies and qualify to be a diploma teacher training tutor.I only hold a p1 certificate which I passed with a credit.which course should I do so as to qualify? Plz advise

    • Requirements are as follows:
      i. Minimum grade C+( Plus) in KCSE and
      above and C+ (Plus) in the two subjects
      ii. At least C (Plain) in English
      iii. C (plain) in Mathematics for Science-based
      iv. D+( plus) in Mathematics in non-science
      based courses

  4. Hello admin. am asking this got a reffer in two papers and the overall came Reffered… meaning they are going to sit for the whole module papers or the 2 failed papers?

    • I’m afraid that could be the case. But you can talk to the examination officer in your college for further advise

  5. they take the individual scores for each module then they get the average.
    For example, if module 1 you got 80, module 2 is 82 & then module 3 55, the average will be 72% (0.72). The final score for will be a credit 1.

  6. Hello adm. One did his referral paper in TUM but his former institution was KIHBT, will his main certificate be written from TUM OR KIHBT?

  7. Am sella did had a refer one paper in 2007 can I get chance to register for the paper and what are the charges.

  8. Am sella and did my PTE exams in 2007and had refer in one paper,can I get chance to resit? What are the charges?

  9. Hi? I did my diploma in civil eng module and was referred with two units, I want to register the same in another institution,, and furthermore I have finished other modules other than this one,, which institution can the overall certificate be indicated

  10. am just requesting to know the percentage contributed by marks submitted from the college ?or in which ration is course work to knec final paper for final results please…


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