Data science course in Kenya [All you need to know]

Below you’ll learn everything about taking a data science course in Kenya.

You’ll discover:

  • What the course involves.
  • What it will take to become a reputable data scientist.
  • Career opportunities with data science skills.
  • The cost of data science courses in Nairobi.
  • Where to study.
  • The future of data science in Kenya and the wider East Africa region.

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What does a data science course involve?

According to Wikipedia, Data science is a concept that unifies statistics, machine learning, data analysis and other related methods in analyzing and understanding actual phenomena using data.

In short, it’s the use of mathematical techniques, algorithms, machine learning concepts, and other useful tools to gain deeper insights in collected data in order to improve decision making in businesses.

It’s really diversified and employs methods and theories adopted from myriad fields including mathematics, computer science, information science, etc.

Career opportunities with data science skills

With a data science course in Kenya, you could work as:

1.      Junior Data Scientist

This is an entry-level position.

Roles here include data mining using various state-of-the-art methods, creating visualizations using advanced visualization tools, implementing various machine learning-based tools/processes within a company.

2.      Data analyst

Your key duty will be conducting research and appropriate data analysis to help the firm arrive at data-driven decisions.

You also participate in gathering relevant data and information and performing required data checks to test data accuracy, completeness, and more.

3.      Lead Data Scientist

As a data science head, you’re in charge of critical functions such as developing data strategies and ensuring that they’re aligned to set business goals.

You’re also responsible for guiding data science teams on the most effective methodologies to extract, aggregate, and transform data.

Other duties include the planning of the analytics team’s seasonal and monthly tasks to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

Here is a list of other data science positions:

  • Data Engineer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer
  • BI Solutions Architect
  • Statistician


Typical data science syllabus

To succeed in data science, you need topnotch big data and machine learning skills.

For this reason, a typical data syllabus is dominated by machine learning and data analysis units.

There’s also a fair share of advanced visualization models to tackle.

Specifically, you’ll be taken through the following topics in the best data science courses:

  • Coding skills in Python.
  • Machine learning techniques in neural networks, adversarial learning, reinforcement learning, etc.
  • Algorithms like k-NN, SVM, Naive Bayes, and Random Forest.
  • Data science toolkits like Weka, NumPy, R, and MatLab.
  • Data visualization tools, for example, D3.js, Tableau, and GGplot.
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, and HBase.
  • SQL Database development.
  • Big data technologies -Hadoop, Apache Spark, and more.

Where to study a data science course in Kenya (colleges offering data science)

Only a few colleges offer a data science curriculum in Kenya.

Here are your options:

Strathmore university data science course

You can take a data science course at Strathmore University (Institute of Mathematical Sciences).

The course involves activities such as:

  1. Applied Data Science Labs.
  2. Educational Programs.
  3. Research.

For more information, contact:

Moringa school

Moringa has a well-structured Data Science course.

Moringa’s data science curriculum has been prepared by renowned domain experts and you’re taken through dozens of real-world case studies to help you build the in-demand skills.

There are also countless local data-sets that help you gain skills marketable in the Kenyan market.

To Enquire, call/ WhatsApp 0711 581 484.

You can also email the admissions office via

PS: Watch this Video from Moringa School to understand what Data Science is.


Kenya school of Monetary studies (KSMS)

KSMS offers a data science course for Kenyans working in the financial industry and related institutions.

It’s a short course and you must be nominated by your employer to be accepted.

They’re also one of the few institutions offering a recognized Data Analytics Certification in Kenya.

Email them via for details on this and their other short courses in data analysis.

Other places to enroll for a Data science course in Kenya

You can consider taking the course online too, especially if you’re short of finances.

Indeed, some of the most comprehensive data science courses are offered by E-learning academies such as:

  • Simplilearn (Includes Live Video Sessions).
  • Udemy.
  • Coursera

Lastly, if you choose to enroll for a full diploma in data analytics in Kenya, the best option is NIIT in Nairobi. Write to them through

Note that the highest Data science qualification in Kenya is an Msc. in data analytics, offered by KCA university.


How much does the Data Science course cost in Kenya?

On average, it will cost you between kshs. 80000 to Kshs. 200000 to complete a data science certification course in Kenya.

The most affordable programs are those offered online.


The future of data science in Kenya and the wider East Africa region.

Our world today is increasingly becoming data-driven.

And that means the demand for data scientists is exploding everywhere you go on the planet.

But is data Science marketable in Kenya?

Well, companies in Kenya have not been left behind and we have started to see a consistent flow of job adverts requiring data science skills in the local media.

This is expected to continue rising in the foreseeable future.

And the good thing is that salaries are excellent because there aren’t enough professionals yet.

In fact, according to, a mid-level data scientist with an average of 5-9 years of job experience earns an annual compensation of over Kshs. 10M ($107,932).

What other courses should you have to be hired for data science careers?

For the most part, data science jobs require that you have the following additional qualifications:

  • Bsc. in Computer science/Statistics/ Mathematics or
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in economics or social sciences.
  • Good scripting as well as programming skills in languages such as C++, Java etc.
  • Knowledge of Oracle Analytics and related tools.
  • Project management expertise using Agile methodologies like Scrum.

You, of course, stand a great chance if you possess outstanding applied statistics skills like statistical testing and regression.

Most of the jobs also need you to have strong communications/interpersonal skills and an ability to quickly grasp business problems too.


Data science course in Kenya [Frequently asked questions]

What will it take to become a reputable data scientist?

To qualify for data science jobs in Kenya or become a consultant in big data analytics in Kenya, you need a degree in math, statistics, computer science, engineering, or a related area.

Next, you have to get the right skills by joining a professional data science course.

Besides, you must build expertise by attending an internship (3 months and above) in a busy organization.

Where can I learn data science?

Most of the colleges offering data management courses in Kenya train in data science.

And as mentioned earlier, Moringa is one of the very best schools offering a data science course in Kenya.

Others are Strathmore University and the occasional data science bootcamps by institutions like JKUAT (confirm from them when they have their next bootcamp).

Wrapping it up

In a globe that’s changing extremely quick, the only strategy guaranteed to flounder (fail) is not embracing risks- Mark Zuckerberg
So, why not take up a data science career while the opportunity lasts?

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