Cluster Points for Nursing in Kenyatta University

Cluster points for nursing in Kenyatta University: KU offers a bachelor of science in nursing and public health, and you must meet the minimum KUCCPS cluster points required by Kenyatta University to be considered for the nursing program.

So, in this article, we’ll go over the course’s cluster points over the last few years.

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Cluster points for nursing in Kenyatta University

Keeping in mind that cluster points vary from year to year, the following are the cluster points for nursing at Kenyatta University to give you an idea of what is required for admission to the course at KU:

2018 cut off points: 40.486

2019 cut off points: 42.127

2020 cut off points: 42.369

2021 cut off points: 42.67

2022 cut off points: 42.773


Bachelor of nursing in Kenyatta University requirements

As you might be aware, if you are applying for a bachelor’s degree in nursing at KU, you must have an average KCSE mean grade of C+ (plus) and above.

Furthermore, you must meet the following requirements in the required cluster subjects:

Alternative A

  • Biology: C+(plus)
  • Chemistry: C+ (plus)
  • Mathematics or Physics: C+ (plus)
  • English or Kiswahili: C+ (plus)

Alternative B

  • Biological Sciences: C+ (plus)
  • Physical Sciences: C+ (plus)
  • Mathematics: C+ (plus)
  • English or Kiswahili: C+ (plus)

Other alternative qualifications:

You can also apply for nursing degree program if you have a KCSE mean grade of C (plain) and a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized medical training institution.

Also, keep in mind that you must be licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya and have practiced for at least two years.

Course duration: 4 years (12 semesters)



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Cluster points for nursing in Kenyatta University – Bachelor of nursing course units

The nursing program units to be covered over the four years are listed below:

Year 1

First semester:

  • Basic Life Support & Emergency Care
  • Cell Biology & General Genetics
  • Human Anatomy I
  • Human Anatomy II
  • Human Physiology I
  • Human Physiology II
  • Embryology I HNS 106: Embryology II
  • Medical Biochemistry I
  • Medical Biochemistry II
  • Medical Microbiology I
  • Medical Microbiology II
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Practice I
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Practice II

Second semester:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing Practice III
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Practice IV
  • Community Health Nursing I
  • Community Health Nursing II
  • Medical Biochemistry III
  • Medical Biochemistry IV
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood I
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood II
  • Human Physiology III
  • Human Physiology IV
  • Advanced Human Physiology V
  • Advanced Human Physiology VI
  • Advanced Human Anatomy III
  • Advanced Human Anatomy IV

Third semester:

Clinical placement I


Year 2

First semester:

  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood III
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood IV
  • Medical Surgical Nursing I
  • Medical Surgical Nursing II
  • Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics I
  • Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics II
  • Human Nutrition I
  • Human Nutrition II
  • Clinical Methods I
  • Clinical Methods II
  • Immunology I
  • Immunology II
  • Pathology I
  • Pathology II

Semester 2:

  • Pathology III
  • Principles of Human Psychology
  • Medical Surgical Nursing III
  • Medical Surgical Nursing IV
  • Clinical pharmacology & Therapeutics III
  • Clinical pharmacology & Therapeutics IV
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood V
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood VI
  • Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood VI
  • Medical Surgical Nursing V
  • Medical Surgical Nursing VI
  • Introduction to Medical Parasitology
  • Medical Helminthology & Entomology
  • Neonatology
  • Communication Skills

Semester 3:

Clinical placement II


Year 3

First semester:

  • Occupational Health
  • Health Promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Paediatric Nursing I
  • Paediatric Nursing II
  • Educational Psychology for Nurses
  • Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing I
  • Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing II
  • Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing III
  • Community Health III
  • Community Health IV
  • STI’s and HIV/AIDS Management


Semester 2:

  • Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Medical Sociology & Anthropology I
  • Fundamentals of Medical Sociology & Anthropology II
  • Research Methodology I
  • Research Methodology II
  • Management in Nursing I
  • Management in Nursing II
  • Community Health Nursing V
  • Sanitation and Environmental Health
  • Social Work
  • Community Development
  • Reproductive Health and Safe Motherhood VII
  • Entrepreneurship

Semester 3:

Clinical placement III


Year 4

First semester:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Ear Nose Throat
  • Theatre Nursing
  • Palliative & Home Based Care
  • Health Service Management & Health Economics I
  • Health Service Management & Health Economics II
  • Critical Care & Renal Nursing
  • Public Relations in Nursing Practice
  • Gender & Health

Second semester:

  • Curriculum & Instruction in Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Research Project (equivalent to 6 units)

Third semester:

Clinical placement IV


Bachelor of Science in nursing and public health in KU Fees

Tuition fee per academic year: Kshs.275,400

So, if you pursue the course, you will pay at least Kshs. 275,400 per year (but remember to budget for meals and accommodation as well).



Intakes for the course are usually in the months of January, May, and September.


How to apply for the nursing course at Kenyatta University

You can apply through the KUCCPS portal when the portal opens or through their online application portal at (and, be ready to part with a Kshs. 2,000 application fee).


Cluster points for nursing in Kenyatta University – Wrap up

In case of any questions, or you need more information, please contact the dean of school of nursing sciences through the following addresses:

Telephone no:  +254 020 870 3311

Email address:



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