What is actuarial science course?

What is actuarial science course

This article focuses on actuarial science courses and will explain what is actuarial science course. I will additionally elaborate on the status of jobs for those intend to pursue actuarial science in Kenya. Let’s get started. What is actuarial science course? An actuarial science degree involves the study of various mathematical and statistical methods used … Read more

KMTC fees structure [2020 academic year]

KMTC fees structure

Here is the published KMTC fees structure for the year 2020 for regular, in-service students, and self-sponsored students.   KMTC fee structure self sponsored The following is the applicable fees breakdown for parallel (self-sponsored learners). Particulars Amount (shs.) Registration fee 2000.00 Activity fee 7000.00 Examination fee 10000.00 Library & ICT services 3000.00 Tuition fee 70000.00 … Read more

Hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya [Over 20 Recommended colleges]

Hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya

This article highlights the courses and contact details of the top hairdressing and beauty colleges in Kenya. That’s because professional training should be your first step if you dream of becoming a guru in the ever-growing personal care and beauty industry. I will also explain fees information for various hairdressing courses, where available for the … Read more