Marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya – The Best Agricultural Courses To Go For

Marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya

Thinking of taking a course in agriculture? Discover some of the most marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya to help you make an informed choice Agriculture can be one of the best courses of choice in Kenya – you can hunt for jobs or opt for self-employment. Unsurprisingly, Kenya today has an estimated 1.2 Million farmers … Read more

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications, Intakes, Applying

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications

So, what are the KMTC certificate courses qualifications? Well, to join KMTC for any Certificate course, you need at least a minimum grade of C- (KCSE). In addition, you must have met the set qualifications in the involved cluster subjects in your KCSE. These vary from one certificate course to the other. And for clarity purposes, … Read more

Highly demanding courses in Kenya in 2021

Highly demanding courses in Kenya

Because some of you have been asking, find below a list of the most highly demanding courses in Kenya. Of course, we understand that some of us are uncomfortable taking courses with a lot of math or sciences-talents and capabilities differ anyway. Others shudder at the thought of spending an eternity in college (life is … Read more

Most marketable short courses in Kenya in 2021

marketable short courses in Kenya

So, what are the most marketable short courses in Kenya? Well, you’re just about to discover the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya these days and where you can study them (for some). But just before we reveal our recommended list of short courses in Kenya for those considering this step, let’s look at the … Read more

Requirements to study medicine in Kenya in 2020/2021

requirements to study nursing in kenya

So, what grades do you need to study medicine in Kenya and how easy is it to join medical schools locally? Well, the truth is that it’s extremely competitive and exceedingly unlikely for you to get admission into medicine courses in Kenya if you missed out on the required grades. That’s because only a few … Read more

Java Programmer Salary in Kenya: How much can you earn?

So, how much is the java programmer salary in Kenya? Well, on average, the java programmer salary in Kenya starts at shs.80000 and can increase to about shs.250000 per month depending on the organization you are working for. Needless to say, the biggest companies offer the highest salaries along with an expansive list of benefits- … Read more