Top 10 medical schools in Kenya in 2022

Top 10 medical schools in Kenya

Do medical sciences interest you? Get to know more about the top 10 medical schools in Kenya in this guide. We have based our selection on the following criteria (among others): Teaching infrastructure (lecture halls, laboratories, cadavers, and more). Lecturer-student ratio (you don’t want to attend overcrowded classes). Quality of the faculty (Qualifications, experience, etc.) Governance Student affairs. … Read more

Zetech college hospitality courses [A Complete Guide]

Zetech college hospitality courses

If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, we recommend that you consider pursuing one of the renowned Zetech college hospitality courses. Below we review the three leading Zetech college hospitality courses: Let’s dive right in. Zetech college hospitality courses: a complete guide 1.   Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management(CHTM) This programme teaches a host … Read more

Courses offered at KTTC (KTTC intake 2022 All courses and requirements)

Courses offered at KTTC

Here are the courses offered at KTTC [now Kenya School of Technical Vocational Education and Training (KSTVET)], the only institution in Kenya mandated to train technical trainers in Kenya (and instructors). It’s worth noting that KTTC also offers dozens of non-teacher programs targeting form 4 leavers in disciplines such as business, engineering, information studies, and … Read more

Coding Schools in Kenya: The best 7 Coding Colleges in Kenya

coding schools in Kenya

A lot of students have been asking how to become a software engineer in Kenya and my answer is always the same: visit one of the best coding schools in Kenya and master programming. Other options if you’re super disciplined and fine with online learning are: Udemy Khan academy (free) though they don’t offer all … Read more

Cyber security courses in Kenya [and where to pursue them]

Cyber security courses in Kenya

Admittedly, there are still not many institutions offering high quality cyber security courses in Kenya. But we have a few colleges doing an exemplary job training the next generation of cyber security engineers. These are our focus in this article plus the cyber security courses they currently offer. Cyber security courses in Kenya and the … Read more

Kenya Institute of Software Engineering Thika [all you need to know]

Kenya Institute of Software Engineering Thika

This article introduces you to the Kenya Institute of Software Engineering Thika, one of the fastest rising middle level colleges in Kenya. Let’s get started.. Kenya Institute of Software Engineering Thika Courses KISE- as they are fondly known- offers over 20 courses in ICT including a Dip in Software Engineering, Engineering including electronics engineering and a … Read more