Masters programmes in JKUAT [Jomo Kenyatta University masters programmes]

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Masters programmes in JKUAT: Below is a list of all Jomo Kenyatta University masters programmes (JKUAT masters programmes) to help you see the Jomo Kenyatta university masters courses that might be attractive to you

Masters programmes in JKUAT [Jomo Kenyatta University masters programmes] – a list of all Jomo Kenyatta University postgraduate courses (at the masters level) and requirements

School of Computing & Information Technology(SCIT)

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Software Engineering
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)in Computer Systems
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Human Centered Computing
  • Msc. (Masters of Science)in Information Technology
  • Msc. (Masters of Science)in I.C.T Educational& Instructional Design

Mode of Study: Full-time, Evenings, and/or Weekends

Institute of Bio-technology Research(IBR)

  • M.Sc.(Masters of Science)  in Bio-technology

Mode of Study: Full_time

Institute of Energy & Environmental Technology at JKUAT

  • M.Sc.(Masters of Science)in Energy Technology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Environmental Legislation& Management
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Occupational Safety &Health

Mode of Study: Weekend (Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays)


College of Health Sciences(CHS)

  • M.Sc.(Masters of Science) in Medical Micro-biology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medical Virology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medical Mycology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medical Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Mycobacteriology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medical Parasitology& Entomology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medicinal Phytochemistry
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Medicinal Chemistry
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Epidemiology
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in International health
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Public Health
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Molecular medicine (specializing in Clinical Immunology, Applied Immunology or Molecular Biology)

Mode of Study: Fulltime only

Department of Biochemistry

  • Masters of Science (M.Sc.)in Biochemistry
  • Masters of Science (M.Sc.)in Biochemistry(molecular medicine)
  • Masters of Science (M.Sc.)in Molecular Entomology
  • Masters of Science(M.Sc.)in Bioinformatics& molecular Biology
  • Masters of Science (M.Sc.)in Pharmacology(drug design & Development)
  • Masters of Science (M.Sc.)in Agricultural& Environmental Biotechnology

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)

Masters in Medical Lab Sciences(MLS)

Specialization areas:

  • Clinical& Public Health Bacteriology
  • Clinical& Public health Mycology
  • Clinical& Public health Virology
  • Clinical&Public Health Parasitology
  • Clinical& Public Health Immunology
  • Clinical Haematology& Blood Transfusion
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Clinical Histopathology& Diagnostic Cytology

Mode of learning: Full-time only


Department of Medical Micro-biology

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Infectious Disease& Vaccinology
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Infectious Biology

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Mechanical Engineering

Your options if studying for an MSc. (Masters of Science)In Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Advanced Thermodynamics& Fluids Engineering
  2. Design& production Engineering
  3. Industrial Engineering
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Sustainable Energy Engineering

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


Department of Mechatronics Engineering masters degrees

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)in Mechatronic Engineering

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


Department of Telecommunication & Information Engineering masters courses

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)in Telecommunication Engineering

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


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Geomatic Engineering & Geospatial Information Systems

  • Msc. (Masters of Science)In Geospatial Information Systems(GIS)& Remote Sensing
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In EIS (environmental Information Systems)

Mode of Studying: Full-time only


Department of Electrical& Electronic Engineering masters courses at JKUAT

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering MSc. Options (choose one):

  • Control Engineering
  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • M.Sc. (Masters of Science)in Environmental Engineering& Management
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Agricultural Pro-cessing Engineering
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)in Biomechanical Engineering
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Soil & Water Engineering
  • Msc. (Masters of Science)In Bio-systems Structural Engineering

Mode of learning: Full-time only


Department of Civil Engineering masters courses at JKUAT

  • Msc (Masters of Science)in Civil engineering

Civil engineering- MSc. Specialization options:

  1. Global environmental & ASAL(Arid and Semi-Arid Areas)Engineering
  2. Water Engineering
  3. Structural Engineering
  4. Transportation Engineering

 Mode of Studying: Full-time only

SMARTEC Department

  • Masters of Science (Msc in Construction Engineering& Management

Mode of learning: Full-time only


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Horticulture masters programmes

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Horticulture
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Landscape, Planning & Conservation
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Plant Breeding
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Plant_Health Science & Management

Mode of learning for the above MSc courses: Full-time only


Department of Food Sciences and Technology masters programmes

  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Food Science & Nutrition
  • MSc. (Masters of Science)In Food Science & Technology

Mode of Studying: Full-time only

Masters programmes in JKUAT entry requirements (JKUAT masters requirements)

You must have a 2-nd Class Honours(The Upper Division)- minimum- in a relevant undergraduate BSc. Degree (in a field relevant to the masters you want to pursue at JKUAT) from JKUAT university/any other recognized university.

Now, if you never got a 2_nd Class Honours(The Upper Division as above), you can still apply and succeed (you had a 2-nd class lower or just a pass) on condition you have gained enough, relevant (working) post-graduation experience.

Contact the respective department/faculty for their exact requirements on needed experience.

How to get in touch with JKUAT for your masters programmes in JKUAT questions

You can confirm everything includes when the next JKUAT Masters Intake is schedule by writing to JKUAT VIA (Your email will reach the director of JKUAT’s post graduate school)

Also consider calling the school directly on +254 – 67 – 5870001-4

Download JKUAT masters courses pdf brochure here


JKUAT masters fee structure [All Jomo Kenyatta university masters programmes]

JKUAT architecture fee structure [Government and self-sponsored students]

JKUAT civil engineering fee structure [Government and self-sponsored students]

University of Nairobi civil engineering entry requirements

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