KUCCPS 2023 intake deadline announced

Second KUCCPS 2020 intake Revision 2020 open

The second revision begins on Thursday 2nd April 2020. The announcement has been made in the 31/3/2020 MyGov. edition.

The new second revision closes on 15/4/2020 and you’re expected to have completed your second course revision by this date if you did not get a placement in any of the course you had applied for during the first revision.

Note that you’re to make a fresh selection into the courses with unfilled capacities at all levels- Degree, Diploma, and Certificate level.

Only students whose Index numbers appear in this list should revise their earlier-selected courses (The list contains the students who didn’t get a placement after the first revision. 

You’ll pay shs.500 via MPESA for this new revision.

See the advertisement below for further instructions:

kuccps 2020

KUCCPS 2020 application : What to know

Because more students achieved university grades last year, many students have missed out on their favorite courses picked during the KUCCPS application 20202021 first revision or the school placement.

Indeed, data shows that about 36000 students who had scored C+ (and above) were not allocated any of the degree programmes they applied for.

This is actually a third of the 125448 students who attained the minimum university grades(C+).

There were another 6654 students from the 2019 group who failed to submit their applications to any course even during the first revision or through their school principals earlier on.

Overall, about 43200 students risk missing out totally if they do not make their desired changes before the above-mentioned second revision deadline.

Here is what else you should know about the on-going 2nd revision:

  • Students have 18 choices to choose from. These are the only unfilled courses and include 6 degree courses, 4 diplomas, 4 craft certificates, and 4 artisan certificate courses.
  • Note that there are a total of 529 degree courses, 215 diplomas, 109 certificates and 137 artisan programmes available to KCSE students on the KUCCPS portal.
  • The full KUCCPS 20202021 placement results will be published sometimes later.

Finally, an analysis has shown that the most competitive programmes for the past 4 years are medicine, engineering, pharmacy, architecture, and economics among the top KCSE candidates.

Otherwise, the courses attracting the most applications have been education closely followed by commerce programmes, pharmacy, arts courses, quantity survey, architecture, and law.

The other popular courses in terms of applications are Bsc. (Bachelor of science) in electrical & electronics engineering and Bsc. (bachelor) of engineering.


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KUCCPS 2020 application : First revision announced

The KUCCPS 2020 intake deadline for the first revision is March 9th, at 5.00PM.

The portal will thereafter be closed and you will not be able to make any changes to your application until it opens for the second revision sometimes later.

The KUCCPS portal opening date 2020 is on Monday, 17th February 2020 and students who did their KCSE last year and reached the minimum grade of C+ for degree admission are expected to change or confirm the courses they had first selected during their KUCCPS courses selection back in high school.


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KUCCPS 2020 intake deadline – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is KUCCPS portal open 2020?

Yes, as mentioned above, the KUCCPS portal opened for the first revision of courses in 2020 in February and closed on March 9, 2020 (5.00 PM).

Now the second revision is open and students who were not placed to their previously selected courses are supposed to revise afresh.

Here are other details…


How do I apply online for KUCCPS 20202021 ?

  • Please go to the KUCCPS 2020 applications portal here.
  • You will be asked to enter your KCSE index, the year you sat for KCSE (2019 or otherwise), and your KCPE index number or birth certificate number to log into the KUCCPS portal.
  • Type them in the three spaces provided on the right hand side of your screen.
  • Now the portal will open and you can revise or make new course application as appropriate.
  • Simply click on the Application/revision tab to get started. Remember to check the KUCCPS cluster points for the course to be sure that you stand a chance of being admitted.

kuccps deadline 2020

Here is a video showing the steps:

KUCCPS application fee 2020

First time applicants to pay shs.1500/- while those revising courses for the first time pay shs.1000/-. The second revision will cost you shs.500.

Both payments are made via MPESA and it’s important to have the money in your MPESA account before commencing the revision/application process.


What to expect after the expiry of the KUCCPS 2020 intake deadline

After this deadline, the portal will be re-opening soon for the second course revision.

And you will get yet another chance to apply and get admitted into your dream course at your preferred institution if you’re not lucky during the first round of revisions.

Those who will be unfortunate to secure their favorite courses at their favored institutions will be automatically allocated by the systems to programs that will have spare capacity at the end of the second and final selection.

We shall keep you updated about the dates as they’re announced by KUCCPS.

Note that all those who scored at least a KCSE mean grade of C+ will get opportunities in both public and private universities in Kenya.

Everyone else (C and below) shall join TVET colleges, KMTC, Teacher Training Colleges, NYS, etc depending on their career dreams.


KUCCPS Contacts

If you want any assistance regarding the course revision process or perhaps you got stuck at some point, you can get in touch with KUCCPS using the following contacts:

Physical location: ACK Gardens, along 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Nairobi (Upperhill)

Telephone hotlines: 0723954927 or 0734879662 or 020 5137400

Email address: info@kuccps.ac.ke

Postal address: PO Box 105166, Nairobi 00101

KUCCPS website: https://www.kuccps.net/

You can also get assistance from your nearest Huduma center.


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