How much does HELB give diploma students?

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So, how much does HELB give diploma students?

Well, if you are a secondary school graduate and you would like to know how much does HELB gives to diploma students, then you are in the right place.

Here, I will start by  guiding you on what HELB is and what it is all about…. HELB (Higher Education Loan Board) is a financial institution that the government of Kenya formed to offer loans and bursaries to Kenyan students pursing the following undergraduate Programmes, degree, diploma Craft and artisan courses from approved universities or TVETS institutions in Kenya.

However, it should be noted that for you to qualify for HELB you must be assigned by KUCCPS (Kenya Universities and College Central Placements Service)

Having known that, let us now find how much HELB will pay for you if you start from the diploma level.

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How much does HELB give diploma student

In the recent years, as a diploma student, you would get between  Kshs. 30,000 to Kshs. 40,000 but with the new government it is not the same anymore.

To be precise, how much HELB will give you as a diploma student will depend on your level of need.

In short, according to the new funding model unveiled by the president of Kenya on 3rd may 2023 which the main aim was to address the challenges that public universities and TVET colleges were facing, loan will depend on your level of need which are classified as follows; vulnerable, extremely needy students and less needy students.

Just so you know, the funding of students shall include scholarship, loans and household contributions on a graduated scale as determined by means Testing instrument (MTI).

In fact, it should be noted that all students from extremely needy and vulnerable backgrounds will not pay anything at college and universities.

So, how will I know if I qualify for HELB?

Good question here!

Well, to be qualify for the HELB loan, you have to be a student pursuing a certificate, Diploma and higher National Diploma course in:

  • Select public universities
  • Public National polytechnic
  • And approved TVET colleges under the ministry of education

Having known that, let us now, look at how the distribution of the fund will be done for you as a diploma student below.

How much do I get from HELB depending on my level of need?

Here, we will simply look at how much each category is allocated.

But before then, it should be noted that, Fee for Diploma courses in TVETS is now standardized at Kshs. 67189 per year.

So here, we will be calculating the percentage you benefit with from HELB as a diploma student.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Vulnerable students

As a vulnerable student, you are entitled to 18% HELB loan and 82% scholarship.

Therefore, your fees are paid as follows and you pay nothing at all.

  • 18% HELB =Kshs. 12,094.02
  • 82% scholarship = Kshs. 55,094.98
  • Total paid by the government=Kshs. 67189

Extremely needy students

Again, if you are an extremely needy student as we had said above all your fee will be paid by the government as follows:

  • 30% HELB= kshs.20,156.7
  • 70% scholarship =Kshs. 47,032.3
  • Total paid by the government=Kshs. 67,189

Less needy students

Lastly, when it comes to less needy students, the allocation of the funds is different since you have to pay very small amount for yourself.

To better guide you, see below:

  • 55% HELB=Kshs 36,953.95
  • 38% scholarship=Kshs 25,531.82
  • Total paid by the government=Kshs 62,485.77
  • 7% self (what you pay for yourself) =Kshs 4703.23
  • Total=Kshs 67,189

How to apply for HELB

Documents  you need to Apply for HELB Loan

  • Your national ID card
  • Bank Account (if you can, you equity bank)
  • Your Parents Details
  • Email address
  • Details of any three people who will be your guarantors that are already employed (You should have a copy of their national ID)

The procedure to apply for HELB as the first time

  1. Start by visiting HELB student portal website
  2. Next, create an account  by clicking on the tab that indicate create account and following the simple steps.
  3. After logging into your account click on the link First Time Undergraduate Loan Application
  4. Now, Start filling out your form accurately making sure you do not skip any step
  5. After you have completed filling your form accurately go to the homepage to confirm whether you have filled your form correctly and then click on “print your form”.
  6. Lastly, submit the form and wait for the process to be submitted and loan processed.

How much does HELB give diploma students? -FAQS

1.     Do self-sponsored students get HELB?

Over the years, even private students were legible for HELB loan in different private institutions.

However, with the different model, things are now different in that you can only benefit from HELB if you are a student from an approved university or TVET institution.

Also, you must have been assigned by KUCCPS to get HELP.

2.     How much does KUCCPS pay for diploma students

Some years back, KUCCPS used to pay Kshs 30,000 to all it diplomas students which was usually paid directly to the institution.

Nevertheless, KUCCPS do not pay a flat amount anymore but the amount depends on your level on need.

3.      What is the minimum entry grade for KUCCPS?

Minimum entry grade for KUCCPS depends on the level you are qualified to take as follows:

  • Degree Programmes is a Mean Grade of C+ plus
  • Diploma Programmes is C-minus
  • Craft Certificate Courses D plain
  • And Artisan Certificate courses is E

How much does HELB give diploma students? -Conclusion

As we have seen, as a Kenyan students pursuing a diploma course , the government will help  pursue your  studies with easy through  HELB.

Remember, how much the government will pay for you will depend on your level of need which include; vulnerable student, extremely needy student and less needy student.

As we finalize, remember if you want to be legible for HELB, you have to be assigned by KUCCPS and you must be in an approved university or TVET institution in Kenya.

Then, you have to log in to the HELB portal to apply for the log in, kindly log in here.


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