Certificate in perioperative theatre technology requirements [All you need to know]

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 03:20 pm

Are you looking for Certificate in perioperative theatre technology requirements?  If you answered yes to this question, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will take you through all you need to know about Certificate in perioperative theatre technology course from the minimum entry requirements, where you can enroll for the course, where you can work after completing the course and so on.

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Certificate in perioperative theatre technology requirements

Just before we look at requirements for this course, I will introduce you to what the course is all about in in this section.

So, what does perioperative theatre technology deals with?

Well, this is a course that target those who are interested to work in theater assisting surgeons during operation procedures with preparing the surgery room, assisting during surgery, cleaning surgical equipment, taking care of theatre equipment’s among other roles.

In simple words, you work as a surgeon assistance in the theater before surgery, during surgery and after surgery doing the roles that we have mentioned above.

Certificate in perioperative theatre technology minimum entry requirements

To enroll for this course, you must have a mean grade of D plain in your KCSE.

However, the requirements can differ depending of the collage offering the course.

Simply, some institutions may require you to have scored a minimum grade of D+ plus to enroll for the course.

Cluster Subjects requirements:

No minimum Subjects requirements are needed for this course.

Course duration:

This course takes a duration of 1 years to complete in the most colleges offering it.

Having known the entry requirements for the course, you might be wondering if this course is worth pursuing.

Well, if this is the question running in your mind let’s find out if the course is worth pursing or not in this section.


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Is perioperative theatre technology marketable in Kenya

Good question here!

As much as you may want to take this course since you would like to  be working in a medical field and to be specific in the theater set up, it is so unfortunate that the course is not as marketable as nursing or dental technology course.

However, it is a better course compared to some medical courses such as health promotion and medical social work.

Career prospect after a certificate course in perioperative theatre technology in Kenya

Here are some career prospects you can explore after completing this certificate course in Kenya:

  • Perioperative Theatre Technician
  • Surgical Assistant
  • Healthcare Facility Management
  • Infection Control Specialist
  • Central Sterile Supply Technician
  • Medical Equipment Sales and Service
  • Quality Control and Compliance Officer ensuring that the operating rooms and surgical practices in a healthcare facility meet regulatory standards and quality assurance requirements.

Colleges in Kenya offering certificate in perioperative theatre technology in Kenya

If you have made up your mind that this is the course you would like to pursue, below are some of the best institutions you can enroll in for the course.

  1. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College
  2. AIC Litein Medical Training College
  3. Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College
  4. Methodist College of Health Science
  5. The Karen Hospital Medical Training College

Certificate in perioperative theatre technology requirements-FAQs

1.      Does KMTC offer certificate in perioperative theatre technology?

If you have always dreamt of joining KMTC and you would like to join KMTC to enroll for certificate in perioperative theatre technology, I am sorry to let you know that KMTC is currently not offering the course not only at the certificate level but also at the diploma level.

In short, you will have to enroll for the course in any of the colleges we have listed above in Kenya.

2.      Do I need certification to work as a perioperative theatre technologist in Kenya?

In Kenya, certification is always mandatory.

In fact, there is no hospital that will hire you if you are not a certified perioperative theatre technologist that include; the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) credential offered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Certificate in perioperative theatre technology requirements-Wrapping up

To wrap up, that is all we have for Certificate in perioperative theatre technology.

By now, you are sure if this is the course you want to go for and if yes what are those are the requirements for the course.

Additionally, you are also aware of the colleges you can enroll for the course and career prospects as well.

All the best as you apply for the course!


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