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About Open University of Kenya

Open University of Kenya(OUK), was  chartered by the President in August 2023 in line with Section 24(1) (b) of Universities Act 2012 (No. 42) and is Kenya’s first Public E-learning Specialised University.


The University is found 78 Kilometres from Nairobi – inside Konza Technopolis, which is in between the boundaries of 2 Ukambani counties- Machakos and Makueni- along the busy Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

Why OUK?

The establishment of OUK proves Kenya Government’s commitment to nurturing a knowledge-based citizenry where education becomes a tool for not only personal advancement but also national progress.

Indeed, The University is based on the following philosophies:

  • Quality education
  • Technology
  • Accessibility that boosts inclusivity, openness, flexibility, and innovation.

The above philosophy makes the university unique in addressing the Kenya’s national strategic needs for latest skills development that ultimately drives socio-economic growth.


Open University of Kenya jobs


Open University Of Kenya Jobs- Academic Division


Position  Reference Number Action
Professor – Computer Science ACAD/004/5/2024 Apply
Associate Professor- Computer Science ACAD/005/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer – Computer Science ACAD/006/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer- Mathematics/Statistics ACAD/007/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer – Nursing ACAD/008/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Computer Science ACAD/009/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Mathematics/Statistics ACAD/010/5/2024 Apply
Tutorial Fellow – Computer Science ACAD/011/5/2024 Apply
Tutorial Fellow – Mathematics/Statistics ACAD/012/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer – Entrepreneurship ACAD/013/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer- Strategic Management ACAD/014/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer- Human Resource ACAD/015/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer- Strategic Management and  Leadership ACAD/016/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Entrepreneurship ACAD/017/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer- Economics ACAD/018/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Economics ACAD/019/5/2024 Apply
Tutorial Fellow- Project Management ACAD/020/5/2024 Apply
Professor – Educational Research and  Evaluation ACAD/021/5/2024 Apply
Associate Professor- Educational Communication  and Technology ACAD/022/5/2024 Apply
Associate Professor – Manufacturing and Textile  Engineering ACAD/023/5/2024 Apply
Associate Professor – Educational Research and  Evaluation or Curriculum


ACAD/024/5/2024 Apply
Senior Lecturer – Technology Education – Electrical and Electronics ACAD/025/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Technology Education (Building  and Civil Engineering) ACAD/026/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Technology Education (Power  Mechanics) ACAD/027/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer – Philosophy ACAD/028/5/2024 Apply
Tutorial Fellow- Technology (Education Fabrication Engineering) ACAD/029/5/2024 Apply
Lecturer- Agricultural Economics, Sustainable Food Production or  Agriculture and Biotechnology ACAD/030/5/2024 Apply
Tutorial Fellow – General Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Sustainable Food

Production or Agriculture and


ACAD/031/5/2024 Apply


Open University Of Kenya Jobs- Academic Division continued


Position Reference number Action
Senior Assistant Registrar (Academics) ACAD/043/5/2024 Apply
Assistant Student  Counselor II ACAD/049/5/2024 Apply
Assistant Director,  Systems Librarian ACAD/044/5/ 2024 Apply
Assistant Director, Corporate Communications and  Marketing ACAD/045/5/2024 Apply
Corporate Communications and  Marketing Officer ACAD/046/5/2024 Apply
Assistant Customer  Care Officer ACAD/047/5/2024 Apply
Programs Manager ACAD/048/5/2024 Apply


Division of Planning & Infrastructure

Finance Department

  1. Finance Officer – grade 15, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/050/5/2024


  1. Accountant – grade 12, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/051/5/2024


  1. Senior Accounts Assistant II – grade 8, 2 post

Reference number: ADMIN/052/5/2024



Administration & Human Resources

Senior Assistant Registrar, Administration – grade 13, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/053/5/2024



Assistant Registrar, Administration – grade 12, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/054/5/2024



Executive Secretary – grade 12, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/055/5/2024


Senior Administration Officer – grade 11, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/056/5/2024



Administration Officer I – grade 10, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/057/5/2024



Administration Officer II – grade 8, 3 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/058/5/2024



Clerical Officer II – grade 5, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/059/5/2024


Human Resource Officer I – grade 10, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/060/5/2024



Human Resource Officer II – grade 8, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/061/5/2024



Assistant Maintenance Officer – grade 6, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/062/5/2024



Technician (Electronics)- grade 5, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/063/5/2024



Senior Driver II – grade 7, 1 post

Reference number: ADMIN/064/5/2024



Driver I – grade 5, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/065/5/2024



Driver II – grade 4, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/066/5/2024



Support Staff II – grade 3, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/067/5/2024



Security Guard III – grade 3, 2 posts

Reference number: ADMIN/068/5/2024



Open University Of Kenya Jobs – more vacancies

Internal Auditor I – Grade 12, 1 post


Reference number: ADMIN/069/5/2024



Assistant Procurement Officer –Grade 11, 1 post


Reference number: ADMIN/070/5/2024



Senior Procurement Assistant I- Grade 8, 1 post


Reference number: ADMIN/071/5/2024



Senior Legal Officer –Grade 11, 1 post


Reference number: ADMIN/072/5/2024



Project Leader, ICT – Systems Administration/Software / Network Engineering – Grade 13, 1 post


Reference number: ADMIN/073/5/2024




Chief ICT Officer – Multimedia Development Grade 12, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/033/5/2024




Principal ICT Officer- Database Administration, Grade 11, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/034/5/2024




Senior ICT Officer – Systems Administration – Grade 10, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/035/5/2024



Senior ICT Officer – Web development, Grade 10, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/036/5/2024



Senior ICT Officer – Network Security & Administration- Grade 10, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/037/5/2024



ICT Officer- Full STACK Developer, Grade 9, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/038/5/2024




ICT Officer- ICT System Support, Grade 8, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/039/5/2024



ICT Officer- Curators/Learner Support Assistants, Grade 8, 2 posts


Reference number: ACAD/040/5/2024



ICT Officer- Research Assistant, Grade 8, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/041/5/2024



ICT Officer- Maintenance, Grade 7, 1 post


Reference number: ACAD/042/5/2024




All applicants should;

  1. Submit their application online through the specific links provided:
    1. Academic,
    2. Administration,
    3. ICT
  2. What to Attach: Application Letter, a detailed CV indicating (your academic qualifications, academic leadership, professional experience, list of publications, scholarships, awards, funding, membership to any professional associations/ bodies as well as linkages, a valid e-mail addresses, your telephone contacts), all Certified copies of your Certificates, your National ID, and all other testimonials;
  • Provide names, plus telephone numbers as well as contact addresses of 3(three) referees and en-sure that you submit reference letters as one/single scanned .pdf file.

NOTE: Terms of Service(TOS) will either be Permanent and Pensionable/ Contract, as the University Council shall determine.


Open University of Kenya (OUK)is a-n equal opportunity employer, therefore, app_licants of either gender, person-s with dis-abilities as well as those from marginalized area-s are en-couraged to apply.


Interested applicants to submit the applications to be received on/or before 25th June, 2024.

Note any form of can-vassing will lead to disqualification(automatic).


Only short-listed candidates shall be contacted.




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