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TOEFL exam fee Kenya: If you’re planning to take TOEFL exams in Kenya soon, it is important you have an idea about how much it will cost you (it helps when you’re budgeting)

So below is the actual TOEFL exam fee in Kenya

TOEFL exam fee Kenya – How much does TOEFL Kenya exam cost?

Well, the cost depends on where you’re taking the exam- remember there are several TOEFL test centers in Kenya.

That said, below is the average cost of TOEFL Kenya fees for exams:

Now, the average you can expect to pay is US Dollars 190.00 (Multiply by the current dollar rate vs Kenyan shilling to see how much it will cost you in Kenyan shillings)

Otherwise, as I had already told you, the Exam Fees for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) can vary from one TOEFL exam center in Kenya to another so you may pay more (slightly) or a little less depending on where exactly to you choose to take the test.

Something else:

You also need to pay the registration fee for TOEFL in Kenya…there’s no way you are going to be able to book the exams if you’re not registered.

Now, the registration fee is about US Dollars 225- again Multiply by the current dollar rate vs Kenyan shilling to see how much it will cost you in Kenyan shillings

So in total, we are looking at a budget of US Dollars 415 to be able to register and book for TOEFL exams in Kenya

When to register for TOEFL exams in Kenya (TOEFL exam dates in Kenya)

The best way is to register about 3 – 4 months before the date you are planning to take the exams to be sure of a seat.

In other words, your test date needs to be 2-3 months before so pay before the earliest application(for admissions) deadline (check with the center you want to take exams in).

But in the event you’re not able to do that – and you want to take the test urgently- just keep in mind that registration for TOEFL exams closes 7 days (exactly) before your targeted test date.

But also understand that there’s a Late registration window- and this typically shuts 4 days before the test date- but at an extra US Dollars 40.00 (late registration fee).

That is why I said it is always nice to register for your TOEFL tests early enough.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

TOEFL exam fee Kenya -Are there any other fees?

If you want to be assisted to prepare to pass, there are optional TOEFL Exam Preparation Classes in a couple of centers you can enroll in so, yes, there could be extra fees (if you pay for the prep classes).

I should add that there are different packages for the prep classes so the rates differ..

Also, there is a rescheduling fee that apply if you feel unprepared to do the exams(or you got an emergency) as long as you cancel at least 4(four) days before your scheduled exam date.


If you were booked to take the TOEFL test on Friday, the latest you can cancel to avoid losing all your money is Monday….

To be clear, the rescheduling fee is US Dollars 60 – most importantly, you must pay it before you are allowed to register to write the tests on a new date.

How is the TOEFL structured?

The TOEFL measures all 4(four) essential language skills…that is:

  • Reading -Reading Passages. There are 10 questions (per passage).
  • Listening Lectures- You will be Listening to brief lectures/classroom discussion and then respond to the questions.
  • Speaking (4 tasks)- Speaking Tasks(Using a microphone), also discuss material(you read about/listened to).
  • Writing (2 tasks)-Read a passage, then listening to a recording, then typing your response.

Total test time typically is 3 hours.


Who is TOEFL for?

  • Any student planning to further their study at a foreign country higher education institution
  • Anybody applying for a scholarship and/or certification – TOEFL is a must for some of the scholarships/certifications
  • Students and workers like nurses who are going to be applying for visas to countries such as the UK soon to work/study there.
  • Any English-language learner who wants to measure their progress
  • Anybody who is emigrating to another country for life


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