Best Study in Canada Agents in Kenya [2024 List]

Last updated on January 17th, 2024 at 08:40 am

If you plan to go to University or college in Canada, you can simply application process and VISA processing (and sometimes make it cheaper) by making use of any approved study in Canada agents in Kenya

This article will introduce you to the best study in Canada agents in Kenya and the exact services they offer.

Read it to the end if you dream of flying to Canada for higher education and you want to hasten things up (remember you can do everything yourself though it can be tricky)

Best study in Canada agents in Kenya including study in Canada agents in Kenya Nairobi

Uniserv Kenya

If you are new to agents in Kenya, just know that Uniserv Kenya has been a reputable agent for students going abroad for studies from Kenya and they can help you achieve your dream of studying in Canada.

They offer myriad services from career counselling to scholarship advice.

Most importantly, Universe has an active agreement with over reputable 20 Universities and Colleges in Canada so you have a great chance of securing a seat in one of these great institutions.

Contacts and locations

Physical Offices: Visit them at Fortis Tower, 9-th Floor, along Woodvale Grove, in Westlands,-Nairobi

Telephone: Call 0723 597445

Website: Visit


Explore Careers Kenya

This is yet another Study in Canada Kenya agent offering quality service when it comes to placement of Kenyans in Canadian Universities, High Schools, and Colleges.

I noted that those who have flown through their assistance have only good things to say about Explore Careers Kenya so they are worth a try too.


Contacts and location

Physical Offices:  Go to Krishna Centre(3rd Floor.), along Wood-vale Groove (in Westlands-Nairobi) Office Suite E4

Telephone:  Call 0704 595 341

Website: Visit

Unipass Kenya

UNIPASS Kenya also represents quite a huge number of accredited higher education institutions from across the planet including in Canada so you can also try them.

What I love most about Unipass is that they try to match you to an educational institution that meets your specific needs (regarding the career you want to pursue)- that ensures that you’ll be studying where you will get maximum value for your time and money.

Contacts and location

Physical Offices: Kush Office, Along Rhapta Rd. (Go to Suite No5)-(at the Corner of Church- Rhapta Road), in Westlands, Nairobi

Telephone:  Call 0726 907236

Website: Visit


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Worldwide Education Consultants(WEC) – Nairobi Kenya

Worldwide Education Consultants is another Kenya-based Study in Canada agent in Kenya and they have offices not just in Nairobi but also in Eldoret, Mombasa, and even Kisumu.

WEC offers a variety of important education services including career counseling, visa guidance, university placements, travelling facilitation, and more for Universities and Colleges in Canada (among other countries).

Contacts and location

Physica Offices: Devan Plaza-Career Training Center- Third(3rd) Floor, in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:  Call 0722447394


Website: Visit


Transworld Education Consultants(TEC) Study in Canada Kenya agent

TEC is also considered  a top international student recruitment agency in Kenya and has been helping Kenyan students achieve their dreams of studying in Canada for years now.

Just like Uniserve, TEC is affiliated with several prestigious universities and colleges in Canada so there’s a good probability you will land in one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions if you go through them.

Contacts and location

Physical Offices: Hazina Towers(9th Floor)- PSC Centre, in Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:  Call 0720927977

Website: Visit

Imperial Education Consultants – one of the best study in Canada agents in Kenya

We also recommend IEC(Imperial Education Consultants)…They have been very helpful to students moving to Canadian Universities from Kenya over the years and are quite popular.

Visit them and learn firsthand from their experts about the opportunities that are there for Kenyan students in Canada and how best to tackle the entire application process – from applying for admission, visa processes, scholarships, and many more.

Trust us: You will be in very good hands with IEC..

Contacts and location

Physical Offices: Office No. 14-Diamond Plaza 1(3rd Floor) 4-th Parklands Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:  Call 0748 669938

Website: Visit

EduCare International Nairobi – student visa to Canada from Kenya

Our final endorsement goes to EduCare International Nairobi….you are unlikely to go wrong with their well trained and professional career advisors when applying for opportunities in Canada.

Talk to them too, if you have not settled on any particular agent.

They have offices in Mombasa, Eldoret, and Kakamega too.

Contacts and location

Physical Offices: Madonna House, Ground Floor Off Mpaka Rd., in Westlands, Nairobi

Telephone:  Call 0743 794 754

Website: Visit

A word about study in Canada agents in Kenya requirements

The requirements vary from one agent to another and the institution level you have in well as the institution itself (if you have some specific names you’re considering)

In other words, the best way to be sure of the requirements is by speaking to one of the above agents- they will give you accurate information depending on your goals.

Good luck.


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