SAT exams in Kenya [All you need to know]

So, where can you write SAT exams in Kenya? And what else do you need to know about SAT exams in Kenya?

Well…read about it all in this article including the fee, how to book, how to prepare, and more..


SAT exams in Kenya [Everything about SAT in Kenya – SAT exam in Kenya]

Just before we get deeper, what is SAT exam and why is it important?

Well, SAT is an international test that is recognized across the globe by colleges and universities and they use it when evaluating admissions(administered by CollegeBoard).

To be clear, the test measures how good you’re in the following critical skills:

  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Reading

In short, the university or college you’re applying to join abroad is likely to base its decision on your SAT test scores.

I should add that SAT test doesn’t test abstract or logic reasoning(SAT is paper-based exam)

SAT test centers in Kenya (SAT exam centers in Kenya) /

Learning &Testing Services-East Africa is only the authorized SAT test center in Kenya..there are no other SAT test centres in Nairobi or anywhere else for that matter

Below is how to reach them:

Physical Offices: Taj Towers, 8-th Floor, Upper-hill, Nairobi.

Telephone: Call 0712 135 826



That said, there are a few other schools/institutions you can sit the SAT exam in under an arrangement they have with LTS-East Africa.

These includes:

West Nairobi School

The school is in Karen, Nairobi- along 18 Miotoni Ln

Brookhouse School

Brookshouse is in Lang’ata, Nairobi- just off Magadi Road

Rosslyn Academy

Rosslyn is Gigiri just Off UN Avenue(Magnolia Close)

Rift Valley Academy

Rift Valley Academy is in Kijabe…1 Hurlburt Road


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Oshwal Academy

Oshwal is another well-known international academy offering SAT tests ….find them at Parklands, Off Limuru Road(Wambugu Road).

International School of Kenya(ISK)

ISK is at Kirawa Road, Parklands/Westlands, Peponi Road, Nairobi.

Aga Khan Academy

Aga Khan Academy is at Kizingo, Mombasa- Mbuyuni Road

Sabis International School

Sabis International School is at Runda, Kiambu Rd.

Eldoret Polytechnic

Eldoret Polytechnic is Kisumu Rd, Eldoret….

SAT registration fee in Kenya (Cost of SAT exam in Kenya)

The SAT fee in Kenya is Kshs. 15500.00 at the time of writing this..

Keep in mind that Learning &Testing Services-East Africa does not usually allow any registrations from outside (through agents).


SAT dates in Kenya (SAT exam dates in Kenya)

The SAT is done 5 times every year and that is in the following months:

  • March each year
  • May each year
  • August each year
  • October each year
  • December each year

Please reach out to Learning and Testing Services(LTS)-East Africa if you want to know the actual dates this year(and when to exactly register/book for the test)

I have already told you that LTS-East Africa is the single authorized SAT test center in Kenya at the time of writing this.


Who is SAT test for?

SAT test is typically for students applying for foreign institutions – Colleges and Universities- and is the base for admission decision in many international institutions.

Likewise, SAT may be part of the evaluation process for awarding scholarships or getting financial aid in many of these institutions.

Also, if you are seeking to apply for a specialized academic/athletic programs you may be required to write the SAT test as part of the application process.


How to prepare for SAT Test?

To enhance your chances of passing the exam at the first time of asking, you can purchase a preparation package from Learning and Testing Services(LTS)-East Africa.

Below are the available packages:

  • Rent a SAT Study pack(official self-study manual)- Kshs. 3000
  • SAT Crush Preparation Pack – Kshs. 25000 (Very late preps- 2 weeks/20 hours)
  • SAT Crush Preparation Plus Pack – Kshs. 37500 (Late preps- 3 weeks/30 hours)
  • SAT Best-Seller Pack– Kshs. 50000 (Medium preps- 4 weeks/40 hours)
  • SAT Early Bird Prep Pack– Kshs. 80000 (Early preps- 8 weeks/80 hours)

Apart from the first option, all the other packages include Tuition Classes with Learning and Testing Services(LTS)-East Africa expert SAT exam tutors


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