Eldoret national polytechnic courses and fee structure [In 2024]

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If you are have plans to join Eldoret national polytechnic here is Eldoret national polytechnic courses and fee structure to help you plan for your studies.

Well, Eldoret National Polytechnic, is a good institution offering a diverse range of courses to equip you with practical skills for a dynamic world.

In fact, the TVET institution offers various programs from different fields including engineering, business, hospitality, and information technology, among others.

In this article, we will look at the overview of the fee structure to give you an idea of how much you are expected to pay for your studies.

Let’s dive in.

Eldoret national polytechnic courses and fee structure

Here, we will concentrate on the fee structure because we have written about Eldoret national polytechnic courses and their requirements previously on Eldoret Polytechnic Courses and Qualifications

Now, let us proceed and look at the fee structure in this section

Fee structure for Eldoret national polytechnic

When you join the institution, you are expected to pay Kshs.67189 since it is a public National Polytechnics as the tuition fee per year.

Here, is how the fee is paid:

Term 1

  • Activity=kshs.2114
  • Caution money=kshs.1000
  • Electricity, water, and conservancy=kshs.1849
  • T&T=kshs.1849
  • Personal Emoluments=kshs.3699
  • M. I=kshs.1057
  • Tuition=kshs.23652

Total= Kshs. 35,220

Term 2

  • Activity=kshs.2400
  • Electricity, water, and conservancy=kshs.2100
  • T&T=kshs.2100
  • Personal Emoluments=kshs.4200
  • M. I=kshs.1200
  • Tuition=kshs.19969

Total= Kshs. 31969

Total amount for term 1 and term 2

Term 1= Kshs. 35,220

Term 2= Kshs. 31969

Total per year= Kshs.67189


  • KUCCPS registration=Kshs. 1500
  • Registration=kshs.500
  • Student ID=kshs.200
  • Student Levy=Kshs. 600


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Now proceed reading below..

Eldoret national polytechnic courses and fee structure [Exam fee, Accommodation and food]

Exam fee

For your exams, you pay the exam fee separately depending on the course you are taking.

But to better guide you, the exam fee ranges between Kshs.8000 to kshs.16000 depending on the course.

In short you will have to visit the institution website or contact the institution using the contact we will provide below to get the actual exam fee for the course you would like to take.


If you wish to be accommodated in the hostels, please note that hostel fee is Kshs.4,500 per term.

However, the hostel fee does not include meals.

Also, you should bear in mind that hostels are allocated on first come first served basis

Along with that, it is worth noting that you can’t be accommodated in any hostel if you haven’t paid your fully paid for your tuition fee

And, even after paying your tuition fee, it is advisable you enquire on the availability of the rooms before making any payments from dean of Students for availability and booking.


Remember that we have said that the accommodation fee does not include meals meaning you will have to pay for the meals separately.

Luckily, the institution offers subsidized meals which are usually readily available in the cafeteria on Pay As You Eat basis (PAYE)

To pay for your meals, payments in the cafeteria are made using the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) PEPEA card that you will be issued with at the college.

KUCCPS Application process

  1. Start by vising the KUCCPS website kuccps.ac.ke and then click Student’s Portal tab.
  2. On the portal, click the Login tab and to log in, enter your KCSE Index Number, your KCSE year and your password.(For the password, it is either your KCPE Index or Birth Certificate Number
  3. From there,view the available courses, universities and TVET colleges on the Programmes and Institutions tabs.
  4. Clicking on Eldoret national polytechnic and all the Programmes they have on offer will be displayed together with the code.
  5. Next, select the Programme of your choice and after the selection of courses,  and finally, pay the application fees through Mpesa.

Where to pay your fee through

Fees is Payable through either banker’s cheque or M-pesa pay bill

  • Account to pay through: National Bank of Kenya-Eldoret Branch-01021027668101
  • Pay bill number:304250

Steps to pay via M-pesa

  1. Visit M-pesa app on the mobile phone
  2. Next, click on the option ‘Pay Bill’.
  3. Enter the Business number ‘304250’.
  4. Now, provide your KCSE exam year followed by the index number which is usually (11) digits
  5. Finally, enter the required amount, your M-pesa PIN and press send to complete the transaction

Side note: Please not that when you go to register, you must have paid the full amount otherwise, you cannot be registered on the polytechnic computer system until you have paid.

Final words

To sum up on Eldoret national polytechnic courses and fee structure, please  note that for the most -up-to-date fee structure or fee break down per semester, then you will have to contact the institution their phone email or even their website.

On the contrary, if you apply through KUCCPS, you will get the fee structure with the admission letters so there will be no need to contact the institution.


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